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Yet another New In post about the products that I got mostly back in January. I've tried most of them, so here are short reviews.

This is a repurchase. I've already posted a review of it here. It's currently my favorite cleansing oil that I use as a first cleanse. It washes off makeup well, doesn't leave greasy layer behind and doesn't seem to break me out. I really like it.

Another repurchase and this time I decided to just get two bottles. I've spoken a bit about it here. It's great lightweight serum for those that have problems with dry or dehydrated skin. I use this under my moisturizer and it really helps to keep my skin moisturized and prevents dry patches. Plus, it's very affordable.

The Ordinary "Buffet"

It's a viscose lightweight gel like serum that basically contains everything you would need for a basic anti-aging serum. Apparently it uses technology of several peptides in a base of amino acids and multiple hyaluronic acid complexes. I got it, because I wanted a good basic serum to layer under my daily moisturizer. So far, it's been working fine, but I don't see any major difference with my fine lines. It's just a good overall base for keeping my skin plump, moisturized and healthy looking. 

Essence LE Boys & Girls - Facial Sheet Mask*

This sheet mask positively surprised me. I'll have a full review on the blog in the upcoming week, but it's actually a really nice hydrating and nourishing mask. The sheet is also fairly thin and one of the first ingredients is niacinamide which gives a very subtle brightening effect. It's surprisingly nice.

Catrice Camouflage Cream - Anti-red and Anti-Shadow

I already have the wake up effect concealer and I decided to purchase other two colors as well, since Catrice is discontinuing them. I don't understand why, because they seem really nice. I love the thicker, but spreadable texture that covers well and neutralizes any unwanted tones. The yellow one works great for purplish toned skin, like mine is in the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyes in my hollows. Green is great for neutralizing red patches on the face. I sometimes use it over breakouts or on my redish cheeks. It's a good color corrector at a drugstore price. 

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Mineral Compact Powder - 13 Sand Beige*

Obviously this is too dark for me to use as a powder, so I try to use it as a bronzer or at least as something to warm up my skin tone. But I haven't tried it enough, so I can't say how good it is. I'll probably update you on the formula on Instagram story.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder - 04 Light Bronze*

Another powder that is way too dark for me, so I also use it as a bronzer. It actually works with my skin tone, because it has a warm tone to it and I have yellow based skin tone. This I use as a warmer bronze shade on top of my regular bronzer, when I want to look warmer. It lasts fairly well and has a nice matte finish.

I've already posted a review of it here. It's a great blush with multiple color combinations. Pigmentation is actually really good, so you have to apply it lightly. You also get a variety of different finishes from matte to slightly more shimmery. It's a great one, if you're looking for a palette that has it all - highlight, blush and bronzer. 

H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blusher - Cameo Brown

I got this in the sale section of H&M beauty and I really like it. It's that perfect muddy mauve shade that will suits so many skin tones. It looks very natural on the skin and on my warm skin tone it looks even a bit warmer which I love. Shade Cameo Brown reminds me a bit of their Rosy Brown shade in the powder format. It's creamy, but not too greasy and has a descent staying power. I used it in my All Creams Natural Makeup look. I love H&M blushes and would gladly buy their whole range, if I had too much money. 

H&M Eye Colour-To-Go - Appaloosa

Another product from the sale aisle and another disappointing cream eyeshadow. I don't know what it is with me, but I'm on a constant search for that perfect warm copper bronzer shade in a cream (but preferably stick) format and I can't find anything good. So, if you have any suggestions, let me know. It's not as warm as I would like it to be and the more you blend it, the more it disappears. There's also an obvious chunk of gold glitter in it. Money wasted.

Ebelin LE Beauty Moments - Lid Brush

I've found a rose gold collection by Ebelin in Austrian DM (and I believe it's also in Slovenia) and it looked so pretty, I couldn't resist. The rest of the brushes didn't seemed such good quality, but I loved this small precise lid brush. I always need something flat and small to pack on the lid - different colors and pigments. It's just one of those versatile small brushes. I also use it to apply shimmery highlights in the inner corners of the eye.

Catrice Prisma Lip Glaze - 010 Enchanted Gold

I've wanted this ever since I saw it on promo photos. It's a transparent lip gloss with small shimmer that has a duo chrome look to it. It gives off gold and pink sheen. I can't catch this color on the photo, but it's so pretty. It has a nice nourishing feeling on the lips and isn't too sticky.

Catrice LE Genderless Peel-off Brow Tint - C01 Mudstone

I've already tried it out a few times and it's not what I expected. This will stain your brows, but I find it's just not as powerful as I would have wanted it to be. Plus the stain only lasts until you wash it off. The color is a bit off too. I'll have a separate review.

Essence Style Your Brows! Eyebrow Tool Kit

I only got this, because it was discontinued and I need a mini tweezer for on the go. The kit also contains a small spoolie, which is actually also practical to carry with you and small angled brush for filling in your brows. It's a cute set to travel with.

Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray*

I've spoke about my skin allergies before and I wish this product would be available when I was little, because it would make my life so much easier. It's basically a spray for anti-aching and it offers immediate relief. If you suffer from atopic dermatitis, eczema or in general very dry skin that's itchy, you need to look this up. I've been trying it for a few weeks and it works. This offers you an immediate relief. I spray this on my eczema hands and it coats them with a milky nourishing layer that starts to relief the feeling of itchiness. It also creates a protective barrier on the skin, so the skin doesn't feel too dry. It's a must have for anyone that is prone to allergies and knows how difficult it is not to scratch your skin. I'll post a full review of it on my blog. 

I also have a full review of swatches of these here. It's a great basic creamy formula with very nice pigmentation. The color range includes mostly pinks and reds, but there are also some nudes and very bold vibrant colors. It's basically like an upgraded version of Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick. 

Beyu Ultra Violet Makeup Pack*

Beyu decided to send me package full of their purple products to celebrate this year's color of the year - Ultra Violet. I got some eye and lip products that I'm already testing out. Some I already own, so maybe there will be a giveaway for you. Keep in touch.

These are the products that I already reviewed:

Beyu DIP Eyeliner - 03 Certain Charm

I've already tried this out and it's one of my favorites from this kit. It's a liquid liner with sponge tip applicator that has a very precise tip. Color is darker brownish purple that has small shimmer in it which gives it lovely sheen. It also stays put for the whole day. Really nice colorful alternative to regular eyeliner.

Beyu Color Kajal - 106 Provence

This is a proper softer kajal pencil that is great for smudging out and creating a smoky eye look. I haven't worn it yet, but the shade seems like that perfect berry cool purple. 

Beyu Soft Liner For Eye And More - 615 Dark Purple

I actually used their lip liner as my eyeliner, so now I finally have the one for the eyes in purple shade. Another lovely creamy eyeliner in a pen form that applies with ease. I love purple on brown eyes, so I'm sure I'll use this a lot.

Beyu Colorplay Lash Tip Mascara - 09 Lilac Poison

I've always wanted to try colored mascaras, but I never found a good purple shade. Usually they offer greens and blues, which don't think suit my brown eye color. So I was so excited to receive this. I tried it only on the tip of my lashes on top of black which gave me just a hint of purple to my eyes. I still have to try it all over the lashes, but I hope it works for that too.

Beyu Color Touch Lip Biggie - 41 Pure Passion

This is that perfect balmy, almost like a colored lip balm, crayon. It's great for creating a soft stain on your lips that looks effortless and it's low maintenance. Great product for those that just want a light wash of color. Also great for on the go.

Beyu Pure Color & Stay Lipstick - 167 

Very creamy lipstick formula that gives you that perfect medium berry shade. The shade is gorgeous. I haven't worn it yet, but they claim it to be long lasting and mat. It's definitely not matte, but it has that typical creamy finish with a bit of sheen. I have to further test it out.

*PR products


  1. BeYu paket izgleda amazing, vijolična mene vedno tako pritegne, ampak nosit pa tega nebi upala :D

    1. Zdaj že testiram te zadeve. Sama obožujem vijolične odtenke, sploh za oči. Jaz pa ravno mislim, da bi ti vijolična ful pristajala. :D Nisi nikoli preizkusila vijoličen liner? Po mojem bi ti res pasal k barvi oči in las :).