Cute Bat Halloween Makeup

Have you seen animated movie Hotel Transylvania? Ever since I saw that cute baby bat in that movie, I look at bats differently. Sure, some can look scary (just try googling them), but some are even really cute with their big black eyes. This year I decided to do a more pretty Halloween makeup, since I am not always keen on gruesome bloody looks (props to those that do it, because it's an art!). Here is my cute bat Halloween makeup look that is actually pretty easy to create with little makeup needed.  

I did my eye makeup as I do it most days...a warm crease with a warm redish shimmery shade on the lid. Nothing too complicated, just a nice warm haze on the lids. Then I did my usual winged liner with extended line in the inner corners for a more feline look. 

I created a horizontal line going into my crease and two dots diagonally down from it. Then I used these points to outline bat wings shape. I filled it in and made it a bit more batman like shaped. 

I used the same matte warm shades around my lower lash line. In the inner corner I used a very reflective highlighter shade. On the center of my lower lash line, I also applied a small black stud from my nail studs collection to make it a bit more interesting. I also applied a mascara and false eyelashes. For this I chose a style of lashes that have a very spiky look as I felt these look the most alike to that pointy bat wing. I did my brows with a darker brow gel. Then I took a transparent brow gel and brushed them up to make them look bushy and mimic a more furry look.

I did my base as per usual with foundation, concealer and powder. Then I used a warm toned bronzer to compliment my warm eyeshadow. I also went a bit heavier with a powder contour around my cheeks and down the nose to make it stand out more. For a highlighter I chose a very reflective white based shade that really stands out from my pale skin tone. I also applied a peachy shimmer blush to make the look cuter and girlish. 

I used black pencil to outline small button nose and went over with a liquid pen liner to make it darker. On the lips I used black lip liner and went over it with a black lipstick. Since most of regular black lipsticks have a shine to them, I used matte black eyeshadow to set it down and make it look less shiny. This will also make it last longer on the lips. But before I applied black lip products, I used regular Halloween water activated white color that you can get in most drugstores and drew two pointy teeth on the sides of my lips. Where the teeth went over the lip, I used a contour shade to give them shadow and define the edges a bit more. 

I paired the look with a black choker and I used my previously used black bunny ears and molded them into a shorter and spikier ears. Because of the thicker band it actually looks more like a Minnie Mouse bow, but if you have thicker hair than me, you can easily disguise it. If you don't have ears, you can make them out of thicker black paper and attach them to one of those regular plastic head bands. 

Fairly easy to recreate and I think it looks kind of cute. I may do some more Halloween makeup looks in the next week, but I don't promise anything. Sometimes it comes out good and sometimes I'm just not satisfied with the results. Will you be wearing any costume this Halloween?

Products used

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 010 + EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation 2.0
Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer 010
Paese Rice Powder
Misslyn Beach Please! Holiday Hooray Bronzer
Essence Eyeshadow 15 Hazel Me Not!
Milani Baked Blush Luminoso
Makeup Revolution Unicorn Hearts Rainbow Highlighter

Etude House Proof 10 Eyeshadow Primer
Zoeva Caramel Melange - Universal Delight + Aftertaste
Zoeva Cocoa Blend - Warm Notes
Clio Kill Black Pen Liner
La Roche-Posay Respectissime Mascara Extension
Kik Beauty Line Eyelash Set
Duo Adhesive White-Clear
Beyu Soft Liner For Eyes And More 700 Deep Black
Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar - Truffled

Beyu Soft Liner For Lips And More 500 Dark King
Beyu Pure Colour And Stay Lipstick 150 
Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar - Truffled
Jofrika Theater Schminke White


  1. Adorable <3 Eyeliner mi je izjemno všeč :)

    1. Hvala :) <3 Pa sploh ni težek za narisat. Bolj je bil problem na drugi strani isto nardit, kar pa je problem že z navadnim wingom :D.

  2. It's a simple but very pretty makeup! I would totally wear this on Halloween! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. Thank you Carolina. <3 I think it's easy enough too :)

  3. Joj kako kjut makeup. Super ideja in izvedba, čudovit netopirček si! <3