Hair Styling: Adding Volume And Thickness

Hey Beauties!

When it comes to styling my hair, I am really lazy. I do love to treat my hair with leave in treatment and hair masks, but I don't like to style it. Part of the reason is, because I have very fine and flat hair, so nothing holds. If I curl my hair, it holds for maybe one hour and then it starts to vanish. It's almost like magic (sarcastic me). You can imagine how hard it is to add some volume to my flat fine hair. That's why I decided to share some hair products that in combination give me the best result that is possible. 

L'Oreal Elseve Fibralogy Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

I've been avoiding drugstore hair products, because I was under the impression that they just don't work. Well, I was wrong. These are supposedly meant for hair that's lacking thickness (yep, me!). This technology, called Filloxane, should penetrate in your hair and make them look thicker. All I know is that these two actually add some volume to my hair and even make them look thicker, even though they can't permanently change my hair, obviously. 

Both have blue plastic packaging with a pop up pink top. It's classic and works fine. In each is 250 ml of product and they cost around 3€.

Shampoo has creamy and runny texture. It's an off white shade and it leathers well. Conditioner is like a thicker cream. It coats the hair well and makes them soft and nourished, but not silky and slippery. They both have that hair salon scent, which I can't explain, but I really like it. 

Since I have dry ends, I love to use shampoos and conditioner for dry hair. Those make my hair silky soft and flat. These two also nourish my hair and make them smooth, but they also look thicker. They're not flat and there's definitely some added volume, which I assume is the same as with someone who has naturally thicker hair. Even if I just use these two products instead of regular shampoo and conditioner, I still get a bit more volumised and thicker looking hair. It's just not as flat as it's normally. 

got2b Volumania Volumising Spray Mousse

I saw Mateja mentioning this product and when I saw it in the store, I decided to get it. I've had a hate relationship with hair foams for a while. When I was in my teenage years I used them a lot, but stopped, because they made my hair greasy. All foam hair products still make my hair greasy, if I apply them directly on the scalp. 

Mousse comes in a metal can with a funny dispenser on top. It reminds me of cats and dogs that get those plastic things put on to avoid chewing their sick paws and such. It's pink colored. In it is 250 ml of product and the price s something around 6€. I am not sure if these are still sold in Slovenia, becuse I couldn't find them in physical stores. 

It produces foam that actually vanishes, if you hold it in the hands for too long. I think this is supposed to be used sprayed directly on the roots of hair, but I always spray it in hands. That way I can control where I want to apply it. 

It has almost sickly sweet raspberry scent and it also feels like sugar in hair. This makes my hair slightly sticky and I try to apply small amount, avoiding the scalp. Sometimes I also apply it along the hair legth to give some extra volume. For me this works as a root lifter. It gives slight volume on the roots, making hair look a bit more puffy and not flat on top. 

When I blow dry my hair with this product, I like to comb my hair with hands and hold the hair up, away from roots. This way I get optimal root lift. Not to say that this holds for hours, because it doesn't. You may not even notice the difference, but I definitely see it, which is more than nothing. 

Toni&Guy Casual Rough Texturiser

I also wanted some kind of texturiser to give my hair some texture to hold curls and such. Volume can vanish in matter of minutes, but some texture in the hair, should prevent this. I heard some good things about this one from Toni&Guy and because it was on sale, I gave it a go.

It's silver blue matte can spray. In ti is 200 ml of product and costs around 7€. It promises root lift and backcombed effect for casual, dishevelled volume with a matt finish.

Comes out slightly wet and then gets matte and almost dry. It looks like a mix of regular hair spray and tiny bit of dry shampoo. I wouldn't agree that this gives root lift, because on my hair it doesn't. It only adds texture to the hair, which means you can style them and scrunch them and they won't look as flat as usual. This is definitely one of those bed hair or after sex hair looks. My hair feels and looks thicker. It also  holds more volume. I m not as impressed as I thought I would be. My toughts were that this is going to hold my volume like crazy, but it doesn't. I have to dishevel my hair again and again, in order to give back that texture and volume.

I like to apply lots of it and it seems like the product is vaishing from the can really fast. So I have a feeling this won't last me a long time. 

Here is demonstration of how the product works on my hair. First photo is of shampoo, conditioner and mousse. These three together make my hair look thicker, add some volume and some root lift.

In the process of adding texturiser my hair can look crazy volumised. I like to scrunch my hair while spraying texturiser in. 

And here is how it looks like after I tame that. So basically on the bottom photo is my hair with all four products together. I find that these all together give my fine and flat hair some slight change in thickness, a bit more volume, slight root lift and some added texture that stays in the hair. If you fluff them here and there, it can almost last through the day. 

 I also wanted to show you that I also use combination of these products, when on rare occasions, I decided to curl them. My not so flat hair - using shampoo, conditioner and mousse.

This is curled hair, before I applied any texturiser. 

As you can see the texturiser gives me some added volume and texture, but again, it doesn't really last on my hair.

With combination of these product I can make my hair looks lightly more volumising and add some texture. I have naturally fine and flat hair and have come to realization that I'll just never have those hair commercial hair. That's why I often times just don't bother with all the hassle. If someone wants to prove to me that my hair can have some volume, I am up for a challenge. Name the place and time and I'll be there. 


  1. Imam podoben problem in malo daljše lase, tako da drugi dan po pranju ves volumen popolnoma izgine. Isto, ko si jih skodram, po eni uri imam spet skoraj popolnoma ravne lase :/ Si bom zapomnila da preverim šampon in balzam od L'Oreala, ko porabim trenutnega. :)

    1. Potem si kot jaz ja. Jaz sem ista. Jaz še vedno upam, da mi kdo dokaže, da se da to obdržat na mojih laseh :D. Ja, meni sta ta dva vsekakor najboljša do zdaj. Nekako so bolj fluffy lasje pa niso tako svileni :).

  2. Ma nenormalno ti pašejo ti rahlo skoradrani lasje <3 Samo če bi meni zdržali samo par ur, se mi tudi ne bi dalo s tem ubadat. Za ta šampon in balzam sem že slišala pohvale, da so dobri za volumen :) Peno imam še vedno, ampak je ne uporabljam več, ker mi itak kodri dobro zdržijo, volumen pa pri meni ravno ni problem, sploh odkar sem odstrigla 15 cm las.
    Sem tudi sama načrtovala neko podobno objavo, ker itak izdelkov za volumen imam kar nekaj in bi pokazala še mojo tehniko s sušilcem, ampak bi bilo malo ne fer, ker imam že dosti naravnega volumna :)

    1. :) Hvala <3 Ja res je. Pa še uničujem si lase po nepotrebnem. To sta prvi šampon in balzam, ki dejansko dodata malo volumna. Sem najprej itak mislila, da to thicker hair ni mogoče, ampak očitno je neka fora. Tebi verjamem, da ni potrebe po obstojnosti kodrov :D.
      Le daj, me prav zanima kakšne trike imaš. Mogoče pa moraš naredit na kakšni prijateljici z takimi lasi kot imam jaz. Sicer pa se jaz javim za tvoj model. Ko bi le bila malo bližje tebi doma :D.

  3. Kako ti pašejo kodrčki. <3 Imam isti problem z lasmi samo z izjemo, da imam zelo mastne lase, in sem že obupala nad vsemi spreji/penami,.. in se vdala v usodo. :) Bom pa ob priliki preučila še tvoje predloge. Mogoče pa najdem kaj tudi za moje lase. :)

    1. Hvala :)) <3 Jaz imam mastne samo ob lasišču, drugače so pa precej suhi po konicah. Ah jaz sem se tudi že malo predala :). Ja sprobaš lahko. Mogoče pa ti bo kaj ustrezalo. Pene bi se izogibala, če imaš mastne lase, ker moje kar hitro zmasti.

  4. You look gorgeous with wavy hair! It really suits you :)