Review: Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Ingot Highlighter

Makeup Revolution is one of those brands that makes releases more often than I cut my hair. It seems like every week there is something new coming from them. I've had the chance to try out one of their highlighters and I have to say, it's really nice. They seem to be constantly upgrading their quality.


It comes in plastic packaging with transparent lid. It's a bit flimsy, so I wouldn't dare to travel with it. In it is 12 grams of product (which is a lot!) and it costs 6.99€. You can get it on Lič or Revolution Beauty London


To the touch it feels wet and almost creamy. This makes it almost a bit difficult to swatch, but it deposits color well on the brush. Pigmentation is good. You almost can't apply it very sheer, but you can definitely build it up to look very opaque. 


In this range you can choose among 3 shades - Platinum, Rose Gold and Gold.

Rose Gold is champagne pink base with strong silver sheen. Shimmer is fairly small and because it's silver it reflects light very well. Silver based sheen usually gives you that wet look that looks very strong.

It swatches darker than it looks when it's applied with a fluffy brush. With a brush you get more of that silver pearl on the skin and less of that strong pink base. Still, it's more for that light to medium skin tone. On fair or very light skin this will look too dark. I can make it work on my skin tone, if I apply it lightly. 


I find it to last very well on the skin. It's still on my face at the end of the day, although it might fade a bit. But in general it has good lasting power. It never looks patchy or uneven.

Lighter application

Heavier application

This is one of those highly reflective highlighters that you'll love, if you want your glow to be intense. It has that rose gold undertone that will look especially nice on medium skin tones. Formula is wetter and it applies nice, plus it lasts well. I prefer more champagne shades, but I'll definitely pair this one with more pink toned looks. 

*Product was sent to me. 

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