December haul

Hey Beauties!

I have so many product reviews to write, but I wanted to share with you, what I've purchased in December. Maybe, I'll give you some last minute gift ideas ;).

First purchase is one of those, that I still don't know why I decided to splurge on it. It's the Julez Metallic Temporary Tattoos. I'm sure, you've probably seen these metallic tattoos gaining on popularity. Well, I wanted in on it and never thought that I'd find them in a local shop (Tuš Drogerija). I admit spending 2.96 € is a bit much, for something that's temporary, but damn it, I couldn't help it. I always have a problem with jewelry staining my skin and later loosing the color. At least, I know this one won't. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't report on it, but it should last up to 4 days.

Price: 3.95€ (2.96€ on sale)

They had few designs to choose from and I decided on this one, purely because of that arrow pattern. favorite dry shampoo. I'll admit that my scalp feels itchy after using it, but that's maybe because I spray it too close to the roots. Does anyone else have that problem as well? I've had a few scents and decided to try another one. One is Asos Exclusive (black white design), one is Blush and my favorite of them all is Tropical. Doh-coconut! Definitely get it for someone you may think is obsessed with hair products. I also ordered one for my mom, to try the "real deal" for the first time:).

Blush and Tropical - 400 ml, costs 7.13€ each.
Asos Exclusive - 200 ml, costs 4.27€.

It happened with my foundations as well! Suddenly, they're all on its last breath. So...since I was forced to buy one, I decided to try Catrice Nude Illusion, which I've heard was even compared to Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. I have no idea how Armani foundation looks like, but supposedly it's very popular. I can't say it is love at first try with Catrice, because I think it's a bit too light coverage for me. Plus it starts to fade after only four hours of wear. Not sure I like it. I'll have to test it out a bit more.

Price: 7.69€ (30 ml)

I have naturally very bad nails. They split all the time and seem to be very thin. If I don't wear nail polish, they break all the time. The condition got even worse, when I started working in a clothing shop. Because that requires putting clothing on racks and scratching off the sale stickers, when you don't see the code. One of the drugstores (DM) had an Essie nail care discount- 1+1. Since I think there are no good brands of base nail polishes available in my near drugstores, I decided to get Essie. I already have All In One base coat and like it a lot. I don't like the colored Essie nail polishes at all. I decided to take Essie Grow Stronger, which is a base coat that is suppose to harden and protect nails. I also got Essie Help Me Grow base coat, which is suppose to protect nails from damage, splitting and offers smooth base for nail polish. 

1+1 price, so they were 10.99€, together (13.5 ml each).

You also now that I'm not a fan of Catrice nail polishes, but this sparkly gold one, won me over. I decided to get it in a set with a dark chocolate brown. It's buy 1, get 1 free, so I thought why not. The chocolate shade is called 60 Out Of The Dark and the gold glitter is called 41 Two Million Dollar Baby.

Price: 2.59€ (10 ml each).

I've only tried one Alverde body butter and really liked the thick texture of it. When I saw these gift pack of three mini versions with limited edition scents, I couldn't help it. This will probably also be my carry on hand cream. I saw two sets with different scents assortment  and decided to get this one, because I liked the collection of these best. It's aloe vera and mango butter, pomegranate and cocoa butter and hibiscus and shea butter. I like mango version the best, because it smells so fruity. This is also a great gift idea, plus it's limited edition, so you know the person you're buying for doesn't have those yet.

Price: 2.99€ (150 ml together)

Did you buy anything exciting in December? I know you're suppose to buy gifts for others, but sometimes there are offers, that I just can't seem to pass on. :)


  1. Mene tudi začne srbeti lasišče po uporabi suhega šampona.. sicer ne uporabljam Batist ampak Syoss :/
    Me pa zelo zanima kako se ti bo obnesel Catrice puder ;)

  2. Mene je lasišče tudi srbelo, ampak samo po uporabi Syoss in Lee Stafford suhega šampona. Z Batiste in Schauma pa nimam teh problemov...Sem pa ravno danes prijateljici kupila ta paket Alverde maslov za telo in me mika, da bi še zase šla po enega :D

    1. Aha. No jaz pa z ostalimi prej nisem imela tega problema. Ampak Batiste je najboljši za razmaščevanje, ga ne menjam:). Jaz sem kar sebi kupila, ker dišijo omamno. Sicer so pa zelo poceni tako da kar investiraj;).