Pattern nail design

I have tried this design before and wanted to share it on my blog. It is a design that makes your nails seem like they have pattern. I like to use this pattern design only on the center of the nails, so that it gives them a nice dimension.

For this I painted my nails light purple. I used Avon nailwear pro in Loving Lavender. The thing to remember is to let it dry COMPLETELY. If not, once you try putting the material on it will sink into the nail polish. You can totally do that if you want three dimensional nails, but I didn't go for that kind of look :)

Then I took a piece of material that is actually used for garden or as a net on the window pain for protection against bugs (I don't no the official name of the material). I cut it into small squares and wrapped it around my nail. When putting the material on, turn it so that your squares won't be horizontally on the nail. That way your pattern will be much nicer and not so uniformed. I also put some tape around, since it's hard to make that fabric stay in place. Believe me, you do not want it to move around, or your pattern won't be nice.

Then I used my dark blue/green Alessandro nail polish. Unfortunatley I couldn't find the name of the color. It is a blue/green color with multicolor shimmer in it. I thought it would be a nice contrast to the lavender base. With a sponge I dabbed on some of that nail polish and then gently removed the material.


The color won't stick on those places where there is material on. So after you finish you get this pattern in the center of the nail. Then I also applied my favorite top coat. For that step I also recommend waiting a little so that the pattern dries.

And this is the one I tried a while ago.

Do you like that sort of nail designs? Have you ever tried something similar?

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