Essence Guerilla Gardening

I was very interested in some of the products introduced by some other bloggers concerning the new Essence collection. When I saw this collection I wanted to try this fuchsia  color cream blush and their eyebrow mascara.

The blush is in color 01 Mission Flower. It's sort of a fuchsia color. The texture is supposed to be cream to powder blush and it is. I tried the blush on my finger and it is a cream texture, but as soon as you put in on your face it turns into powder. I was so surprised! How do they do that? I just can't get over that. On the finger it's still a cream, but on my cheeks is powder. :)

The color was also very interesting and it has some purple tone to it. So I wanted to try how it looks on me. It's pretty much pink, except it's not that rosey pink. The color is definitively not as intense as in the pot. Overall, I like it. The only thing that disturbed me was that it's pretty sheer. Cream blushes are usually very intense, but this one transforms into powder and it becomes sheer on the skin. You can build it up, though.

I never had color eyebrow mascara before. I only have transparent one to make the brows stay in place. I wanted to try this colorful if it actually gives color to your brows. I got the lightest color 01 Garden Girls. It's a light brown color. Well, it's probably not for the blondes, because it's pretty dark. 

The wand is different on each side. On one it's normal length hair, on the other side the hair is ascending from the shorter to the longest. You can use either side. One with the largest hair is great for brushing the hair to stand up. The shorter side is good for packing on the color. But be careful with applying. The wand doesn't distribute product evenly. You have to be careful not to get the product all around your brows and not actually between the brow hairs.

I don't like how it looks on its own. I like to make my brows the usual-use eyeshadows to fill them in and then put this mascara over that. Then it gives more color to the brows and it makes them look fuller. I am loving fuller brows! :) 

My natural brows

Brows only with mascara

Brows with eyeshadow and mascara

I don't think the brows will stay in place with that one, but they will have some additional color. So I recommend it for fuller looking brows. I love this product, because it makes my brows a lot fuller, since mine are naturally very sparse. I also hate the fact that the products isn't distributed evenly.

Have you tried any of the products from this collection and how do you like them?


  1. Prvi blush sem hotela kupiti tudi jaz, ker mi je krasna barva, ampak v vseh so bili prsti noter (smotane ženske, ki vtikajo prste v vse izdelke, čeprva so namenjeni za prodajo in NISO testerji :@), tako da ga nisem mogla kupiti. Izgleda pa krasno na tebi.

    1. Hvala:) Jaz sem hvala bogu še našla enega celega. Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo-totalni idiotizem. Bi morali biti izdelki s folijo zaprti, bi mogoče koga celo to odvrnilo. Eni so res katastrofa...

  2. Blush sem tudi jaz želela kupit, ampak sem imela isto težavo kot Taya - po mojem, da bi tudi folijo strgale, ja ...
    Imam pa en ta cream to powder blush iz prejšnjih kolekcij pa mi je suuuuper! :)

    1. ja pa tudi cream lip and cheek staini njihovi so super, ker imam jaz tudi enega iz prejšnje kolekcije:)