Versatile Baby Powder

Here are some tips on how to use baby powder. Maybe you've heard some, maybe you haven't. I never knew how versatile baby powder can be. And the fact that is cheap and you get a lot of the product is just a bonus :).

Baby powder for mat skin

You can use baby powder as a translucent powder to mattify the skin. I tried and it works. It's white like most loose translucent powders and once it's on the skin it disappears.

Here's my big greasy forehead to prove it :)

And here I used baby powder to mattify it

 I have a very light skin color, so on me it didn't look white at all. Don't know if this would work on very dark skins, though. In case you ran out of your favorite powder, use baby powder. You get a lot more product for a lot cheaper price and it does the work. Baby powder is essentially made to absorb moisture. As far as I tried it, it absorbs my grease on the face just as well :).

Baby powder for greasy hair (roots)

My hair roots get really greasy, but my ends are very dry. When I want to save them from washing for at least another day, I just use baby powder on my root. It absorbs the grease and my hair at least looks a bit fresher. Now, this is good for light shades of hair. If you have darker hair, the powder would make your roots look like  you may be having some gray hair problems :). It will leave a white fallout on the hair-so not recommended. Then again, some dry shampoos also leave this white stain on the hair.

Good thing is to brush the hair before using it, put some powder on, really massage it into the roots and then lightly brush away at least some of the excess. It's again a lot cheaper than dry shampoo and you can have it in your bag and use it at least when you don't have dry shampoo with you. 

Baby powder for some serious volume

If you tried to make your whole head feel fresher with baby powder (read previous step), then you might have realized that it gives your hair some serious volume! You know those volume powders that you can buy? I am almost disturbed by how much they look like just a regular baby powder. The price, however,  is definitely not the same as baby powder.

When you curl your hair, even if it's freshly washed, get some baby powder and put it towards the roots of your hair and I am certain it should give you some added volume. I know it did to me.

Obviously everyone is different. I just wanted to share some of my tricks with baby powder. Some may work for you, some may not. If you ever tried any, let me know. Also, let me know if you know any other ways of using it :)


  1. Dober je še po britju in še posebej po depilaciji, fajn pomiri kožo :)