Avon Summer Beauty Box

Avon has another beauty box and it's a summer edition. I was a bit more excited to try this one, because it has large spectrum of different products in it not just makeup. It comes in a summery sleeve which you take off and see purple ribbon design with A on it. It has magnetic closing and will be nice to reuse. 

In it you get 5 full size product, 2 travel versions and one tester. I believe total worth of this box is around 53€ and it sells for 26.90€. This is for Slovenia, I can't say if in other countries this is also on offer.

Avonovo poletno lepotno škatlico lahko naročite pri Avon prodajalcih za 26.90€ do 25. julija 2018.

I've had this micellar water in the past and wasn't impressed with it. To be honest, for me nothing beats Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I haven't found anything as gentle as that one. 

You'll get a travel size of 50 ml in a cute plastic bottle that I know I'll reuse as soon as I finish it. Great to take with you on that getaway weekend. Mini size sells for 3€. Full size contains 200 ml and the regular price is 6.10€.

It has regular transparent liquid formula that has some sort of artificial scent to it. It's not strong, but I can't say it's pleasant either. 

It's great for taking of face makeup, but you'll need to rub a bit more to take off mascara, especially waterproof ones. I'd say it's average in removing abilities and would not be for waterproof makeup users. I remember this being more irritating on my skin, but now I didn't notice my skin getting red. However, if this gets into the eyes, it will sting. So I personally wouldn't use this for eye makeup, rather just for taking off that first layer of makeup.

It's an average micellar water and I wouldn't buy it again, because it's not as gentle as I want it. However, this mini size is nice for taking with you on holiday or for having in purse to wipe off swatches that you took in the store. 

Avon Anew Perfect Skin Daily Skin Boosting Splash

I am a bit confused as to what this product is. Avon describes it as 15 minute moisturizing and brightening innovative mask. It should be a base to your moisturizer, make your skin moisturized, energizes, your pores look smaller, skin feel smoother and just look perfect. They advise you to apply small amount of the product on your hands and gently massage it into cleaned skin. Let it dry and then apply your moisturizer on top. I feel like this is just a moisturizing toner that they're describing and trying to make it more innovative than what it is. 

After I tried it out, I would almost say that this is an essence. It's liquid as a toner, but has a bit of viscose feel to it when you apply it. It sticks well to the skin and leaves behind slightly tacky feeling which makes me feel like it's more than just a hydrating toner

It feels moisturizing as well as a bit nourishing, but is very lightweight. A product that will give you that initial burst of moisture back to your skin after cleansing it. It also has fruity scent to it which reminds me of white grapes for some reason. Obviously, I would need to use it more to see how it works, but that first impression is good. It would be a nice added step to your simplistic summer routine, because it's fairly lightweight. 

Avon Mark Big & Daring Volume Mascara Waterproof Black

This is a mascara for adding volume and apparently the formula contains collagen which should strengthen the lashes without making them look clumpy. It also has curved wand to hug the lashes and make your lashes look six times more volumized

Avon has repacked their mascaras and I like new packaging better. You can quickly see which mascara is which. This one comes in pink color with white writing. In it is 10 ml of product and the regular price is 10.90€. 

It comes in black and brown black color. Black color is also available in wateproof version which is what I have. 

Wand is actually quite big, a bit too much for my liking. Bigger wands can be difficult to navigate around smaller and deep set eyes. It's curved and has longer bristles in the middle and shorter on the outer edges to give you that rounded eye look

Formula is on the drier side, but isn't as dry as regular wateproof mascaras that I have tried so far. I prefer a slightly wetter formula, because it doesn't make my lashes super hard and builds up volume quicker.

One coat of this mascara gives you nice definition and length. Second coat will add more of that volume, but still keep them nicely defined. Third coat makes my lashes look very thick and I may loose some definition, but it's definitely not as clumpy as some other mascaras I have tried. I prefer two thicker coats for that perfect volume with good definition and definitely some added length. I think this is great lengthening and thickening mascara without giving you too clumpy look.

It lasts really well on the lashes. I haven't notice any smudging or crumbling under the eyes. I haven't tested the wateproof claim, because I don't really shower or go swimming with a mascara, so I can't say, but it will hold up against the sweat for sure. 

Avon Mark Glow On Face Illuminator

This is basically a glowy primer or liquid highlighter in one. Avon says that this could be used on its own for an illuminated look, as a radiance primer or over makeup as highlighter. Supposedly it has lightweight texture, iridescent light gold color, gives luminous glow and is glitter free. It should perfect, moisturize, blur imperfections and add natural looking radiance

It comes in plastic black and white squeeze tube. In it is 30 ml of product and the regular price is 10€

It has thicker liquid consistency that has a smooth glide to it so that you can spread it out with ease. It has fairy good pigmentation - definitely not as sheer as most illuminating primers.

You can get it only in one color which is more of a lighter champagne nude shade that has peachy tint to it, but more of a cooler silver sheen. Pearly finish gives it that nice sheen on the skin, but the shimmer in it is tiny. For my light skin tone this is a bit too dark to be used as a highlighter. It's more for light to medium and medium skin tones. If you're fair, this will definitely be too dark for you.

I've used this mixed in with foundation which is something that I love doing especially in the summer. It just gives you that slight sheen as well as color to the base. I also used it as a highlighter on top of foundation, but for that it was too dark for me now, it will probably work once I get some tan. I also used it as a base for powder highlighter and it worked nice. It didn't make product on top look patchy. 

Left: no illuminator, right: illuminator as highlighter

But right now I absolutely love to use this on my body as a body highlighter. It gives me just enough of that champagne bronze sheen and doesn't look too glittery, but reflect small shimmer particles so nice under the sunlight. 

illuminator in shade

illuminator on direct sunlight

It has quick setting time, so you have to work with it fast and blend it out nicely before it drys down. Once it's on, it doesn't really transfer and almost feels powdery to the touch.

I really like this product, obviously. I like most illuminating and glowy products. But this is refined in that it doesn't contain any visible shimmer, has a good peachy champagne base for medium skin tones and gives off that nice cooler silver sheen. It also sets really well which is always a plus with liquid products. It's definitely one of my favorite products from this box, I just wish they made a lighter version for paler skin tones so that I could use it as highlighter. 

I have a review of all Gel Shine nail polishes already and it's one of my favorite nail polish ranges. This is a big range of colors and they often times add some new ones as the seasons change. It offers gel like shine and good color payoff.

It comes in glass square bottle with white plastic top. Brush is standard, slightly longer and straight cut. In it is 10 ml of product and the regular price is 6.50€

Formula is creamy and just thick enough as well as not too runny. I find it easy to work with. This shade has good pigmentation, but to get nail completely covered, I would use two coats

Parfait Pink is medium pink with tiny silver shimmer which gives the nails a bit of sheen. 

I find gel shine range to be fairly long lasting on my nails, for about 4 to 5 days. It also dries down fast.

Avon Care Sun+ Moisturizing Sun Spray Very Water Resistant SPF 15

It's a sunscreen with SPF 15. Usually, I use SPF 20 and 30 on my body, when I am spending the day out. But I can use this one while going out on those not so sunny days or in the evening and mornings. Avon describes it as moisturizing and water resistant

It comes in a plastic yellow bottle with spray on top. In it is 150 ml of product and the regular price is 9€.

It has white liquid milk consistency which has nice spread ability. It massages into skin well and doesn't leave white cast. Finish is a bit sheeny, but doesn't look or feel greasy. It is a bit tacky though.

I dislike the scent of it, because it smells grass floral. Too green for my taste. I remember Avon sunscreens smelling better than this. 

I've only used it a couple of times and I didn't have any problems with it. It feels moisturizing, doesn't feel greasy or too sticky and in general leaves a nice sheen on the skin

Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum

I've had this product too and wasn't impressed with it. At the time I preferred their Moroccan Argan Oil version, but now that I gave it another go, it doesn't seem as bad anymore. I think my hair was a lot drier before and now that I only color my roots, I have healthier and less dry hair, so I don't need as much of a heavy duty products as I did before. It's a silicon type of serum that gives your hair nice shine and makes the ends look more nourished.

It comes in transparent glass bottle with a pump. In it is 30 ml of product and the regular price is 6.90€.

I like the pump on this, because you can control how much product you want. Usually, I won't even use a whole pump, because I just want this on the ends. 

It has transparent viscose slightly oily, but mostly just very smooth silicon consistency. It coats your hair and gives them that shine as well as much more polished look to the ends. I wouldn't go crazy with this, if you have thin and just slightly dry hair, use half to one pump. Too much of this serum can make your hair look greasy

I love using these type of serums on wet hair and then blow drying it for that super shiny smooth feel to the hair. Sometimes I also put it over blow dried hair to make the ends look more polishes and not as frizzy. It's much more lightweight than the argan oil version, so better for those with thinner or not as dry hair. 

Scent is fruity sort of green apple like

Avon Attraction Eau de Parfum

I have Attraction Rush version and it's probably one of my favorite perfumes of all time. I actually used more than half of it already, which almost never happens with me and perfumes, so now I'm already in saving mode. I'm weird like that. Obviously, I was excited to try out the original version as well. 

This is a travel size version, it contains 30 ml. Sometimes Avon sells these mini versions at special occasions and I think the price was around 7€, but I'm not sure. You get the same fragrance in smaller size and with a much more simple bottle design. It has glass bottle with simple gold and silver design.

The original full size comes in 50 ml and the regular price is 32€.

Top notes: pear, blackberry, pink pepper.
Middle notes: jasmine, black orchid, musk.
Base notes: amber, Madagascar vanilla, praline, labdanum.

At first I smell a lot of pear and frutiness which quickly turns into a slightly deeper floral scent. I like it best once it settles into skin an becomes much sweeter. Those vanilla and amber notes take over and give off that sweet fruity floral scent. I realized I don't like pear in fragrances, plus I'm not a big fan of florals either, so I much prefer this fragrance when it develops into those creamier stronger base notes. I'd say it's nice mix of fruity floral and stronger sweeter base

If I compare it to Attraction Rush, this is much more floral based while Rush is much more powdery and almost oriental. Attraction Rush is still my favorite, but this one is nice once it properly develops into those base notes. I think you'd like it, if you like sweet based fragrances with a hint of fruity and floral notes to it and think Rush version is just too strong for you.

To conclude my thought on this, I think it's worth getting it, if you like most of the products in it. My favorite out of these are Glow On Illuminator, Avon Attraction perfume and Dry Ends Serum. I loved tester of Boosting Splash. I also like Big & Daring Mascara, but would almost prefer it in regular version not waterproof, because I almost never use waterproof mascaras. Their Gel Shine range is amazing, but I rarely wear pink nail polishes, so I much prefer their other shades, but can see the appeal of pink for most people. Sunscreen is also nice, but nothing special and I would prefer a higher SPF for me personally. The only product that was a let down was their micellar water, but this is again my personal preference. If you don't have as sensitive skin, you might like it better. I will still use it up since I have daily swatching on my program, so it will definitely come in handy. 

I hope Avon does more of these beauty boxes. They would be especially nice for Christmas shopping as you can give some of the products away as gifts what may not suit your personal style. I also think they should include more of their skin care in these boxes. But all in all, I like the concept.


  1. Never knew Avon had a beauty box! That mascara and the illuminator looked great on you. This post reminded me that I haven't shopped Avon in quite a while and probably should. Love their lip and nail products.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

    1. We just got that beauty box in Slovenia now. I don't know if Avon had this before :). They are stepping up their game, always coming out with new products. I love nail and lip products too. By far the best from Avon :).