All Creams Natural Makeup

This is a natural makeup look that I tried to create with mostly just cream products. Cream products will look especially nice on slightly drier or older skin. Powders can often times look more unnatural as well as lot more intense, so using creams for a more natural look is obvious. I love a good bold look, but I've also been loving wearing something more natural. Here emphasis is on glowy natural looking skin with a bit of definition and minimal eye as well as minimal lip.

I started by applying my usual skin care routine - toner, serum and a fairly hydrating glowy moisturizer in these colder months. Then I also used primer. If you have oily parts, like I do, use something that will mattify the skin and fill in pores. I used that on my t zone and a bit around my cheeks where my pores are bigger. You can also use illuminating primer, which I used only on the top of my cheeks and above the brows. This will give your base a bit more of that healthy sheen.

Then I applied BB cream all over my face in a light layer. Because my cheeks tend to have more redness and visible capillaries, I went over them with a bit more product. This evens out your skin tone and makes it look fresher, especially, if you use a BB cream that has that healthy sheen to it. BB cream also usually has less coverage and skin care ingredients in it, which makes it look more natural. But you can use a lightweight foundation too.

After that you need to assess the situation. If you see anything that needs to be lighter or covered up, use a bit of concealer. I have deep set eyes and my inner corners can look really dark, so I used color correcting concealer to conceal out that purplish tone in the inner corners of my eyes - upper and lower. On top of that I applied higher coverage concealer, but tried to use it lightly. Don't overdue it, because you'll ruin the natural look to the skin. I also apply a bit of concealer around the tip of the nose, where I have redness, corners of the mouth, chin and in between the brows. These are all my areas that tend to get redness through, but you conceal only what you feel you need to. If you want to look fresher, also conceal right around your lower lash line which is often times more red than the rest of the skin.

Left: only BB cream, Right: BB cream and concealer
I always set concealer with a bit of powder, especially under the eyes which prevents it from creasing. For that I use a tiny amount of transparent powder that just soaks up excess moisture, but doesn't look cakey or gives it any additional color. If you have oily parts, put some powder there too. For me this is around the tip of the nose, a bit on the forehead and on the center of the chin. Those are the areas that I know will get greasy as the day goes on. If you're skin is dry and you don't get greasy through the day, you can skip powder.

After we've evened out the skin tone, we need to put some more definition back to it. If you have naturally defined cheeks and don't need to define any part of the face, you can skip this step. I used creamy grey toned contour shade to contour a bit under my cheek bones. This makes my cheeks stand out more. I also have wide and high forehead, so I also always contour on the sides of the forehead as well as a bit around the hair line. If you want to define your jaw line, use a bit of contour also under the jaw bone. I also have wider nose tip, so I try to fairly add some contour there too. Always have makeup sponge next to you to blend out, if you've overdone it. It should look natural, like a natural shadow. My trick for making the makeup look uniformed is also to apply a bit of that contour across your lid, but concentrating it under the brow, not on the mobile lid. This gives a slight definition to your eyes without using any powder eyeshadow.

BB cream, concealer, powder and cream contour
Next I move to brows. First I brush them through with a transparent gel or mascara like gel. If you have thick brows, that is all you need to do. However, if you have fair and fine brows like I do, you need some additional help. I mixed two colors of creamy eyebrow shades and drew on little hair like strokes where I wanted to fill in my brows. The point is to not make it too perfect and completely filled in. You want to still see the texture of hair, but just give them nice shape. Because I have bold spots, I also use very thin creamy brow pencil to fill those in additionally. After I do that, I also brush through my hairs with another transparent brow mascara. By brushing the brows up they look fuller, messier and in general more youthful. Giving your eyes sharp arch or drawing your brows in a very thin line, makes you look older and sometimes angrier. Bushy brows are popular for a reason, they look youthful.

One of the most important steps at natural makeup is curling your lashes, if you don't already have them naturally curled. It opens up the eyes and makes you look more awake. Eyelash curler is my favorite makeup tool. I used volumizing mascara, because my brows are not super long nor thick, so I need help. I applied two coats on my upper lashes and only one coat on my lower lashes. My lower lashes are fairly long, so I don't apply mascara all over them, because I want upper lashes to be the center of attention. If you want even more natural looking lashes, apply mascara mostly around the roots of your lashes. This will make your roots look darker and fuller, but avoid putting it on the ends of lashes, because it can look more unnatural. If I go for a no eyeshadow look, I prefer a more fuller lash look, but you can skip it, if you have good lashes already.

BB cream, concealer, powder, cream contour, brows and mascara
After that I go back to my skin. One of the easiest ways to look glamorous, fresh and healthy is to apply creamy highlighter. Highlighter brightens up your skin and gives your that youthful glow. I used a mix of champagne (more pink based shade) and mixed it with a slightly cooler whiter champagne, just to make it really pop. You can go as heavy or as light, as you want with the highlighter. I like it heavier, but since I use cream highlighter, the texture looks much more skin like and not too obvious.

I apply highlighter with fingers. Make sure to blend the edges, so it looks as natural as possible. For that you can use clean finger or dampened makeup sponge. I apply highlighter on tops of cheeks - also a bit closer to the nose for that round cheek look, above the arch of my brows (if you have a lot of lid space, you can apply it under the arch of the brow, but if you have hooded eyes avoid that, because it will only make you look more hooded, instead apply on top of brows), in between the brows and slightly along the nose (but not down to the tip, because I have long nose in general), on the cupid's bow and on the inner corners of the eyes (this opens them up and makes them look brighter, avoid this step, if you have eyes that are wide apart, instead apply it only on the center of the lid).

BB cream, concealer, powder, contour, brows, mascara, highlighter
Another very important part that makes you look alive and healthy is blush. Blush has been in the makeup game for years and for a good reason. It's that instant pop of color that freshens up your complexion. I also used creamy blush in a muddy brownish mauve shade which is very close to my natural redness of the cheeks. The more natural color you use, the more natural it will look. You don't have to be too precise with it in order to achieve natural look,  just follow your natural redness of the cheeks. Again, creamy texture will blend into the skin seamlessly and look much more natural than a powder.

BB cream, concealer, powder, contour, brows, mascara, highlighter, blush
If you have vibrant natural lip color, you can just apply lip gloss and you're done. But if you're like me and your lip line is a bit blurred, you can use lip pencil in similar tone of your lips and just slightly define the edges. Blend it out with a q-tip to make it look more natural and less defined. Then I used a bit of that creamy blush and applied it on the lips. It makes the whole look come together in a similar tone. I also used a bit of sheer pink lip gloss on top to make the lips look fresh and juicy.

This is a simple natural, yet still defined, makeup look that will suits anyone as long as you adjust it to your features and skin tone. You can create this look in under 20 minutes, because you can basically apply all cream products at once and just blend it out well. I've done this already, when I was in an extreme rush. Cream products are also easier to blend, because they don't require any specific brushes or skills. I think it's a great everyday fresh natural makeup look.

If you want to spice this look up for an after work occasion or any other occasion that requires you to look more colorful, I'd say choose a good bright red lipstick and apply it on the lips with fingers or a lip brush. Diffuse the edges with a q-tip for a more effortless and modern look, like you haven't tried too much. I guarantee you it will look well put together with minimal effort.

This is just what I like, when it comes to natural. It may be way too much for some or too little for some. But I like to define my smaller eyes, add some contours to my face, as well as make the skin as glowy as possible. I'd love to hear what is your definition of natural makeup. Let me know in the comments.

Products used:
Avon mark Magix Face Primer
Oriflame The One Illuskin Face Primer
Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream - 21 Light Beige
Look by Bipa Matte Camouflage Concealer - 010 Light
Catrice Camouflage Cream Anti-Shadow
Paese Rice Powder
Maybelline Mastercontour Studio - 01 Light
L.O.V. BROWtittude Brow Gel Serum
Avon Mark Perfect Brow Creme Gel Pot - Deep Brown + Freedom Makeup Eyebrow Pomade - Caramel Brown
Catrice Slim'matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil - 03 Dark
Catrice Lash Brow Designer Shaping And Conditioning Mascara Gel
Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara
Kiko Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter - 100 Gold + Colourpop Super Shock Cheek - Flexitarian
H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blusher - Cameo Brown
Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil - 030 Addicted To Cafe Au Lait
ItStyle Lipgloss - 09
Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick - Ravishing Rose