Japanese Cherries inspired nails

So you've probably seen the Japanese cherry trees in the blooming season. Since the spring has finally come, I decided to make me some spring blooming inspired nails :).

For this I used a neutral beige nail polish that has a latex finish (Essence - Rebel collection). To create blooming cherry trees I used red and white for the cherry blossoms and inside I used yellow. The branches are black.

This is probably the simplest nail design of mine. You can't go wrong with it, because the blossoms may even be messy and they'll look just fine.

Start by painting nails a light beige color. Add some lines to represent branches. I decided to have the blossoms only on my upper part of nail, but you can cover the entire nail if you wish so.

Then create a few blossoms with a doting tool. You can also make some dots to represent the fallen  petals.

On top of that create a few white blossoms, also with fallen petals.

Then just create a yellow dot in the middle of each blossom.

I hope you like my spring inspired nails and maybe even try it for yourself. They are really easy to do and I hope they'll bring some spring in your life.


  1. Zelo luštno =) in res prelepa poslikava!