Review: Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray

I've mentioned several times that I've had skin allergies since I was 4 years old. These have since then almost vanished and my skin is much less irritated and sensitized. But I did get eczema on my hands and I've been dealing with it for about 4 to 5 years now. My type is dyshidrotic eczema with little water filled bubbles that itch like crazy. I also have very dry hands, because my skin barrier is compromised most of the time. So I was extremely excited to test out this brand new Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray for instant itch relief.


It comes in an aerosol with white and blue design that is the same for all Atoderm products. It has aerosol spray top that produces large mist with splatters of milky liquid

I have mini travel size that contains 50 ml of product and costs 12.90€. You can also get a full size that contains 200 ml of product and it costs 22.70€. In Slovenia you can buy Bioderma in all pharmacies and Leposana in E.Leclerc

Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray is spray for immediate itch relief. It can be used for frequent or temporary itching. It's meant for irritated, dry, very dry to atopic sensitive skin. Especially suitable for those with chronic hives, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, eczema, senile xerosis and psoriasis. It can also be used on newborns. 


Let's talk about the ingredients that are key components of this spray actually working. Spray benefits from a new scientific discovery. They discovered 2 new biological targets that were identified as causing itching for skin prone to atopy or psoriasis. It should also act on other biological pathways for global action on itching. 

Skin Relief Technology contains Ambora and Green tea extracts combined with renowned soothing dermatological active ingredient Enoxolone. It blocks the biological process responsible for itching from the start and directly targets each of involved pathways. 

Skin Barrier Therapy patent protects even the driest skin from bacteria that causes itching to intensify. Vitamin PP and Squalane supplement the formula in order to supply lipids required to strengthen skin barrier. Patented natural D.A.F. - Dermatological Advanced Formula complex raises the skin's tolerance threshold. 

Because of all these ingredients skin should feel immediately soothed and  the urge to scratch reduced for a lasting effect. It should provide you with immediate comfort, long lasting hydration and intensive protection. 



Bioderma describes its formula as extremely light texture. It's an emulsion of oil in water and it should also feel refreshing. Ph level should be between 5 and 5.5

Spray produces milky white liquid that sticks to the skin, but is fairly watery. It doesn't drip off. You can spread it around, especially if you want to apply it to hard to reach areas, like in between the fingers. I have to warn you, be careful where you spray it, because if it falls on the floor, it makes it very slippery. 

It soaks in the skin well. If you apply thicker layer, you might need to pat it into the skin. It leaves behind undetectable finish, which is a bit shiny at first, but sets matte. I find it to be a bit sticky and nourishing, but looks like nothing on the actual skin. 

It has no apparent scent to it.


After I spray it on the area that feels irritated, itchy and red, I get this feel of slight tingling and soothing. It really does acts as an immediate relief. My skin feels less irritated and the itching is gone. Believe me, no one was more surprised than me. I wish I had this when my whole skin was itching and I had wounds all over my body from scratching it.

Spray soothes itching in 60 seconds and it should be efficient for at least 6 hours after that. I haven't tried that, because I go to the bathroom and I wash my hands often, but I have sprayed this on before going to bed and I never woke up in the middle of night wanting to scratch, which has occurred to me before. Not with this spray though. 

They also provide you with ultra fast 360° application in one step which should be ideal for hard to reach areas. You need to spray from 20 cm distance, spread it and let it dry

My right hand is the "worse" hand and I wanted to show you how dry and irritated my skin is there. On the second photo I sprayed SOS spray and on the third photo you can see it drying on the skin. It still has that dewy look to it.

Where have you been all my life, comes to mind after testing it out. It's definitely the most effective product I have tried so far for itch relief. On the market you can find ceramide based creams that strengthen skin's barrier as well as menthol or tea tree based products that should provide you with an itch relief, but honestly none of those actually stop the itching and stop you from scratching. This spray is the first such products that actually made my skin give a break from that itchy feeling. It really does work in seconds and it coats the skin with nice soothing, but nourishing layer. Dry skin goes hand in hand with itching, so I find it to be itch relief, as well as skin care product in one

If you suffer from dry and itchy skin, I highly recommend you to pick this up. You can get mini size at first and then see, if it works for you. I was so positively surprised. After you've tried so many different products, you kind of have this preconceived notion of "oh yeah, another product that "works"! - right".  But after trying it out I definitely support their claim. It soothes irritated skin in the matter of seconds. Skin doesn't feel itchy anymore and the milky liquid coats the skin and nourishes it. I am definitely getting myself another bottle as soon as I'm out of this one, because this is one of those rare products that actually work.

I made a point to write a long review of it, because I know how difficult it is to deal with itchy skin and I really want those of you that have the same problems to find solution. I hope this spray works for you as good as it did for me. 

*PR product


  1. Hi. Have you tried Letiat4 atopic skin hidrogel anti-itch? I would say is the best one in terms of soothing your irritated pain. The issue here is that it is really expensive for a 50ml bottle.

    1. I haven't heard of this product before, but it sound interesting. Not sure I can get it in any physical stores here.

  2. I have just bought this product from Bioderma and the texture is too dense; too sticky. If it works in the long term, no problem, but I would appreciate if there was a spray that would let my skin less clammy. Do you recommend something else with the same purpose in mind?
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, it's definitely sticky, but I actually like that. It means it sticks better to my skin and stays on for longer. Sorry, I can't say I know of any similar product. I know SVR has one from their Topialyse range, but that one is also quite sticky and nourishing. I wish I could help more.