Review. L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara

I stay away from L'Oreal mascaras, because they are on the pricier side of the drugstore spectrum. Even though I feel like they were cheaper a long time ago and I especially loved their Volume Million Lashes as well as Telescopic versions. But the hype around L'Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara was so high, that I knew I needed to try it. I was hesitant to buy it because of the price, but then I found it on offer in Austria.

I believe it's called Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara overseas and it has different design. Pink to be exact. Our European version comes in a rose gold box, which is unusual for drugstore mascaras, and it has a copper design with rose gold metallic top. I don't mind the color, just the font is a bit off for me.

In it is 6.4 ml (very small amount compared to other brands that have from 10 to 12 ml in their mascaras) of product and the full price is a bit over 14€ in Slovenia. However I bought it on offer for 8.96€ in Austria, where the full price is 11.95€.

It is marketed as volumizing, lengthening and easy to apply mascara. I hear some compare it to Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and I can see why. Even the box packaging is extremely similar in design. 

The wand is one of those natural bristled ones and the bristles are quite dense. They actually catch a lot of the lashes, even the smaller ones and I think it's the reason why it doesn't look overly clumpy, even if you apply more coats. 

The formula is not wet nor too dry, but definitely more on the drier side. Which means it gives a lot of volume. It almost makes my lashes a bit thicker, adds a bit of length and doesn't look too clumpy. It doesn't give me the definition that I like with Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, but it definitely gives more volume. I was actually a bit hooked on how thick my lashes looked with this one that I may have over-apply it. But it's actually good for really building up the volume without it looking clumpy. I find this a rare trait among volumizing mascaras.

It has a regular black color.

On the photo below from left to right: my curled lashes, one coat of mascara, two to three coats of mascara.

The major problem that I have with this mascara, besides the hefty price tag, is the fact that it dries up so quickly and becomes crumbly on the eyes. The drier it gets, the more crumbly it is, harder to build up the volume and small pieces of it start to fall under my eyes, which is never a good look. I've had it for about 2 months and it's almost unusable. Most other mascaras last me at least 3 months. 

When it's still fresh enough, it holds onto lashes well and stays put for the whole day. I also feel like it kept my lashes curled all day.

Definition and volume exclude from one another when it comes to mascaras, but it's the combination that I usually go for. Since I love Maybelline Lash Sensational which is more defining, but gives volume too, I was awed by the volume effect from L'Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara. If these two had a baby, that would be my all time favorite mascaras.

I really like the drier formula that gave me great volume from the start, the fact that it didn't make my lashes drop and that it was long lasting. The price is way too steep for my liking of drugstore mascara prices and the fact that there's little product in it and it dries out so fast, is just another contradiction for my argument of repurchasing it. If you like mascaras that give you volume, can be build up to oblivion and don't mind the price tag, you'll definitely love this one. I might give it a go, if I find it on sale, but I'm definitely not buying it full price. 


  1. Bolj kot jo uporabljam, bolj mi je všeč in se strinjam, da bi bilo neko križanje med to in Maybelline Lash Sensational maskaro top :) Poleg embalaže so v primerjavi z ameriško spremenili (oz zmanjšali) tudi količino (ameriška ima 8,5 ml za 9,99 usd, če se prav spomnim).

    1. Meni se je tudi zdelo, da je s časom postala še boljša, malo bolj suha. Na začetku me ni tako prepričala. Ta mešanica bi bila top :D.

      O to pa je res zahrbtno. Nisem vedela, da ima ameriška verzija celo več izdelka za nižjo ceno. rude!

  2. I really want to try this mascara, but not the European version, the US version. I feel that the two versions are different, and the US seems better. xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. I don't know if the formula is different or not, but we just figured out that US version has more product in than EU version and is a lot cheaper. Quite rude from L'Oreal to play us like that.

  3. Oh so žleht, da ima naša manj mililitrov. A cena pa višja! Ni čudno, da se je moja posušila v rekordnem času. Sicer formula je res dobra in se strinjam, da je ena izmed boljših maskar, vseeno pa nočem vsake par mesecev kupovat novo po tej ceni. Pa raje bi roza ameriško, kaj grejo bebci sploh delat različno za Evropo.

    1. Zelo! Prav nesramno. Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo. Ne bo kupila nove maskare vsak mesec za 15€. No way. Meni je tudi hecno, da spreminjajo embalažo. Ker kaj Evropejci imamo čisto drugo estetiko?!