Review: H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher - Apricot

Hey Beauties!

I've already expressed my love for H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in the shade Brown Sugar. It has become one of my favorite blushes. I adored luminous finish of it. Because I liked it so much, I had to get two more shades. One is this pretty Apricot shade that I'll present today.

H&M blushes come in a plastic gold and black packaging in the shape of a honey comb. I adore how thin and small they are, because they're great to travel with. In each is 5 grams of product and the price is 7.99€, but this one was on sale for only 3€

Blush has a very finely milled texture to it. It almost feels a bit wet, which means it has a nice pigmentation, but the shade itself is very light. I love their luminous finish, because it has a bit of sheen to it (very tiny shimmer) and doesn't look dead matte on the skin. It gives a natural flush of color with a healthy doze of sheen. I find that kind of finish more flattering than straight up matte blushes. They call it sheer and this Apricot shade definitely has some transparency to it, but you still have to be careful not to apply to much. 

It applies like a dream and it stays on my cheeks for pretty much the whole day. H&M blushes have one of the best staying power out of all the blushes that I own. 

Apricot shade is a very light muted pinkier peach shade. It doesn't look like an inside of an apricot, it looks more like a ripe side of the apricot, which turns a bit pinkier. I find the shade unique, because you can't say it's pink and it's also not an orange based peach shade. On my warm skin tone this looks like a warm muted mix of pink and peach, but I assume it would look more pink and cooler on cool skin tones. I love the fact that it's the lightest shade of blush that I own and that it has that lovely luminous finish, which looks really natural.

I already had some bronzer around the ear area, when I was applying the blush. Blush is more on tops of my cheeks.

I compared Apricot with some other blushes and found out that it's the lightest shade of the blushes that I own and it has the most unique mix of pink and peach. Brown Sugar, also from H&M, is like a brownish peach variation. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso is the most orange peach shade and also has a distinct yellow undertone. MAC Pinch Me is a more redish brownish peach shade and is in fact the darkest of these. Catrice Defining Blush in 030 Love & Peach is the most vibrant and the most coral shade (a mix of pink and orange). 

There's nothing I wouldn't like about this blush. Shade Apricot is the lightest and prettiest mix of pink and peach, but still looks very warm on my skin tone. I love luminous finish, which gives you a very subtle sheen, but you can't see any shimmer in it whatsoever. The packaging is cute, small and easy to carry around. Blush has an amazing staying power and the price isn't that bad either. Apricot has been on my cheeks for pretty much all my makeup looks these days. It's juts such a versatile shade. If you haven't tried any H&M blushes yet, but you like muted kind of shades, I highly recommend you to check these out.

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  1. Kako si lepa v mareličnih odtenkih, tako lepo pristajajo tvoji polti:)*

    1. Hvala :) <3. Take odtenke imam res najraje :D.

  2. Ful ti paše :) V embalaži izgleda popoln in je nekaj takega, kar mi tudi jaz vzela, ampak po tvojih swatchih sumim, da bi na meni izgleda že preveč peachy. Še vedno nisem nobenega vzela, pa sem že tolikokrat bila v LJ :D

    1. Hvala :) Tebi rado potegne na oranžno ne? Mogoče pa najboljše, da grep v trgovino brez blusha s svojim čopičem pa kar tam sprobaš. :D Jaz sem čisto navdušena nad H&M blushi. Finiš mi je perfekten in seveda obožujem raznorazne umazane odtenke. Očitno samo jaz toliko govorim o njih hehe :D.