Review: Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow - 01 Solar Explosion

I've already reviewed one of these Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadows. The review of 02 Stars & Stories is here. I fell in love with creamy formula and glittery metallic finish. Ever since then I wondered, if other shades have as much glitter in them and of course, I decided to try out the gold shade. 

It comes in a transparent plastic packaging with black plastic top. In it is 3.5 grams of product and it costs 3.79€.

Fluffy applicator has a cone shape from the side and it applies eyeshadow evenly and quite dense. It works great on its own, but you can also use your fingers for a lighter application. 

Onto the actual shade called 01 Solar Explosion which is a light gold shade. It's not as yellow as some gold shades, but more on a neutral or cool side. It has a metallic gold base with small gold and silver shimmer. I'd like it to be warmer for my personal taste.

The formula is just as with the other shade. Looks creamy, but almost feels like a mousse. It has nice spread-ability and is very pigmented. If you apply it straight from the applicator, you get opaque metallic finish. If you blend it out, you get a sheerer look with more shimmer or glitter particles. You can also apply it with your finger as a topping shimmer over other shades. This way you get a very sheer mostly glittery look. I really like the versatility of these shadows. 

Once it dries, it doesn't move at all. That's one of the things I love about it so much. The glitters don't fall down either. Obviously it also lasts through an entire day, without loosing intensity. 

In the range is 7 different colors. I have two for now, but I'm almost tempted to get the black one as well. Although I don't know, if I would use it enough.

Here are some of the makeup looks to give you an idea of how different these can look. 

In this look I used it very opaque, straight from the applicator. As you can see this looks very strong metallic and it gives you almost foiled look.

Most days I wear it as an accent color on top of others. It just gives you a hint of gold and lovely shimmer. Here I used it on the center of the lid, on the center of lower lid as well as sparsely in the inner corners. 

I also used it sort of as an accent liner in my Richness Of Fall makeup look.

These shadows are packed with pigment and shimmer. They can look very metallic or be used as a glittery topper on top of other shades. Applicator work fine, shadows last all day, don't move or have any glitter fallout. It's a winner in my book. I highly recommend you to check it out, if you like metallic and shimmery eyeshadows. 

Vesna from The Chunky Cheeks made three amazing looks with the shade 03 Galaxy Rocks which you can look up here. She even used it as a topper on top of a black eyeliner. It looks so amazing. I have to try this trick now.


  1. Na tvojih očeh so zlati odtenki tako lepi! Meni je pa ravno všeč, da je nevtralna zlata, ker izgleda, kot da imaš naravno bleščeče oči in ni neka barva dodana ... če se to sploh smiselno bere :P

    Richness of Fall moram še komentirati za nazaj, ker je res dobra ideja in kombinacija barv je tako lepo harmonična <3 Sploh sem navdušena nad zelenim eyelinerjem.

    BTW hvala za omembo :) Jaz večinoma nosim tisto senčilo samo čez eyeliner, ker nisem ravno navdušena nad močnejšimi looki - razen za blog, seveda.

    1. Hvala <3 :) Saj imaš prav, je tak odtenek, da bo večini pasal :D.

      Hvala :) Ni za kaj. Jaz sem tudi razmišljala, da bi črnega verjetno nosila tako kot ti, ker sama večinoma nosim tudi bolj naravne odtenke :).

  2. Thanks for the review. I think I'm going to buy it today :)

    1. Thank you for your comment. Hope, you'll like it as much as I :)