Review: Catrice Prisma Lip Glaze - 010 Enchanted Gold

I knew I wanted to try out Catrice Prisma Lip Glaze as soon as I saw it on promo photos. In the store it looked even prettier. Lip gloss is making a comeback and I am glad. As much as I love a good matte lip in the winter, I also love sparkly glosses in the summer time. They look so effortless and juicy.


It comes in transparent plastic packaging with silver gold details. Typical lip gloss packaging. In it is 2.8 ml of product and it costs 4.29€.

It has fluffy and flat, but narrow sponge applicator that allows you to apply it easily and doesn't transfer too much product. 


It's that typical ultra comforting slightly sticky lip gloss formula. It's not too sticky, but I always like to take it off in the inner rim of the lips to prevent my lips from sticking together too much.

It has what I would call duo chrome metallic finish with typical gloss shine. Shimmer in it give it metallic look. I can also report that the shimmer in it doesn't feel gritty at all. If you smack you're lips together you can't feel it, it's very fine. 


Because it's sticky, it grabs onto lips so well. It has good staying power for a lip gloss and I don't find it to bleed out of my lines noticeably. As it wears down, you will be left with shimmer, but it doesn't flake off while wearing.

It also feels so comforting on the lips. If you have dry lips, you'll know what I'm talking about. This truly feels like a soothing as well as nourishing lip gloss formula that is so nice to wear apart from being slightly sticky, but that's to be expected from lip glosses. 


You can choose among 8 different colors. All of these have a more metallic look to them or rather a duo chrome look. The base is one color and shimmery metallic sheen is different colored and looks duo chromed. 

010 Enchanted Gold is the lightest shade in the range. It looks white in the packaging. Once you apply it on the skin, it has transparent base and small shimmer. The shimmer looks duo chrome, because it's gold and pink. Depending on at which angle you look at it, it can portray pink or gold sheen on the lips.

If you want to wear it on it's own, it can look very pale. I prefer to use it over a light stain or lipsticks to really bring out the metallic sheen that it has. 

It was impossible to catch that duo chrome sheen on the camera. Go to my Instagram for short video that shows it better. 

Catrice Lip Glaze over Avon Mark Epic Lip Lipstick in Rosy Outlook

On light colored base it's very subtle. It gives it glossy shine as well as some subtle metallic gold and pink sheen. It's best paired with dark lip bases that contrast its light color. With this lip gloss you can turn any color into a glossy metallic sheen. The sheen, again, looks so much prettier in real life. Camera just can't catch it that well. It's also great product to use on a night out or at a party, because it reflects the light so lovely. 

Catrice Lip Glaze over Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Berry Blast
I think this is a fun product, if you like lip glosses. If you don't, you probably won't like it. It's not typical lightly colored lip gloss, because it has small shimmer in it that gives it metallic sheen and a duo chrome flip. It's unique in its way and will look best applied over dark lip base - this specific 010 Enchanted Gold shade that is. It's ultra comforting and slightly sticky, but doesn't feel gritty. It also lasts on the lips fairly well. If you want something different and fun to add to your collection, you might take a look at this one. 

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