Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush - 010 Santa Rose

I first saw this blush on Mateja's blog and I knew that I want it. It's such a pretty peach shade that is right up my alley. I was sure that I'm not gonna get it, but then I got a discount on Rimmel and I just grabbed it. It's definitely become one of my favorite blushes.

Packaging is very basic. I almost thought that this was an eyeshadow, because it's so small. It has a square plastic packaging with black bottomtransparent lid and some silver detail. It closes securely, but I wouldn't necessarily drop it. It feels a bit cheap.  

Rimmel is a London based brand and they've decided to incorporate that into their products. It has a Great Britain flag embossed design

In it is 4 grams of product and it costs 5.99€. There's definitely less product in it than in most of my other blushes and it is expensive for a drugstore brand.

Shade 010 Santa Rose is light dirty peach shade. It's not like a regular very light bright peach, but it has some muddiness to it. When you swatch it, you can see tiny silver shimmer in it, but it doesn't look like much on the actual skin. It just gives it a slight sheen. I'd say it has a satin finish, because it has a bit of sheen, but still a lot less than H&M blushes.

I compared it to some other shades in my stash. H&M Apricot looks pretty similar in terms of texture and color. They are both a bit powdery. Apricot is just a shade lighter and has a hint more of that baby peachiness to it instead of being a bit muddy looking. H&M Brown Sugar is the brownest out of this selection, but it also has that warm peachy base to it, but it leans more on the orange side instead of peach. Trend It Up Powder Blush in 020 is in fact the sheerest and therefor seems the lightest shade of these all. It's that perfect baby peach shade. Compared to Santa Rose it's a lot lighter and more of a pure peach shade (pink orange). Milani Baked Powder Blush in Luminoso is the most orange peach shade of them all. It also has the most vibrant color and gold shimmer in it. It's more in the orange group of shades.

Texture is somewhat powdery, although I get some feel of wetness when I swatch it with fingers. It applies with ease and has good pigmentation. I like the fact that it's a lighter color, because it can look really light on my skin. I can also build it up for a more vibrant color. Santa Rose is definitely made for light skin tones and I have a feeling that this could look dusty on darker skin tones. 

I included photo with no blush and with the blush. It's such a light shade that I was afraid you wouldn't even notice the difference. I love that. It's hard to find a subtle blush for fair skin tone, because most blushes show up really bright on the skin.

It has an average staying power. I've noticed that it fades quite a bit through the day and sometimes it gets really light at the end of the day. It may have to do with the fact that the shade is fairly light. 

I am in love with the shade. It's perfect light peach for fair skin tones. It's similar to H&M Apricot, but looks just a tad more peachy which I love. I also like that subtle sheen that it gives to the skin. It's a nice texture, has good pigmentation and an average staying power. I would say that it's expensive for how much you get, but the shade makes it worth it for me. It has quickly become one of those shades that I just grab when I'm in a rush and it goes with pretty much every makeup look.

Don't forget to check out how it looks like on Mateja.


  1. Tale se mi je pa res zdel tvoj odtenek :) Sama sem pričakovala, da je čisto drugačen - ne da ne bi marala peachy blushev, samo ne izgleda tako dobro na meni kot na tvojem toplem podtonu. Super ti pristaja :) Samo je pa res tako majhen za ta denar.

    1. Res je :). Zelo mi je všeč. Hvala :). Jaz ga zagotovo ne bi pogledala, če ga ne bi videla na tvojem blogu. Nekako me Rimmel ni pritegnil dovolj. Res je precej majhna količina za tak denar. Ampak še dobro, da ne porabljam izdelkov hitro :D.

  2. Omg love it .. looks so natural !

    Charming Coco

    1. Thank you :). I love this shade so much. It goes with everything ;).