January 2018 Favorites

My first monthly favorites of 2018 are all about new products that I'm loving. I've included one that I've already mentioned in my previous favorites, but most products are new to my blog. 

Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser Sensitive Skin

I've been loving this in the past month, because my skin has been a bit drier than usual. Actually, I should say more dehydrated than generally dry. This is a thinner white, almost gel like, milk consistency that spreads with ease and has an emollient layer to it. Scent is fresh and almost soothing. As you're washing it off, you can feel a greasy layer staying on your skin and forming skin barrier. That's why I like it so much, because it leaves a nourishing layer on your skin and you're skin doesn't feel tight. I think this will work with dry, dehydrated and combo skin. Oily skin would definitely hate it. The claim of 3 in 1 is weird to me. I guess it does tone in a way, because you don't have to use something right after it for your skin to feel comfortable again, but I mostly just use it as a first cleanse in the morning or second cleanse in the evening. It's also sensitive enough that it doesn't feel irritating on my skin at all.

I've already included it in my favorites and I have a full review of it here, but I just had to include it again. Ever since I got it, I can't put it down. It's the best fuller coverage drugstore concealer I have tried so far. Shade 010 Light is also neutral enough that it suits cool and warm skin tones. It doesn't look too drying or too matte, so you can use it under the eyes as well and it stays put. An absolute bargain and a winner.

Catrice Camouflage Cream Anti-Shadow

I have a pink version of this that I've been using for correcting my under eye area and it worked well - review here. So I decided to pick up the other two shades too - yellow and green - since Catrice has decided to discontinue. Why? It's actually one of the better correctors in the drugstore. I really don't get their mind set. Always discontinuing products that customers get use to. Anyway. I realized that the yellow one works even better for my under eye and my very dark inner corner on the lid. I actually feel like my shadows look more purple than blue, so yellow cancels it out better. It also matches my yellow undertone better. I really like this and if you want good correctors, I recommend you grab these while they're still on their stand. 

Beyu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara

I'm preparing a separate review of this mascara. I've been a bit on the fence about it, when I started using it. I think it might have been that I was so in awe by the L'Oreal Paradise version, but as I used it more and it got drier, it grew on me. It's actually one of my favorites for creating volume and thicker lashes, but without making them look clumpy. It also holds my curl well which is another plus. I'm so glad I listened to my fellow bloggers who raved about it and got it. 

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek - Flexitarian

Award for the most reflective highlighter ever goes to Flexitarian by Colourpop. I've had my fair share of highlighters, because that is probably one of my favorite makeup items ever and I have to say nothing has been as reflective as this. It makes your skin look like it's glossy. The shimmer in it is so fine, but it reflects the light so bright that you look glazed. It looks more like a light champagne shade in the pot, but once it's on the skin, it's actually very bright and has almost a white sheen to it. This is definitely highlighter for fair to light skin tone. Worth all the money!

Bourjois Blush - 33 Golden Lilac

One of my newly discovered products that has sneak into my favorites. I can't get over the powdery sweet scent that this blush has, it's so lovely. It's a baked formula and looks super shimmery in the pan, but on the skin it doesn't look as shimmery. It seems like the brush picks up more color than actual shimmer, which I prefer. It's the perfect warm golden coral color. Not too peach, but definitely not pink. Just the most perfect blend and it makes me look so fresh. 

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip - Aquarius

To me this is the perfect nude color for light skin tones. It has a mix of everything - pink, peach and brown. It's not pink, but not brown, just the perfect nude color. Satin formula wears very comfortably on the lips for a lip cream that slowly dries down to a matte finish. It's very long lasting and doesn't feel uncomfortably drying or tightening. 

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick - 02 Flaming'rose

I've already spoke about the genius matte formula of these lipsticks here. These lipsticks have super smooth emollient formula that dries down to the perfect liquid matte lipstick matte. But the big thing about it is, that it feels so comfortable on the lip and not at all drying. They also have a good range of nudes as well as pops of color. 02 Flaming'rose is that perfect muted mauve pink that will look good on so many different skin tones. I adore it and I'm not big on pink colors. 

Surprise, surprise, another pink color. Who would have thought?! I'm in a bit of a pink rut right now. This is again one of those pinky nude shades that has muddy brown base to it and therefor looks super natural. Formula is so comfortable, creamy with a bit of sheen and it's so easy to throw on, when you're in a rush. It pairs with most makeup looks and almost feels moisturizing on the lips. Out of all new Avon Mark Epic Lip Lipsticks, this has been the most worn shade of mine now. You can read full review here

Afrodita Vanilla Passion Nourishing Body Milk

This is lightweight body milk texture that once you starts massaging it into the skin, leaves behind a slight body butter white layer which seems to really nourish and protect the skin. It has lovely sweet vanilla scent to it and very practical pump to get it out of the bottle. I love the design of it too. Really nice body milk.

My Birthday

January is my birthday month and usually I'm looking forward to it, but this year I caught some nasty stomach virus one day before my birthday, so I spent half of my birthday at the doctors on an IV. We did have a small get together in the evening (mostly because I prepared some food one day before and it would be a waste to throw it all away), but I didn't have much from it. My stomach was crashed and I couldn't eat my delicious Bounty cake. If you know me, you'll know I love sweets and this was a hard day for my sweet soul. My brother has birthday on the same day as me - 5th January and he had his party one day after our actual birthday. We baked pizzas in bread oven and again I couldn't eat any. This wouldn't sound so bad, if you didn't know that pizza is again one of my all time favorite foods. I sound like all I do is eat - but actually, I try to work it off in the gym too. Well, some of it. So my birthday wasn't what I expected, but I still had a good time. Just spending the day with relatives gives me a boost of energy and it's a rare occasion for all of us to come together. In this fast pasted life, this is definitely needed. 


Baby Driver

I've also seen a good movie this month that I had to report back to you. It's rare I like a movie that much. Baby Driver is not your typical action movie. I find Baby character refreshingly cool for the main action movie character. He's a young driver that ends up working for a crime boss. He's the getaway driver. One of their heists goes terribly wrong and ends up being very interesting. I loved the slightly weird action main character as well as snarky remarks from other characters. For me it was almost weird for an action movie, but also very intriguing. If you like action movies, you'll probably love this one. It's not that typical old school action movie. 


  1. Ta Bipa concealer se res bere super, tako da upam da najdem kakšen odtenek, ki bi bil uporaben zame, ko bom naslednjič tam :)
    Kakšna škoda, da si zbolela za rojstni dan :/ Vse najboljše za nazaj :D :)

    1. Imajo 2 odtenka, sicer se mi zdita oba dokaj svetla. Mogoče bi dvojka bila zate za zimo, vem pa, da si temnejša od mene :). Je pa za ceno res odličen. Samo upam, da ga ne mislijo hitro ukinit.

      Ah, kaj bom...je že moralo biti tako. Pa je tudi to minilo. Hvala Ana :) <3

  2. Wau, Beyu maskara je prišla na vrsto :D Jo zelo pogrešam v svoji rutini, ampak je draga.

    Mene pa ravno ta sloj, ki ga Vichy pusti moti. Kot old school mleko za čiščenje, ki mi žal ni bilo nikoli všeč. Ampak hvala za tester :) Tebi verjamem, da je super.

    Flexiterian sem dala takoj na wishlisto, ko si mi ga priporočala. Samo kdaj bom kaj naročila pa ne vem. Ko bi vsaj imeli skladišče kje v Evropi.

    Look je pa itak odličen :)

    1. Celo :D Mi je res všeč. Sploh zdaj ko je malo bolj suha je super. Še vedno ceneje kot L'Oreal Paradise :D.

      Meni zdaj pozimi to paše, poleti pa zagotovo ne. Ni za kaj ;)

      Flexitarian sem prepričana, da bi ti bil všeč. Sploh, ker vem, da ti je MR Rainbow všeč. Pa ni niti pol tako svetleč kot Flexitarian :D. Res je že čas, da si odprejo skladišče v Evropi. Jaz imam polno wishlisto Colourpop izdelkov in me samo carina odbija, da ne kupim. Ker poštnino imajo tudi drago, potem bi kupil več izdelkov, a na koncu ti še carina pobere pol denarja, da je brez veze.

      Jaz si že delam zaloge :D