Unicorn Pumpkin DIY

I haven't done a DIY project in forever. Since this year is flooded with unicorns, I decided to make a cute pumpkin unicorn decor for fall. I've seen this on Pinterest and YouTube and it's by no means my idea. This is just my version with the things that I could gather together and I think it looks really cute. You can make it for fall in general, not just for Halloween. 

For this you'll need:
white, gold and red acrylic paint
modeling clay
wooden skewer
white and pink felt
hot glue gun
fake plastic flowers
old fake eyelashes

I started by painting my green pumpkin to a white color. First I applied most of my white acrylic color with a brush and then I used sponge to make it look more textured and evenly blended. You can do it just with the brush, if you don't have a sponge, but I like this textured look. I pained two coats to cover it all.

For unicorn horn I used white modeling clay and made two cone shapes. Then I swirled them together to make a unicorn horn shape. I let it dry for a while, but you can also bake it, if the clay is for baking. Before you leave it to dry, also take a wooden skewer and put it on that. This will make it easier for you to stick it in the pumpkin later. Then I applied gold metallic acrylic color over it. For this I used a brush only. 

I cut out two bigger ears in a nude color and two smaller ears, for the inside part of the ear, from pink colored felt. Then I hot glued them together. You can also pinch them together at the bottom and use hot glue gun to stick together and make it look more 3D. 

I bough one stem of plastic fake flowers in a darker purple shade. The flowers are made in a way that you can actually just pull them off. I decided to also add the leaves and small green accents, so I cut these off to. You can use whatever you have at home - butterflies, flowers, leaves...maybe even real flowers. 

Once everything is dried and colored you can start to assemble it together. I started by pushing that horn we made on the center upper pumpkin part. Then I hot glued fake flowers on the top of the pumpkin to make a flower crown in a way. I also used green leaves as a base and those green accents here and there. I also hot glued on the ears. After that I took some old and used fake eyelashes and also glued these on in a downward position to make it seem like the unicorn is looking down with closed eyes. I took a bit of that white acrylic paint and mixed it with another red color to make a soft pink hue. With that color I took small piece of sponge and stippled it on to make it seem like the unicorn is blushing. It's super cute and easy to make.

I really like how it turned out. It looks like a shy baby unicorn. It's a fun project to do, if you have some time on your hands and would like to get into that fall feel. I'm sure your guests will love seeing it at the front door. It's also a less creepy version for those that prefer prettier things. 


  1. Oooo kako dobra in cute ideja! <3 Zelo mi je všeč. :)

    1. Hvala Vanja :) <3 Meni je bila tudi takoj všeč, da sem jo kar morala ustvarit in pohitet, da bo še aktualna za objavo :D.

  2. Joj kok je to lušno <3 V plišasti varianti bi bilo tudi super kul :)