Review: Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Tonic

Hey Beauties!

Continuing my product reviews from Ecco Verde, this one is going to be about sheabutter tonic from Martina Gebhardt. I have never been a real fan of tonics and that's exactly why I decided to buy this one. It had some very promising description.

Če želiti prebrati oceno tega izdelka v slovenščini, lahko to najdete tukaj

So the company owns Martina Gebhardt and her company looks like a bigger version of house. So cool. Not one of those extremely large skin care brand. I liked her philosophy for her products. She said that her products contain only those ingredients that are necessary and that complement each other to create the special, magical essence that exceeds the sum of its individual components.

This tonic is supposed to refresh, tone especially sensitive skin, prone to inflammation. It cleans, works as and astringent, regulates the amount of oiliness and improves skin's natural acid mantle. 

Here is the ingredients list:

I haven't own that much tonics, but those that I did were either too full of alcohol or had some irritating ingredients in it. This one feels really nice on the skin. It's a fluid that I spread all over my face with a cotton pad. The smell of it is very subtle, nothing special or characteristic about it. It feels very hydrating, but not greasy in any form. It makes my skin feel like a layer of moisture has been put on. It doesn't tighten the skin or makes it irritated. Very good for sensitive skin or skin prone to irritations. I also find that it cleans the last of my makeup and it moisturizes nicely. It also feels very soothing. I use it in the morning after cleansing and in the evening. 

I guess this is one of those products good for if you want a thin layer of moisture and are a bit lazy. Because this is extremely easy to use and it does makes the skin hydrated. 

It comes in a glass bottle in a spray form. I bought 30 ml version for 9.89 €, which is not cheap but not overly expensive either. You can also buy it in the 100 ml version. 


  1. Ta tonic pa bi bil pefekten za mene, po tvojih opisih :) Cenovno sicer niti ne, ampak po lastnostih pa super!:)

    1. Haha, ja ni ravno poceni. Pa meni ja fajn to, da ni masten, pa vseeno še vlaži:) Zdaj prav pride v teh mrzlih dneh:)