March 2018 Favorites

This month I'm mostly featuring new products, because I have been testing out some new products that I really like. When I get something new, I tend to test it out a lot and forget about the old products. So here are my new recommendations that have impressed me this month.

This is a gel like face mask that can be used over night or as a cream during the day. I now use it as my day cream, because I love layering more products that have a lighter consistency. I love thicker nourishing creams, but sometimes these can be a bit much. So I've been really loving using this hydrating, but lightweight gel cream that makes my skin look moisturized. I also love using this in the evening, when I use heavier oils on top so that I don't overload my skin.

Paese Hydro Base Under Make-up

I've never had a hydrating base before, I always used more silicon based pore filling primers. This is essentially like a moisturizer and primer in one. It has lightweight white cream that feels moisturizing and comforting on the skin. I love how fresh this feels on the skin, like you have just put on a splash of water. It has subtle fragrance to it and just feels so nice under the makeup. Not too heavy, but just enough moisturizing. 

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Mineral in 13 Sand Beige and Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder Anti-fatigue in 04 Light Bronze

These are both powders, but since I got too dark colors for my skin tone, I used them as bronzer to warm up my complexion. Both have a very yellow toned base to it which matches my warm yellow skin tone so well. More cooler pinky and red bronzers just don't suit me. With these two I can add that natural yellow toned warmth to my skin that is just light enough to give me more dimension. I usually use it in combination with a more grey based bronzer or contour product. If you also ever buy or get too dark powders, just try using them as a bronzer to add warmth on certain parts of the face. It works great for me and actually looks very natural. 

La Roche-Posay is mineral powder, slightly more wet in texture and lighter in color. It's very light yellow toned almost beige color, but also has a hint of pink in it. It has a slight sheen to it, which makes it look more natural. It also has SPF 25.

Bourjois Healthy Mix is drier in texture and darker in color. It has more of that brown bronze shade to it with even more yellow undertone. It has a proper matte finish. It is enriched with vitamins C, E and B5.

I already reviewed it on my blog, so you can check out the swatches, but this is one of the best highlighters I own. If you love a good metallic glow with not too big shimmer, you'll love it. It has light champagne shade that just gives you an insane neutral gold silver sheen. It's very much in your face highlighter, but it's also so cheap. The quality is amazing for the price and I have been abusing it this month. Essence knows how to make great LE highlighters.

Beyu Dip Eyeliner in 03 Certain Charm

Some eyeliners are just difficult to work with and this one is not. It's so easy to apply with a sponge sharp tip applicator and it has the most perfect brown based warm purple color. It's not too purple, because it has a brownish base, so it's still very wearable. It also has small shimmer in it which gives it a slight metallic finish. I really like it. 

Essence Smudging Brush

Essence has updated its brush range. They now have a pretty white base combined with rose gold details design. Some shapes are new and some look similar to the previous range. I really like this brush, because it looks like a typical flat shader brush, but it's so small. It works great for applying eyeshadow around the lower lash line in a very precise way. I can get really close to the lash line which I love. Bristles are soft, but just dense enough to give you a nice blend.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick in 16 Caramelody

I was kindly sent this by Mateja who found it to not be wearable for her. I love browns, so I knew I'm going to love this one. It's a yellow based caramel brown shade that is the perfect warm medium brown that I love to pair with most of my makeup looks. I've talked about the formula already, but this is one of the best regular lipstick matte formulas. It dries down like a liquid matte lipsticks, is very long lasting, but also feels so comfortable on the lips. This shade is part of the 4 new shades that Bourjois recently added to their range. 

Ever since I got it, I have been using it almost every day. It's just such an intense powdery scent. It has floral notes to it too, but for me the powderiness is a win. It's just so cozy and warm. I've already reviewed it, so you can read more about it in a separate review. Avon has one of my favorite fragrances and they did it again with this one.


  1. Essence highlighter mi je že po original objavi padel v oči :) So bili pa v soboto pri nas še vedno tisti čopiči in še ni te kolekcije. Sicer ne da ga rabim :D

    Točno ta odtenek Beyu eyelinerja imam tudi jaz in se strinjam da je super :)

    Me res veseli, da ti je Bourjoisova šminka tako všeč :) Pri meni bi končala nekje zakopana forever in se takoj boljše počutim ko vem, da jo nekdo uporablja.

    Parfum mi zveni zanimivo, mi je pravzaprav že zadnjič ko si objavila oceno. Predvidevam, da mu vijolica da tisti kozmetični powdery vonj Guerlaina, ampak mi je tudi baza zanimiva ker je brez vanilije, imam raje baze s sandalovino, jantarjem in/ali lesom.

    1. Ne vem v čem je fora. Slišim, da še veliko kje nimajo te kolekcije. Čudno, ker pri nas je pa že skoraj prazna. Saj jaz ga tudi nisem rabila, ampak je pa dober :D.

      To pa sploh nisem vedela, da imaš. Meni je res všeč ta odtenek. Pa še enostaven za nanašat.

      Jaz imam itak rada vse te rjave odtenek in ker je formula odlična, mi je še toliko bolj všeč. Hvala ti :) <3

      Veš da moj nos ni tako dober kot tvoj, tako da je čisto možno, da je zaradi vijolice. Je pa res uber pudrast. Sem imela Kenzo parfume, ki tudi slovijo po pudrastih vonjih, ampak ta je on the next level, vsaj sodeč po mojem spominu. Guerlain ima tudi take pudraste, imaš prav :). Sandalovina, jantar in še mošus so tudi moje najljubše note v parfumih :).