Summer Haul

Hey Beauties!

I've been spending and getting a lot of amazing new products. Since I often forget to review some products, I wanted to write a little haul and tell you how much I like or don't like certain products so far. 

Avon Beauty Box

It doesn't actually have that name, but that's just what I call it. Avon usually has some Logo Limited Editions and in one of those right now is this fun sturdy paper box. You can put in tissues, cotton pads and cotton swabs (or those cosmetics swabs, like I have). It has magnetic closing and so far I really like it. It keeps all my products at one place and it's near my makeup corner, so I have my tools in sight, when messing up my makeup. Plus the water color flowers design is so pretty.

Afrodita Coconut Milk, Alverde Water Love, Fa Cream & Oil Cocoa Butter with Coco Oil shower gels

Don't exactly know what's been happening with me, because I never accumulate that much shower gels at once. They were either love at first smell or a good deal, so I had to get it. No wonder all smells are very much summer inspired. Coconut is my favorite scent, cocoa is also amazing and the Alverde sea inspired gel is also very sweet and natural. 

Yves Rocher Malaysian Coconut Eau de Toilette (100 ml) and mini shower gel

Many beauty bloggers have been going on about this scent and how I need to get it and I just never really had a chance. But once I smelled it in the store I was hooked. If you're coconut lover like me, you need this in your life. It smells so good, I want to eat it. I will say the scent is not very long lasting, which is a shame. 

I haven't tried the shower gel yet. I got it because of the scent and I liked the mini bottle. 

Alverde Sensitiv Cleansing Emulsion

I've been using the wash gel from their Clear line for a really long time. But then my skin got really dry a few weeks ago and I'm still trying to figure out what made it dry. I stopped using that wash gel, because it felt too drying and found this one in the store. I really like it. It's very gentle, cream like and pretty greasy. But I love it. It feels really nice on the skin and I use it as the second cleanse and it works nicely. Doesn't dry the skin out at all.

Avon Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Daily Cleanser

This one was on offer and I couldn't resist. I've only used it a few times. It's like a blue gel and it has little specks in it, which act as a physical peeling on the skin. It smells refreshing and the instant effect after cleansing removes most of blackheads. The effect is not long, because obviously pores get clogged really quickly. 

Avon Clearskin Clear Emergency Insant Spot Treatment with 2% Salicylic Acid

Apparently this is a new addition to Avon's Clearskin range and I had to try it. I haven't tried it yet, but I used it on my boyfriends pimples and it worked. It really stings because of the acid (it stings on open pimples), but it dries up pimples really quickly. I'll report on it, when I use it more.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

This was a repurchase. This cream is the only product that helps to tame and slowly rebuild my super cracked dry lips, which I've been battling now for a week. I seem to have problems with dry lips all year around. I wanted to get the unscented version, but it's a bit too expensive, so I just went with this one, although I really don't like the smell that much.

Stargazer White Foundation

I've tried white foundation from Makeup Revolution and the consistency is so runny that it just doesn't make the foundation noticeably lighter. So I decided to invest in this one, because fellow blogger Sara has been liking it. We chatted about it a little and she told me to use primer underneath it and really thoroughly clean my skin afterwards. The problem is that this foundation seems a bit chalky, very thick and kind of drying on the skin. It does make foundation lighter, but I also think I'm to blame this foundation for having problems with really dry skin. I'm still investigating what triggered it, but it might be this product.

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2

Slovenian online store is closing and I couldn't resist a good deal on their Sleek palettes. Now I'm kind of sad I didn't buy more. I already have their Brights V1 palette, which has very bright matte colors and it's great. Now I also wanted darker matte shades, because it's a really good quality for a matte eyeshadow. This will be the perfect palette for fall. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara in Black

Few fellow bloggers recommended this one and I decided to try it, because it was also on offer. Is it just me or did the drugstore mascaras got expensive?! Seriously. I love L'Oreal, but 15€ for a drugstore mascara, that I'll be using for two months tops?! I don't know. It seems a bit exaggerated to me. Well, I like this one. It has an interesting wand that nicely separates and also adds volume to the lashes. It's one of the better ones from drugstore, for sure. 

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in 010 Sweet Caramel

I have the Apricot shade and when I saw this one on sale, it fell into my shopping cart. It's a very natural nude shade. The texture is what I really like. It feels like a soft blanket for your lips. Not sticky, but very buttery.

Avon Super Extend Liquid Eye Liner in Black

I think I'm a bit bored with my L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim and I ventured into the unknown liquid liner waters. I decided to give this Avon's a go and so far it's good. It has shorter and thicker nib than L'Oreal, but it distributes color more evenly. I'm not sure it's gonna be my favorite, but so far it's descent. 

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer in Lavender

Tweezerman tweezers have been on my wish list for ever. It's the price that has been off-putting. Obviously I decided on mini tweezers, because they are cheaper. Lavender spoke to me and it was a done deal. I've only tried them once and they're not bad. But you have to really hold tweezers in the way of hair growth, otherwise you may break the hair. They are sharpened nicely and precise, but don't help to pull out the really short and small hairs. 

L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadow in 024 Bronze Goddess

Such a pretty golden olive eyeshadow. It's really long lasting, almost cream like and the shade is just perfect pinch of green. I've been really liking it. It was also on sale, so it was kind of worth it, but it's still expensive for only one shade.

Avon Ideal Flawless Eye Primer in Light Beige

I don't think I've mentioned this a lot, but this is the only eyeshadow primer I use. It's creamy and it's almost my skin shade. It dries to a matte finish and it doesn't dry out quickly in the pot. I find that it prolongs the wear of my eye makeup and the price is not bad at all. Avon has it on sale a lot.

Avon was also very generous to me again. They send me two of new Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads and few shades of their khol eye liners. The shades are so pretty and remind me of the sea. I've been playing with them a lot and I really like it.

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Precious Shells

Gorgeous shimmery nude shades, mixed with duo-chrome green brown and matte dark green silver. The shades are just so unique and go together beautifully. There's one shade in here that I'm obsessed with. It's the third shade and it reminds me of peacock. It has that duo-chrome sheen to it. It looks like a medium brown, but it reflects off green blue sheen. It's so damn pretty.

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Underwater Paradise

This one is more colorful and perfect for hot summer days. It has a mix of greens and blues, which are shimmery and matte. I wasn't sure about the color combination, but damn it works. To me it looks like sea in a pot. You have your sea water and sea grass all in one. I especially like the bold matte sea blue shade. 

Avon Khol Liners

They also send me seven shades of their khol liners. The liners are pretty soft (as khols tend to be), but still hard enough so you can draw a precise line. They also have the rubber thingy on one side, with which you can smudge them and make the liner look really smoky and sultry.

The shades I got: Turquoise Waters (sparkling turquoise blue), Ocean Blue (matte deep blue), Cobalt Blue (matte greyish blue - very dark almost black), Sea Green (sparkly sea grass green - almost black), Deep Violet (matte dark purple), Bronze Sheen (sparkly bronze brown) and True Black (matte black).

Born Pretty Store Lipsticks

Born Pretty Store also send me some of their lipstick for swatching purposes. I got eleven of very bright and bold shades. The lipsticks are creamy and a bit shiny. They're very long lasting for such texture. The only thing that is not impressing is the packaging. It looks and feels cheap. Unfortunately for them and luckily for us, I have two of each, which means - giveaway. So if you like bold pinks, oranges and reds, stay tuned for that post. 

Herbio All-around 24hr Cream Kalei and tester of sunscreen SPF 20

I also got a chance to try another natural brand called Herbio. I've chosen their Cream Kalei, which has plankton extract in it. Skincare that contains any kind of sea ingredients just works for me. I've mentioned before that I had skin allergy and sea was my treatment. It healed my wounds from scratching and made my whole skin appear so much healthier when I was in my worst state. That's why I love products that contain anything from the sea. This cream couldn't have come in a better time. It's runny white and it's very greasy. I've been experiencing dry skin and this completely solved it. It might be too much for those with combination and oily skin, but for me it worked. Just very good cream. Non irritating, almost no smell and amazing moisturizing ability. The review will come.

They also send me tester of their Aloe Vera Sunscreen of SPF 20. I haven't tried it yet.

This is a preview of what reviews are to come. I've accumulated quite a few new things and I am enjoying the testing process.

What did you get this summer? Something worth trying?


  1. Super haul :) Zelo rada bi videla swatche AVON in Born Pretty izdelkov :)

    1. Oboji so odlični. Avon nove palete so res super odtenki. Šminke so pa norih barv :)

  2. Yup, I knew you needed YR Coconut in your life :D Preizkusi kombinacijo tega z VS Coconut Passion, meni je zelo všeč :)

    To Maybelline maskaro imam tudi jaz na wishlisti, ampak si želim nekje najti vodooporno verzijo, ker je menda zelo dobra. Sicer pa sem že večkrat slišala, da tole primerjajo z Benefitovo Roller Lash.

    Ta pinceta meni tudi pol dlačic pretrga, ampak za spravljat ven vraščene dlake je pa še kar kul, ker je tako ostra.

    Se že veselim objave o Born Pretty šminkah :)

    1. Haha...saj od tebe sem največkrat slišala da ga rabim in res je odličen :D Ravno to kombinacijo nosim že cel teden :D Isto misliva ;)
      Jaz sem tudi slišala za to primerjavo. Sploh ni slaba. Ravno danes sem videla to maskaro in sicer vodoodporno verzijo...nisem prepričana če je bil DM v Avstriji ali Bipa. Mislim da je bil DM. A veš da sem danes končno dobila ta tonik Balein, v Avstriji:) Je bil 2 eur in nekaj.
      Super je nabrušena zato je verjetno res super za "izkopavanje".
      Barvito bo ;)

    2. Great minds think alike ;)
      Pri nas sploh ni vodoodporne verzije - no surprise there. Sem jo mislila kar z eBaya naročit, ampak itak se ne mudi. Bom jo verjetno prej na Hrvaškem našla, če ne pa v Avstriji :)
      O, super, potem si ga dobila :) Opažam, da dolgo zdrži barva pri tem toniku, pa ponavadi na meni Sundance hitro izgine. Normalno, da je cenejši v Avstriji, ker oni so pa ja itak večji reveži kot mi *sarcasm off* :D

    3. Indeed:D
      Mislim v čem je sploh fora? Saj pa če imajo navadno verzijo je tako težko dat zraven še v eno vrsto vodoodporno?! Verjetno se ti bo tudi bolj splačalo kot z Ebaya:)
      Sem ga včeraj preizkusila samo na vratu, ker nisem upala kar na obraz. Se mi zdi da ga malo res čutim na koži, kot da malo zapeče na začetku potem pa hlapi. Bom videla kako se bo obnesel na mojem obrazu. Zdaj v tem vročinskem valu verjetno ne, počakam da se malo ohladi, da ne bom zdaj kakšnih iritacij dobila, ker potem sem screwed v tej vročini:).
      Ja tam so pa res reveži. Ah kdo bi to razumel.
      A si preizkusila njihovo Sun Dance kremo za samoporjavitev za obraz? Sem videla, da imajo kremo tudi, mogoče je bolj nežna :)

    4. Ma pri nas skoraj ni vodoopornih maskar od Maybelline in L'Oreala. Čisto nelogično :/

      Prav za obraz od Sundance nisem preizkusila, ima pa mami v kopalnici od Lavazon (Müller) in ona ima bolj občutljivo kožo. Enkrat sem jo preizkusila in se mi ni zdela nič posebnega. Lahko, da je od Sundance krema bolj nežna, ker še nisem slišala, da bi se kdo pritoževal glede nje, niti na nemških blogih :) Imela sem pa spray verzijo za telo, vsaj tri-štiri zapored in mene niso nič iritirale.

    5. Aha, super. Mogoče bom še kremo preizkusila :)

  3. Ta odtenek Catrice lip smoother-ja je meni najljubši, se pa tudi jaz že veselim objave o Born Pretty šminkah, me že radovednost daje o swatchih :)
    Glede ''zbiranja'' tuš gelov pa - welcome to the dark side :D

    1. Meni je všeč ker je veliko bolj nevtralen odtenek. Tisti Apricot je že malo koralen in pušča dokaj barvo :).
      Ste me blogerke podzavestno okužile to the dark side ;D

  4. Dekoracija, wau! <3
    Kje se dobi ta kokos svečka? Rabim, rabim. :P
    Ta Yves Rocher toaletna vodica je res must za vse kokos obsedence. :D Zdaj, ko sem prebrala vajin komentar s Matejo, moram probat še v kombinaciji z VS sprejem. :)
    Si pa me spomnila, da moram spet malo na plano privleči to Sleek paleto, je bila moja prva paleta od njih in je res dobra!
    Se pa popolnoma s tabo strinjam glede cen L'oreal, Maybelline maskar! Te cene so res postale katastrofalne. Meni so L'oreal maskare med najboljšimi, kar sem jih imela, ampak jih ravno zaradi cene zelo poredko kupim. Kakorkoli so dobre, za tistih par mesecev uporabe mi je vseeno preveč denarja. Škoda, te maskare bi se prodajale kot za med, če bi bile cenejše. Hmmm, ta Maybelline maskara mi deluje zanimivo, čeprav mi njihove maskare niso pol tako všeč, kot od L'oreal. Ampak bo za poskusit enkrat, ko bo kakšen popust. Trenutno pa imam itak 10 drugih maskar. :D

    Se pa zelo veselim ocene vse Born Pretty šmink, kako krasni odtenki in pa teh Avon svinčnikov! *:*

    1. Hvala :)) Kokos svečko sem sama naredila :) Lahko si prebereš kako sem naredila:

      Probaj, odlično je. VS je bolj vanilast in ta Yves Rocher vse skupaj potegne malo bolj na kokos :)
      Mene je žal da nisem že prej kupila. Rjava in črna sta must have za vsak look in v tej paleti sta odlični. Vsi ostali odtenki pa se bodo veselo uporabljali na jesen:).
      No me veseli da nisem edina. Res je malo preterano za izdelek, ki ga itak ne uporabljaš dolgo. Pa saj ga niti ni tako veliko not. Ne vem če samo to embalažo plačujemo in znamko?! Jaz tudi obožujem L'Oreal maskare in mi Maybelline nikoli niso bile tako dobre, kot tebi. Ta pa me je res presenetila. Mi je zelo všeč. :)

  5. Herbio krema za roke zmaga, meni je res odlična. Moreš probat njihov piling s soljo, boljši od Loccitanovega, ki je tako hvaljen ;)

    1. To misliš zeliščno kremo za roke? Že ta krema me je presnetila. Sploh ne dvomim, da so ostale stvari tudi odlične. Bom zagotovo še kaj preizkusila:)

  6. Avonova škatlica zgleda res priročna.

  7. Sem jaz ista glede gelov za tuširanje, sem jih tudi zadnjič na enkrat kar dosti nabavila :D Mi pa ta kokos od Afrodite lepo diši, mi je kar žal, da ga nisem kupila, glede na to, da večinoma uporabljam njihove gele, s katerimi sem res zadovoljna. Sem imela pa tudi to L'Orealovo maskaro nagledano, ampak tudi sama ne bi ravno dajala toliko denarja za tako kratko uporabo. Trenutno imam eno od te znamke, ampak še to je bila -50%, kar je pa potem druga zgodba :) So mi pa zelo všeč te šminke od BPS, lepi odtenki :)

    1. Joj jaz sem še danes Afroditinega kupila. Zdaj pol leta res nič ne rabim kupit :) Meni je afrodita tudi super. Zeleni čaj mi je zelo všeč, pa tudi Acai Jagode, zdaj ko pa je bil kokos, pa itak. Potem se že splača ja.:)

  8. Very nice haul! That L'Oreal eyeshadow looks amazing!