Review: Trend It Up (Eye Shadow, Kajal, Blush, Lipgloss)

Slovenians were really excited when we got DM's Trend It Up brand in our drugstores. Up until recently, it was very rare for us to get new makeup brands. It's also nice to get some affordable brands that you're not too guilty buying. Some products have impressed me and some not so much. I decided to review them all in one post.

Trend It Up Elastic Eye Shadow 030

It comes in a plastic matte black packaging with transparent lid. It's a screw on lid. Eyeshadow is pressed into the pot and I would advise you to be careful with it. If you drop it, it will probably shatter. Mine almost did. It seems very fragile or maybe it isn't pressed in enough.

It costs 3.49€ and in it is 5 grams of product.

I chose the most wearable brown shade that I could find. Unfortunately, there wasn't any testers of this particular shade, so I wasn't sure how it was going to be. I made my decision based on some other silver shade which seemed really pigmented and creamy. Turns out this one wasn't as good.

Shade 030 is neutral brown with slight red undertone. It has small gold shimmer in it which is sparse. It has satin finish with slight sheen and a bit of added shimmer here and there. 

Formula is very sheer and this shade is not well pigmented. It gives a light wash of color. You can't really build it up much or make it darker. Some high end brands tend to do sheerer formulas for a very wearable wash of color on the lids and this one would fit in the same category. If you're looking for something pigmented, definitely skip this shade.

When you touch it with fingers it's very smooth and almost feels a bit buttery and wet. I think this is an interesting formula, but it doesn't transfer as such. It's hard to build up the color, because it mostly just stays on your finger. Maybe that's just the case with this shade. Other shades seemed better in the store.

It fades through the day and it gets slightly into the line, but nothing too bad.

I only found one shade that looks similar to 030. It's shade Button from I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate eyeshadow palette. Button is a bit warmer and has a hint of copper in it. It's also shinier and has a bit of a metallic sheen to it.

I like the natural sheen on my eyes for those quick natural makeup looks with one shade all over the lid. I probably wouldn't buy it again, but it's also not that bad that you can't wear it.

Trend It Up Ultra Slim Kajal 020

I was intrigued by this very slim eye pencil, because I love brown liners for fall and I also like precision. It has brown plastic packaging and is short and very slim.

In it is 0.05 grams of product and it costs 2.49€

As I've said before it's a really slim kajal and the tip is only 1 mm wide, so this gives you a very precise application. You can create thin lines with little effort. 

I compared it to a regular sized pencil (Essence), and as you can see, it really is tiny compared to it.

Shade 020 is a classic medium brown with a slight warm yellow undertone. If you build it up, it gets darker and less warm toned.

It has a creamy formula, but is not too buttery. If you apply too much pressure, it can get patchy and uneven. Apply it lightly and build it up slowly, if you want darker color. If you work quickly you can also smudge it out a bit.

I compared it with my other brown liners. Avon Kholl Eye Liner in Bronze Sheen is more red based brown with gold shimmer. It's a shimmery liner. Clio Kill Brown Brush Liner is darker brown and the most neutral. It's more of a classic chocolate shade.

I like how tiny and precise it is. You can get really close to the lash line.

On my lips is Trend It Up High Shine Lipgloss in 150
Because of such a slim tip you can actually use this as an eyebrow product. I tried it and it works great. The shade suits my warm brown hair color. If you have taupe or more grey hair or brows, it will probably be too warm for you. I love how precise and small this is and you can really fill in all the gaps in the brows. If you don't rub it, it stays in place for the whole day and doesn't transfer.

It's really hard to find Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz like small tip for brows and this one works great. I am definitely going to be using this more for brows now. The precision is great for me now that I have more and more bald spots between my brows and this still looks very natural without needing to color in the entire brow - which I don't like the look of.

Trend It Up Powder Blush 050

Blushes come in a plastic pot with transparent lid and black plastic rim. In each is 5 grams of product and it costs 3.49€

It has Trend It Up embossed logo in the blush. 

Shade 050 is a dirty mauve shade. It has that bit of brownish feel to it. Finish is satin, similar to H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blushers. 050 actually has a bit more sheen than H&M blushes and you can see some shimmer if you look really closely, while in H&M blushes I don't detect any shimmer. It gives a lovely natural sheen to the cheeks.

No wonder I like it so much. It's quite similar to Catrice Illuminating Blush in 010 I Am Nuts About You. Catrice's is in fact a bit darker and has even more brown in it. Trend It Up 050 is a bit lighter and seems warmer compared to Catrice, but doesn't look as muddy. Artdeco Mineral Blusher in 24 Pink (don't know if they still sell it) is also in the same color family, but just slightly pinkier than Trend It Up 050, less brown based and it also has very visible silver shimmer which gives it a cool sheen.

Blushes are the hardest to photograph, because they look really bright on my cheeks, but are barely noticeable on my photo. I also like lighter application of blushes. I definitely notice that this blush fades through the day, but it's still there at the end of the day. I assume that if you apply more in the beginning, you won't have this problem.

Formula is slightly wet to the touch. They can have some fallout when you apply them with brush, so I always tap it off a bit. They are a bit sheer as far as the formula goes, but pigmentation is good. I go in with a light hand, because it can quickly look too much for my personal preference. 

I liked this blush so much that I already got two other shades, which seem just as good as this one. This blush is perfect for those that don't like really pigmented blushes and who like a natural finish  with a bit of sheen.

Trend It Up High Shine Lipgloss 150

Lip gloss comes in a plastic transparent tube with black plastic top and a silver detail. In it is 5 ml of product and it costs 3.49€.

It has a brush applicator. This is the first lip product with a brush applicator that I've ever tried and I like it. The brush is small and bendable. You can apply the gloss with lots of precision and get into the corners as well. 

Shade 150 is the most brownish nude of the whole range. It's that perfect nude that has a bit of brown and a bit of mauve pink in it. On my skin tone it looks warm toned, but it might look a bit more pinkier on cool toned skin.

It has a very glossy finish and doesn't slide off the lips. I love the formula of it, because it's thicker, and just slightly sticky which means it lasts well on the lips and it's very comfortable. Maybe that's due to an argan oil in the formula. It's one of those really comfortable soothing lip products that you love to apply on the lips again and again.

It's also really pigmented for a lip gloss.

It has interesting scent. You can smell something artificial, but then it also smells like gingerbread cookies and a bit of cinnamon

I own very little lip glosses or liquid lipsticks. I only got to compare it to Essence Liquid Lipstick in 03 Almost Real which is a lot more peach based and lighter brown nude shade.

150 is a lovely nude on my lips and it feels so nourishing. Perfect for colder months.

Since most of the people like really pigmented eyeshadows, I would say stay away from shade 030. The other shades that I tried in the drugstore seemed more pigmented, so check the shade before you buy it. However, if you like a light wash of satin sheen all over the lids, then you might like this. 

I love the ultra slim precise size of kajal. You can use it for either an eye liner or for a slim brow pencil. It lasts all day, doesn't transfer and the formula is satisfying. 

Blush is one of my favorite products and I already got two more shades. I like satin formula with natural sheen, pigmentation of it and choice of shades. I already got a light pink and another peachy shade as well.

Lip gloss is another one of my favorites. Formula is definitely a winner. It's thicker, just slightly sticky, has good lasting power, great pigmentation and feels super soothing on the lips. I am contemplating on getting another shade as well.

Trend It Up has impressed me for the price. I think you can find some really good products for an affordable prices. Not all are gems, but some are easily compared to other drugstore brands. I'll definitely be trying some other products from them in the future. So far, I have my eye on more eye pencils, powder products and lip products. What is your favorite product from this brand? Should I check out some other products as well? Let me know in the comments. 


  1. Blush sem že imela v rokah, ker je ravno popust s točkami v DMu, pa sem raje počakala na tvoje swatche. You never fail me :) Grem naslednjič iskat, tale bo čisto zame :)

    1. Sem takoj pomislila nate. :D Vem, da imaš rada take z mauve barvami. Pa ni ist kot I Am Nuts About You. Jaz sem tudi izkoristila popuste in sem kupila še dva odtenka. Nekako mi je všeč ta satin finiš in odtenki so tudi dokaj zanimivi. Nimam rada tistih tipičnih bright colors :).

  2. Sem zadnjič stala pred Trend It Up stojalom... pa me ni nič navdušilo. Ti pa me s swatchi in make up looki vedno navdušiš, da bi izdelek kupila - definitivno moram prečekirat še enkrat. xx

    1. Saj jaz sem ista včasih. Mogoče ni bil tvoj dan. Zame je zelo odvisno moje počutje pri nakupovanju :). No pa upam, da najdeš kaj kar te bo navdušilo ;). in hvala :)<3

  3. Ja, blush mi je res super. Se mi zdi, da je tudi dober nabor odtenkov :). Ta senčka res ni najboljša. Se mi zdi, da so bili drugi odtenki v trgovini veliko bolj pigmentirani. Verjetno je precej odvisno od odtenkov.

  4. I regret that we don't have such brand in Ukraine! Those products look really good!

    1. We just got it, so it may come to you too. Suddenly, Slovenia is getting all sorts of new makeup brands. Finally! :) From what I've tried it's all fairly good and well priced :).

  5. Thanks for your in depth review and perfect photos, the quality really wowed me!!

    Greetings from Germany (where trend IT UP is made) ^.^

    1. Thank you for commenting :). <3 Some of their products are really amazing for the price. I'm glad we got this brand in our stores too. Greetings from Slovenia :)