Blue Glittery Smoky Eye

I had this blue smoky eye in my mind for a while and since I usually do more warm toned makeup looks, I decided to post a cooler vibe on the blog this time. It's a look I dedicated to New Year's Eve party or any other party in fact. I've seen a gorgeous silver dress with blue sparkles, but it had an open back, so not really useful for me. But this got stuck in my mind and was inspiration behind this look. December is one of those months that allows you to get a bit more sparkly with your makeup and I love this. So here is my blue version for this end of the year party. 

By now you probably know how I usually do my eye makeup. I started by applying light matte brown shade in the crease as a transition shade to blend others with. Then I added darker matte brown shade in the crease for more definition. To make my eyes look wider, I also added even darker matte chocolate brown shade only in the outer corner. 

For the lid I used a matte black cream eyeshadow to make the whole look just slightly darker. On top of it I applied this gorgeous shimmery peacock blue. Then I used the darkest matte chocolate brown to deepen the crease a bit. This way you get a more smoky look.

On top of that I applied a metallic shimmery purple with lots of silver glitter. I tried to dab on the lid as much glitter as possible without making it look very metallic. It gave me this purple blue sheen with silver shine. I used the same matte browns around the lower lash line. In the inner corners I used a more silver based color with a light blue sheen.

I also applied a bit of mascara and fairly natural looking, but longer, false eyelashes. I also applied black kajal on the upper water line to darken it. On the lower water line I applied a shimmery blue shade and also took it a bit around the lash line. 

I applied foundation, concealer and powder as per usual. Then I used a bit of contour color very lightly to define my cheeks. I also used a bronzer with a sheen all over the face. I'm so pale these days that I love a bit of warmth, especially combined with a cooler eye makeup. For the highlighter I went with a champagne shade that is not too warm and I used a brownish shade as a blush not to compete with my eye makeup.

For the lips I used a nude lip pencil and went over it with a nude matte lipstick color that leans more on the peachy warm side. This way not all of my makeup looks too cool. 

I worked off of that glittery silver blue dress that I had in mind. It might not be the most usual makeup for the party season, but if you wear something black, silver or blue, it might just play up your whole look. It's something more colorful than what I would usually go for. 

Products used

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51 + Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 010 + NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White Blanc
Paese Rice Powder
Essence Eyeshadow 15 Hazel Me Not!
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer
Catrice LE Kaviar Gauche Highlighter
H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher Brown Sugar

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Zoeva Caramel Melange - Universal Delight
Colourpop Yes Please! - Note To Self
Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette - Truffled
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Coconut
Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow - 02 Stars & Stories
Essence Be My Highlight Eyeshadow Palette - shade 1
Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner - Black
Avon Glow Kajalstick - Pacific Blue
Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara
Cherie Lashes - Extra Lovley
Duo Eyelash Adhesive Clear-White

Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil - 020 Caramel Blonde To Go
Makeup Revolution Lipstick - Wishful


  1. Ful lepo *_* Mi je všeč ta metalno modra. Sem prou brez besed, res hudo. Bi kar k tebi prišla, da mi narediš takle look :D

    1. Hvala Metka. <3 Ti kar pridi, jaz ti takoj naredim, ni problema :D

  2. Uuu modra je full lepa. Ubistvu je celoten look prekrasen, res ti paše. ;)*

    1. Hvala Ana :)* <3 Ta odtenek modre je res poseben. Je bila dobra naložba :)

  3. Krasno izgleda :) Ta modra ti tako lepo poudari oči :)

    1. Hvala Mateja :) Barvne teorije priporočajo modro nam s temnimi očmi, tako da bo nekaj na tem :D.

  4. Čudovit make-up, tele Essence metal shock senčila so tako zelo dobra, si moram nujno kakšnega nabavit preden se jih odločijo upokojiti

    1. Hvala :) <3 Imaš prav. Sploh nisem razmišljala o tem, da jih bodo itak spet ukinili. Bo treba čim prej še kakšen odtenek nabavit :).

  5. Hvala Sara :) <3 Mogoče bo komu v pomoč, da še sam poskusi kaj podobnega :).

  6. Krasen makeup look. <3
    Vedno imaš tako lepo poslikane looke. :)))

    1. Hvala Vanja :) <3 Poskušam poslikat tako, da se čim bolj vidi. Sicer ni vedno lahko. 50 fotk preden kakšna uspe :D.