Review: Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara

When it comes to mascaras, I love a good volume as well as some added length, but above all I want my lashes to still be defined and not look clumpy. I just found another one of my favorite mascaras and it's Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara.


It comes in a copper orange packaging with white writing. In it is 12 ml of product and it costs 11.99€

It has that basic natural hair bristles wand that are shorter at the end of the wand and go slightly wider towards the beginning of the wand. It coats lashes well, catches even the smallest ones and is easy to work with, although a bit on the bushier side. 


It's slightly wetter in the beginning, but in no way wet formula, it's actually great from the start. As it gets older, it dries down even more. It gives you more volume, but the bristles also become more clumpy, although this might be, because I have been using this for a really long time. I should probably throw it away, but I don't want to since it still works just fine.

L to R: no mascara just curled lashes, one coat of mascara, second coat of mascara


It gives lashes great amount of volume and it also makes them look longer. I was immediately impressed as it didn't clump them up. In the beginning, it can look just slightly clumpy, if you apply a lot of coats, but as it becomes older, it doesn't clump them anymore.

It also holds my curl for the whole day. My lashes don't drop. It's long lasting, because it doesn't crumble or smudge through the day. Even though this is not a waterproof mascara, I can easily sweat in it. 

It really reminds me of L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara. The only difference being the price tag (L'Oreal is more expensive) and the fact that L'Oreal contains about the half amount of product that Beyu does. Beyu mascara lasted me for about 3 months, which is impressive and I still use it. While L'Oreal will literally last you 4 weeks. 

This is definitely one of my favorite mascaras so far. I especially like the volume that it gives to my lashes. It also lengthens them, holds the curl well and doesn't crumble or smudge. It has good amount of product in it and the price is reasonable. I would definitely repurchase it. It's their bestseller for a good reason. 

If you want to see how it works on very long, but hard to curl lashes, you can check out Mateja's review.


  1. Me ne preseneča, da ti je všeč because I told you it's amazing :D Čisto nič slabša od Paradise, v bistvu boljša, ker vsaj zdrži normalno dolgo. Jo pogrešam v moji zbirki, čeprav je Sensational tudi odlična maskara, ampak jo bom kupila, ko mi zmanjka maskar :)

    1. You did, kako sem lahko sploh dvomila :D. Res je, dokaj podobna. Pri meni je razlika samo, da moje trepalnice izgledajo bolj bushy s Paradise, kar včasih sploh ne izgleda tako privlačno. Zdrži pa res ful dolgo. Jaz jo zdaj že res moram odstranit iz kolekcije. Mene čaka še ene 4 Sensational, ker sem jih ogromno pokupila, ko so bile akcije :). Tako, da bo zdaj ta na vrsti. Upam, pa še na kakšo Beyu akcijo kdaj.

  2. Waaaw, trepalnice izgledajo čudovito s to maskaro! In kakšen lep look <3


    1. Res je fajna maskara za volumen. Jo moram še kdaj kupit :D. Hvala <3