Review: Essence LE Boys & Girls - Facial Sheet Mask

Essence and Catrice both came out with two limited editions that are concentrating on products for both female and male population. Essence LE Boys & Girls includes a lot of basics for grooming and creating that perfect base. I got to test out their Facial Sheet Mask and it has positively surprised me. 


Sheet masks are gaining popularity in Europe as well and I have to say I really like them. It's the funnest and easiest way of including some great ingredients into your skin care routine for when you have some time on your hands. I've mostly been trying out Korean brands of sheet masks and only a few from our drugstores, which underwhelmed me. 

Essence sheet mask comes in a simple plastic bag with stripes design in neutral black, white and blue colors. 

I can't find information on the packaging about how much essence is actually in it, but it costs 2.19€

Here is the ingredients list. Niacinamide is high on the list, on 5th place and since there is no alcohol in it, it is already better than most of our drugstore sheet masks. 


It has a thin, but viscose, transparent essence. I find there's plenty of it in the bag, so the sheet is well saturated and there is also some leftovers. I always use the rest as a serum on the second day. 

Sheet and Fit

Sheet is fairly thin and it sticks well to the skin. I like the fit, because it covers my brows and has big enough eye opening. It almost covers my long nose, there's only a bit of the tip left out. It's also wide enough to cover my whole face. 


I loved the fact that the sheet didn't dry out too fast which meant it was well saturated. Some drugstore sheets have dried out really fast on me. 

It felt very soothing and moisturizing on the skin. There was no irritation. After I took it off, it left behind a slight sticky layer which I love, because to me it means that it's nourishing. The sticky layer never really vanishes completely, but it's a good base for makeup.

It definitely made my skin look a bit brighter, probably due to niacinamide in it (although nothing like some Asian masks I've tried before). My skin looked very glowy, felt nourished and even a bit plumper. This is definitely good sheet mask for sensitive and dry skin in need of nourishment. It reminded me a bit of Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask - Ceramide sheet mask which also has that lovely nourishment to it. 

It has a mild soothing scent which for some reason reminds me of creams. 

I didn't expect much from this sheet mask, but I really liked it. It's great moisturizing mask that also gives you descent nourishment and a bit of brightening effect which is much more than most of the sheet masks that we can find in our drugstores. If you have dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin, I recommend this one for you. I already bought myself another one of these last week.

You can already find this Limited Edition in all the places that sell Essence Cosmetics - DM, Müller, Merkator Hipermarket, Spar megamarket, Lič, Click2Chic, Leclerc Maribor and Ljubljana. 

*PR product


  1. There are so many things I want to try by Essence... but it's not available in the UK :(

    Katie |

    1. Oh that's too bad. I've heard that Essence is not available in UK, which is kind of odd, since it's an European brand. Hope it gets to your country soon :).