My Avon Box From Nude to Glamour

Beauty boxes have been on the scene for a while. However, not at Avon, at least not until now. So far, I know for two beauty boxes and I'm showing you what's inside the first one. It comes in this pretty square paper box with a black and peach design. In it you get 6 full size products. With it you also get instructions on what's inside and how to use it to create three different looks from day appropriate to an evening look.

These are new eyeshadow quads by Avon and I've actually already reviewed it here. Art of the Nudes is warm toned nude palette. It's one of those everyday selection of shades that are sheerer and will look good on most eye colors. Understated and great for those that are afraid of too much color on the eyes. I only miss some matte shades in this palette which would act as transition shades in the crease. 

In it is 5 grams of product and regular price is 13€.

Avon Mark The Big Graphic Longwear Liquid Liner - Black

I've actually had this liner before it was re-marketed under Mark range and didn't like it. I'm very particular with my liquid liners and this has to be one of the worst I have tried so far. 


It comes in plastic pen packaging with white top. Sponge applicator is cut at an angle and looks like one of those markers. I don't like this shape personally, but to each his own. In it is 1 ml of product and the regular price is 6.50€.


Formula is the reason why I dislike it so much. Applicator is not saturated enough and once you go over an eyeshadow, you can't even draw one straight line without the tip getting dry and unsaturated. It's a night mare to apply. Something went very wrong with formula here. In general it's a drier formula, so once you go over the line twice, you're actually taking it off instead of putting on more.

Pigmentation is poor, you would need to go over the line a few times to make it opaque. It has black color, but doesn't go on nearly as nice as it swatches. 

Angled applicator gives you two options, to draw wider or thinner lines. If you apply it at an angle you might get nice winged liner without too much effort, if you know what you're doing and how to angle it.


If you get it in touch with water or sweat a lot, it will move and smudge. It's definitely not one of those long lasting liners.

Avon Mark SpectraLash Mascara - Black

In my drawer of unopened makeup products, you'll find about 5 Avon mascaras. All of those that I've tried so far from them, have been OK, but nothing special. Hence why I don't really have a lot of reviews of them on my blog. But this one was a lovely exception.


It comes in a plastic black and white packaging. In it is 9 ml of product and the regular price is 12.90€.

It has that regular bushy natural looking wand that usually gives you a nice amount of volume, but this one also combs lashes fairly well.


On the contrary to most Avon mascaras that I've tried so far, this one has a slightly wetter creamy formula. It's not too wet that it would clump your lashes, but it's not as dry as for example most waterproof formulas. 

Pigmentation is good and the color is actually nicely black.


On the bottom of mascara you have white button with which you can adjust how much volume you would like. Essentially, number 1 gives you the least amount of product on the wand, while number 3 gives you a lot more product on the wand. I've applied 1 first, went over with 2 and tried 3 on top of both of these. As you can see, the final result is quite volumizing, but doesn't look clumpy either.

It reminds me a bit of L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara, but that one feels drier and looks just a bit less clumpy. I think you'll like this one, if you like volume and fairly nice separation. It makes the lashes look slightly longer as well. I would go in with two coats maximum, otherwise it can start looking clumpy and the clumps will fall down.

It lasts fairly well on the lashes, there is just a few small dots of fallout, if I apply a lot, but it doesn't smudge. It also holds the curl very nice and it's easy to remove

I have a review of all of their Epic Lip lipsticks, so I won't go into details. These have pigmented formula that has build in primer. It feels super comfortable on the lip and gives you great color payoff with a bit of sheen. It's basically one of the best regular creamy lipstick formulas that I own. 

In each lipstick is 3.6 grams of product and the regular price is 8.50€.

Avon Mark Epic Lip Transformer Lipstick - Guilty Pleasure

Avon added three lip transformers in their Epic Lip range which you should essentially use as toppers on top of regular lipstick or you could just wear them on their own as well.


It comes in a black and white design like their other Epic Lips in plastic packaging. Transformers have a half and half top packaging. One half is white with black writing and the other half is black with white writing. 

In it is 3.6 grams of product and the regular price is 8.50€.


It has that regular creamy Epic Lip formula, but the pigmentation is a bit sheerer. It's meant to be used as a topper, so it has to be sheerer to let the color underneath show through. 


They have three colors. One is holographic, another is sparkly pink and Guilty Pleasure is shimmery yellow gold. I think it might be a bit too yellow, but it all depends on which color you use it over. It looks best applied over darker colors, while on nudes it won't have much of an effect. It gives you that slightly metallic sheen.


I've tried it on its own and it seems like it's just slightly more waxy than regular Epic Lip and it might feel just a bit drier (probably due to metallic pigment in it), but it's still comfortable to wear. I just don't find the effect to be that visible and I personally am not too keen on metallic finishes on the lips.

Guilty Pleasure applied over Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Berry Blast

Art of the Nudes palette - shade 3, Avon Mark Liner, Avon SpectraLash Mascara and Avon Mark Epic Lip in Blushing Beauty

Avon Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Cosmic Flush

I love Avon's regular Gel Shine formula and color selection. They've now added 6 new shades that should give you mermaid vibes as well as 6 chrome shades. 


These have glass square bottle with white plastic top. In each is 10 ml of product and the regular price is 6.50€

Brush is thinner and longer, straight cut and it applies nail polish fine. 


It's a more liquid gel formula that is sheerer than regular Gel Shine formula. You will need at least two coats to cover the nail well. I usually start with one thinner coat and then go in with a thicker second coat. You can wear it without top coat and it has nice shine to it, but I always apply top coat over it anyway. 


Cosmic Flush is medium pink with multi colored small shimmer. It's from that mermaids vibe range. Under the sun it actually reflects something that looks like holo, but it looks warmer. The effect is really pretty and even though I'm not much for pink nail polish, I love these multi colored shimmers in it and the holo effect. 


It applies evenly and it lasts well on my nails - 4 to 5 days. Longer than the usual, but most Avon nail polishes last well on my nails anyway. Shimmer in it is small enough that is easy to remove

My favorite products from this beauty box are Blushing Beauty lipstick, SpectraLash Mascara and Cosmic Flush nail polish. All of these perform really nice and I love the shades as well. Transformer in Guilty Pleasure is nice too, but I'm not big on metallic looking lips. Art of the Nudes palette is great for someone who likes more understated colors. Formula is sheerer, but it gives you that effortless daily look. The only product in here that I really dislike is their liquid liner. Avon has so many better eye pencils that I would prefer over this one. It just doesn't perform. 

This beauty box is on sale in Avon (Slovenia) for 24.90€. Total value of the box is 55.90€, so if you like most of these products, I'd say it's worth getting it. Avon will also have one beauty box in their next catalog and I have that one already, so stay tuned for that review. 

Lepotno škatlico lahko naročite pri vseh prodajalcih Avon izdelkov. Ta škatlica iz kampanje 9 je na voljo za naročila do 4.7.2018. Cena škatlice je 24.90€. Skupni znesek vseh izdelkov po redni ceni je 55.90€. Tako da, če vam je večina izdelkov všeč, je vsekakor vredno naročiti škatlico. 

Zdaj lahko naročite tudi škatlico iz kampanje 10 in prejmete 2€ popusta. Tako dobite škatlico iz kampanje 10 za 24.90€. Redna cena škatlice iz kampanje 10 je namreč 26.90€. Škatlico iz kampanje 10 bom prav tako objavila na blogu. Poleg makeupa škatlica 10 vsebuje tudi nekaj izdelkov za telo in lase, prav tako pa mini verzijo ene izmed dišav. 


Avon mi je poslal še eno lepotno škatlico kampanje 9, ki jo bom podarila nekomu izmed vas. Vse kar morate storiti je da izpolnite obrazec spodaj. Obvezna polja so potrjevanje sodelovanja in vaši podatki oz. email, saj vas lahko samo tako kontaktiram, če zmagate. Vsa ostala lahko izpolnite po želji in imate s tem več možnosti za žreb. Nagradna igra bo potekala do 3.7.2018 in je odprta za vse stanujoče v Sloveniji. 

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  1. Tale eyeliner izgleda ful priročen s to konico <3 Drugače pa ima Avon res super odtenke svojih izdelkov.

    Čudovita kot vedno!


    1. Sem bila skeptična glede oblike, ampak če ga dobro nastaviš, dobiš ful lep kot. Je pa žal tako slabo prepojen z izdelkom, da mi ni bil všeč.

      Hvala :)) <3