Review: H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher - Rosy Brown

I've mentioned my adoration for H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blushers  a few times. I actually like everything from the packaging to the finish and color choices. A while ago I bought my third shade called Rosy Brown and I have a review of it now.

I like their honey comb designed black shiny plastic packaging with gold details. It's not the most luxurious, but it closes nicely and it's really thin which means great for travelling with. In each is 5 grams of product and the price is 7.99€

Rosy Brown is an interesting shade. In the pan it looks like a mix of warm pink and a bit of brown. On my skin tone however this looks very peach based. So on me it looks like a mix of pink, peach and brown. The lighter I apply it, the more peachy it looks. If I put on more, it becomes more pink, but it's still very warm. It also has that satin sheen that all of their blushes have, but the sheen is actually cool pink. I'm assuming it would look more pink on cool or neutral skin tones. It's my kind of pink, because I love my warm shades and it's not that typical girly pink. 

Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the sheen on my photos, because my camera just didn't pick it up.

It looks very similar to MAC Sheertone Blush in Pinch Me. Pinch Me is a shade or two darker and it has a lot more peachy base and it's also warmer. Compared to Rosy Brown, it looks a lot more yellow toned.

Texture feels a bit wet to the touch. Pigmentation is nice, but it's a bit sheerer in finish. I actually really like that transparency. It almost lets your skin see through and looks really natural. Obviously you can build it up as much as you want. It's very finely milled and you almost can't detect shimmer, because it's so small. It gives the blush more of a sheen opposed to actual shimmer shine.

It applies lovely on the skin with almost no fallout. On me it lasts the whole day.

I am loving this shade for the fall, especially pairing it with pink, red and berry lipsticks. I like that it's essentially pink, but still has that warm brown undertone that just seems to work with my warm skin tone. 

I swatches all of my H&M blushes next to each other for reference. Brown Sugar is the second lightest and is very much warm like brown. Apricot is the most powdery of these all and the lightest shade. It has that typical baby peach color. Rosy Brown is the darkest of these all and the most pink one, but still withing a warm family.

I can't recommend these blushes enough. If you like your blushes to look very natural with a satin finish, are buildable, last all day and have good variety of shades, than I'm sure you'll love these. I love all three shades that I got so far and will maybe even buy some more, if I have a chance to or feel the need.


  1. Imaš pa že lepo zbirko <3 No tole pa je odtenek, ki bi ga že vzela :) Mislim, da sem celo točno tega prijela že v roke tistih parkrat, ko mi je v Ljubljani uspelo v H&M pridet :)

    1. Si nabiram počasi. Mi je všeč, da so malo bolj unikatni odtenki. Poskušam najte take, ki jih še nimam :). Ta mi je res lep. Ravno zato, ker je na meni bolj peachy, topel. Na kakšni drugi polti, bi znal izgledat popolnoma drugače. Mogoče bolj roza :).

  2. A veš, da po vsem tem času, še vedno nimam nobenga H&M izdelka.. bo treba kaj v nabavo, si mi naredila lušte s tem blushem :P Odtenek je res lep, lepo ti paše! :)

    1. Mene pa je takoj pritegnila ta njihova znamka. Se mi zdi, da je bil na začetku kar velik hype. Od vseh izdelkov so meni res najljubša rdečila, tako da priporočam kak odtenek ;). Sploh če najdeš znižanega :D. Hvala ;).