Joico K-Pak products

I have a long, thin, damaged hair that have been colored too many times. I have been light brown (sort of dark blond), orange, caramel, red, dark brown...basically everything except blond and black. And my hair noticed it. So it put up a fight with me. I had no choice but to decide to try something new.

I wanted to use something better for my hair. Some new hair brand. I found a brand called Joico. It's an American hair brand. They have products for different types of hair- thick, thin, dry, name it. So I decided to buy something.

I have been using these products for one year -on and off... I tried some new products in between. Thought you have to know that I didn't buy all of the range at once. I have been upgrading my range slowly. Because that would have been too much for my student wallet.

My K-Pak range includes: shampoo, conditioner, liquid reconstructor, deep penetrating reconstructor treatment for damaged hair and intense hydrator treatment for dry damaged hair.

Deep penetrating reconstructor treatment for damaged hair
That is definitely the "star" of the whole range. It is sort of a mask for your hair. Some argue that it is not a "real" hair mask, because it says to use it for 5 minutes (i think, something like that). And "real" hair masks should supposedly be put on for at least 15 minutes. I personally liked it a lot. It did make my hair look healthier and moisturized. The damage was less seen, then without using it. It has a really funny smell, sort of like banana..and consistency is weird - it looks like it'd gone bad. It's very liquid, and it looks like baby food.

Intense hydrator treatment for dry damaged hair
This product goes hand in hand with the previous. When I was using the deep penetrating mask, I always used intense hydrator afterwards. Because the deep penetrating mask would give your hair proteins for damage and the intense hydrator would give them moisture. That said, it is a great product on its own. Pretty thick consistency, no weird smell and it makes hair feel very moisturized and soft.

Liquid reconstructor
This product you spray on your hair after you have washed them and before drying. It is a supplement to the previous two products. It makes hair very soft, they look moisturized, and they feel a bit oily-but not in a bad way. If you go through the hair with your hand you can feel the grease on your hand, although it doesn't make your hair look greasy or make them look heavy.

Conditioner is a good product. I wouldn't say it is the best out there, but it feels and leaves hair nice. I personally don't believe that a conditioner or shampoo could make a big difference in the health of your hair, but it is nice if it makes your hair feel better, when you wash it. A lot of products made my hair feel dry or look damaged, but not this conditioner. It is good, but I rely on hair masks, more than conditioners, to make them look healthier.

Like I said before, good, but nothing special. It makes hair feel clean, but in order to make them feel  and look healthier, I always need to use a conditioner. Plus I can't brush my hair without using a conditioner.

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