Slovenian Bloggers 6.-12.1.2014

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The Entrance Stone - How I spent my NYE.

Tanita Weith - her new faux fur.

Kvačka, raj za dušo - new crochet top.

Failed Beautification - made curls without using any heat.

Dose of Lina - Tuxedo NOTD.

Daydreamers diary - wearing red.

Dancing with my cat - collar necklace and faux leather.

Emily Summer - empties

Pretty purple - Essie big spender.

Pink Bleščica - Sparkles on her nails.

She dreams in color - butternut squash mini pizzas

Adjusting Beauty - review of Bioderma Sensibio Contour Eye Gel.

UniqaPoly - best of 2013.

Maja Ena - courgette omelette.

Beauty of a Lemon - empties nr. 2.

Katarina A. - made her own skirt.

Mateji ustvarjata - 2013 favourites

UnlimitedLifePlan - Catrice the pinky and the brain & essence glorious Aquarius.

Dee - Her 2013 favorites.

Pink_Diamond - review about Lush Jumping juniper.

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