Beyonce inspired natural look with smoldering eyes

On Wednesday I went to see The Mrs. Carter Show by Beyonce in Zagreb (Croatia). I was surprised by how natural looking make up she used on this tour. All the attention was on the clothes, dancing and light shows. But her make up was kept a vary natural throughout the whole show.

Since I liked her new Pepsi commercial (Pepsi was her sponsor for the tour), I wanted to try to do a look inspired by that commercial (which is also very similar to the one on her tour). In this commercial she has a very natural look, with sexy-smoldering-messy-smokey-eye make up. Ok, that was a lot of words :).

You can find that commercial here .

On the face I used my Revlon ColorStay foundation with a brush to evenly put it on the skin and really thin it out towards the edges of the face. Then I used a Bourjois Healthy Mix to pin-point conceal some red patches on my face and under the eyes. I didn't powder the face, because she has a very dewy look - she is supposed to be working out in the commercial, so of course the shin can't stay mat.

For the eyes I used my 88 shimmer palette by Coastal Scents. I used a brown color that has a silver undertone. Of course all the colors in this palette are shimmery. She had this grey-brownish color all over the lid. So I put the first color all over my lid, but kept the intensity of the eyeshadow only on the mobile part of the lid. I also put some under my eye. On the bottom you can go very heavy, even put the eyeshadow a bit lower than you would normally.


Then I chose a black shimmery color (because I don't have any mat one :) ) and put it very close to the lash line on the bottom part of the eye. I also put it very tight to the eyelashes on the top of the eye. This acts as a liner, but it makes the look a lot dofter, not as harsh as a liner would. You can also use a pencil and smudge it around the eye. The important thing is to smudge and blend the two colors together. Beyonce also tight lined her bottom and top water line. I didn't do that, because unfortunately my eyes are way to sensitive to put up with that.  On the inner corner I used one of the gold eyeshadow color from the same palette.

After that don't forget to curl the lashes. This is probably the thing that makes the most difference in any make up look. I applied my Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition mascara, but only on the top lashes. Since I have very long bottom lashes, I skipped applying mascara on them. I think that would ruin the previous work. The bottom part is heavy enough without the mascara.

For the brows I used a spoolie to brush them up and applied some mat brown eyeshadow. Beyonce also has some very natural looking brows. So I think the eyeshadow makes the look softer than eyebrow pencil.

I used my Catrice eyeshadow in 340 Ooops...Nude Did It Again as a highlighter on my cheekbones and a bit on the cheeks. I also used it on the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow on the lips. On the cheeks I used a blush by Deborah in 24 Rame. This is a bronzy-peach blush. I used it very very lightly, just to give some color.

On the lips I used a Loreal Color Riche Star Secrets lipstick in color 715 (or Jane Fonda) to give them some color. On top of that I used Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in 605 Precious Beige to give them some shimmer and then I put on some of my highlighting color on the center of the top and bottom lip. This is a must have if you have small lips like me :) .


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