Review: Dr. Scheller Jojoba Oil & Schisandra Soothing Intensive Serum

Hey Beauties!

Yet another product from my Ecco Verde purchase. This one has to be my favorite of the whole purchase. I was afraid of using oils, because my skin is combination to oily and thought that oils would just make me produce more oils or clog my pores. But then the oils are like so popular now, so I kind of decided to buy this one, which is also good for sensitive skin, like mine.

Za vse, ki raje prebirate ocene v slovenščini, klik - tukaj.

The Intensive Serum is a highly concentrated special skincare product for the soothing of sensitive skin. It effectively diminishes redness, offers lasting protection against the development of new skin irritations and strengthens its protective barrier. 

Here is the ingredients list: 

I really liked this serum. It's basically like an oil serum. The texture is pretty oily and somewhat opaque white. I use three drops for my entire face and neck. Now the smell. I admit it bothered me in the beginning. To me it smells like a natural smell of oil. I don't know how jojoba or schisandra smell, but the smell is very natural, therefore might be disturbing for those who like your products to smell nice. I feel like putting on olive oil, because olive oil to me also smells, and not nice. I got used to the smell, because of the benefits that I saw on my skin. Once you put the oil on the face, you have to massage it in quickly, because it completely soaks in the skin in the matter of 3 minutes. I love that. It leaves behind a slightly sticky surface, but not greasy. I can start putting on makeup or moisturizer or go to sleep without worrying of oil staining my bedding. I use it in the morning and in the evening. 

My skin feels a lot more hydrated. But what I really like about it, my skin is a lot less irritated. It really does ditch the redness in my face. Skin is not irritated, or red. I even squeezed out my pimples and put this one after the cleansing and I swear it reduced the redness on the spot of that pimple. I can't say anything more than exceptional product for moisturizing without feeling greasy and the best product for sensitive or irritated skin, prone to redness. 

The product comes in a glass dark bottle with dropper, so it's easy to measure the right amount of product. It contains 30 ml of serum and costs 11.89 €, which I think it's a fair price for a serum. It also lasts a really long time, since you literally need only two to three drops. 

Now I saw that their should also be a soothing moisturizing care in this range - like a cream. I think I should try it. If anyone has tried it, please let me know. 

Did you try any of the Dr. Scheller products and how did you like them?


  1. Great review! I looove Jojoba oil for a moisturizer! I use one on my dry patches everyday :) I'm running low, so I'll check this brand out!

    1. I never used oils before-shame on me and good for you:)) I'm glad I started now, It's a great product, I recommend it;)

  2. Hi, I know you posted this a long time ago, but I recently bought this face serum and I love it. My skin is prone to redness around my T-zone. It really does improve. I have to admit that the slight stickiness of the face for the first few minutes, annoys me, but the effect is as promised. As for the face cream - I have been using the face cream in this exact line for a year and it's my favourite go to face cream, that's why I finally decided to try the face serum. I recommend it, so in case you haven't tried it yet, go for it.

    1. Hi. I still have some in my drawer that I'm going to use. It really is amazing for my skin too. Especially in colder months. I mostly hated the scent of it, but got used to it too. I'm glad it suits you well. I've had face cream from this line too, but I didn't like it. I didn't like that it dried on my skin and started to peel off as I was applying makeup on top of it. It might have been bad batch for what I know. But thank you for advise :).