Review: Avon Perfect Kiss Lip Gloss

This is a new Avon product. It is a lip gloss from their line called Perfect Kiss. I already wrote about their Perfect Kiss Lipstick. You can find that post here.

The lip gloss comes in a nice plastic tube with a screw-on silver top, which looks like some sort of a diamond. It's a typical lip gloss tube with a little more of a classy shape on top.

The wand is pretty long, flat and wide enough to fit nicely on the lips. I personally don't like weirdly shaped wands that don't fit on your lips and transfer product evenly. This one I find to be a really good fit.

The lip gloss itself is some sort of sticky consistency. If you don't like the sticky feeling on the lips, then I wouldn't recommend buying this one. I actually prefer that stickiness over the non-sticky ones. The color is enough pigmented to leave some color, but not a full coverage, like some mat lip gloss may give.

I have it in the color Mauve Kiss and it is a pink color, but it has a bit of purple-plum undertone. This one doesn't have a shimmer in it. Some other colors however do.

The color range of these lip glosses is similar to the lip sticks. It has 12 colors. Pinks, nudes, plums, reds to even very dark plums and very dark browns.

The price right now, is 5.50€ and with that you get 6 ml of products.

As far as the ingredients goes, they are the same as in the lipstick from that line. I personally feel that the ingredients suit me very well. Butters and oils make my lips feel nice, not at all dry after using it.

If you decide to try it for yourself, let me know how you liked it:)


  1. Meni so tudi zelo všeč tako da sem si kupilaže 4 odtenke, amapk Mauve Kiss mi je pa še vedno najljubši in bom morala kmalu že novega nabavit