Review: Catrice LE Genderless Peel-Off Brow Tint - C01 Mudstone

I've spoken about sheet mask from Essence Genderless LE and Catrice also has the same concept for their latest limited edition called Genderless. Products that are universal and can be used by men and women. In the range was also a peel-off brow tint and I immediately got curious about it. I was hoping for a waterproof or at least very long lasting tint, but this is more of a one day effect.


It comes in a plastic brown packaging with silver details. In it is 4 ml of product and it costs 4.29€.

It has sponge applicator that has a flat lip gloss like shape. Catrice says that it is a precise applicator, but I disagree. It's way too big for you to outline brows precisely, especially if you have thinner brows. I used a separate angled brush to apply the tint and make it really neat. You also can't really apply the tint in between the brows, it more just sits on top. Smaller brush applicator would work much better. 


They have two tint shades and Catrice describes it as light and dark ash color. Mine is definitely not ash color. I chose the lightest shade, because honestly, I couldn't tell a difference by looking at the packaging and I was afraid that the second shade would be too dark for me. 

C01 Mudstone is light to medium brown that has a tiny bit of red undertone to it. It's definitely on the warmer side. My natural brows are very ashy and cool toned, so I noticed the different in tone in person even more than it shows on the photo.


Here you can see it step by step in action. From the left side is my natural brow. In the center I tried to apply tint as neatly as possible, which is hard considering that the brows are 3D and you mostly just apply tint on top of them not really in between. On the right photo is the result that I got after leaving it on a bit over 15 minutes. Catrice says to leave it on for 10 minutes.


Tint has sticky creamy consistency that to me feels like a regular lip gloss formula. It sticks well to the skin and doesn't drip. You can wipe it off with a damp q-tip, if you feel like you messed up while applying it on. 

It dries down completely and you can feel it becoming hard to the touch. Then you can peel it off like some of those peel off face masks that you might have owned already. The peel looks like net made out of small fibers. At one point I thought I ripped off my brows, but it just looks like that, because off the brows texture underneath. It doesn't rip out any brows and it's not damaging. If you apply a thicker coat, you'll have a better chance of pulling it off in one piece. Just like with the face masks. 


The result was way too light for me. I expected a lot more color payoff. It just lightly tinted my skin and it didn't even make it look noticeably thicker, so I wanted to use my regular brow products after using this tint. I tried it a few times making it thicker and more dense, but it didn't do much of a difference.

I also tried rubbing watered cotton pad over the brows and it almost took all of it off. I wet my cotton pad in Bioderma micellar water and it took it off completely, so it's not waterproof and won't last you longer than one day, supposing that you actually clean your face once a day. 

On the photo below you can see the result paired with makeup. I am disappointed. I expected a lot stronger payoff and the applicator is not as precise as I wanted it to be. I want brow tint to be very long lasting and even waterproof so that I can use it on a pool day or when I'm on holiday by the sea, but this is not going to be for that. For a day to day makeup routine this takes too long and the effect is so minimal that I wouldn't buy it again.

I expected something with a lot of pigment, visible effect and long lasting, but this is not it. It very lightly tints the brows. Applicator is not precise enough and the color si not as natural ash toned as they described it to be. It's just too much hassle for too little effect. I wouldn't recommend it, unless you want something very natural for your brows and have at least 15 minutes to put it on.

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