Fluffy shiny black nails

I recently ordered some fluffy microfibers on eBay. I just got them a few days ago, so I decided to try them. I am sure you have all seen this new trend with fluffy nails. I did only one nail with it, because I was skeptical as to how long this will last on the nail.

What you will need: base coat (optional), black nail polish, some sort of brush (I used fan brush for nails), fluffy black microfibers, doting tool or toothpick (optional) little rhinestones (optional), top coat (optional).

First use a base coat. I recommend doing this because dark polishes can really stain your nails.

Then paint all your nails black, except the one on the ring finger.

Now prepare your microfibers. I would recommend putting them on a low pot, that's not too big, so your nail can fit in perfectly and that you can have a pile of microfibers read for you. You also prepare some sort of a brush. And do all this on some paper or box that you can throw away, because fibers will spread everywhere. It can get messy!

Now paint the nail on the ring finger with black nail polish. Work fast. Then put the nail into a pile of microfibers. I recommend being really quick, or having a nail polish that doesn't dry fast, because then the fibers wouldn't want to stick on the nail polish.

You can also paint your nail black and then use a top coat and then dip it in microfibers, assuming you don't have any kind of fast drying top coat. If you can't dip all in at once, grab some pile with a spoon or fan brush and put some more on the nail. Then let it on for a few minutes, 3-5 min.

After that use a brush to wipe off any excess. You can also pat on the nail to make it stick more. You can stop here.

If you don't want to stop here, take some rhinestones and a top coat. Use a doting tool to make a small dot of top coat on the nail, and what's left on the doting tool use to pick up rhinestone and pot in on that dot of top coat on the nail. I made one line of rhinestones, to pick up my design and make it a bit shinier :).

I got this pack of different sizes and shapes of rhinestones at Tedi (store). They were really cheap, 8 different rhinestones for 1,75 €. I chose black and silver/clear, but you can also find them in other colors.

And that's it! Oh and don't forget to pot top coat on all the remaining nails that have been left black.

Lasting power :) : I have to say I have it on for a half day and I can see that some of the fibers have gone away. I don't know if it's because I was doing something with my nails and the polish underneath wasn't dried enough....the nail still looks ok, even if you wet it, it just doesn't look as perfect as at the beginning. And I don't recommend using it on all the nails, because you can get your foundation on the fibers when you do your makeup and such.... But it is a nice addition to any nail design. And it's really fluffy :).

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