DIY: Lip scrub, body scrub and body butter/cream

I have discovered natural butters and oils that are supposed to be very good and natural to use on skin. Since then I have made my own lip balm and I never looked for any other for my always chopped lips. I bought my butters and oils here:

Natural butters and oils contain vitamins and other things that are good for the skin, but what I like the best is that is all natural! I know all the things we put on our skin, hair, nails... is essentially bad for us. It all gets in our blood circulation. All that is chemically produced and ingredients that may even be harmful. I am no exception in doing that. I love all that stuff that is supposed to be "bad". But every now and then, I at least try to make something good for my body.

I made some of my home made lip scrub, body scrub and tried to make body butter / cream. I decided to share it on my blog and maybe I'll give someone an idea to make it for themselves.

Lip scrub

I mixed 10 teaspoons of regular white sugar and added 4 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil. Because I hate the smell of olive oil, I also added some vanilla extract. Don't do that if you don't mind the smell. Plus if you add this is not natural anymore. Then just put it in any empty container. 

This is a pretty rough lip scrub and I like that. That way it takes off all the dried bits of the skin.

Since the rest didn't go into my container I decided to make some body scrub out of it.

Body scrub

To make body scrub use leftovers of lip scrub or just repeat the same steps. Then you add some coffee. Caffeine in the coffee is the ingredient that is found in all anti-cellulite creams, lotions and what not. The caffeine will speed up your blood circulation. So, after using this scrub, you will absorb your body butter a lot faster into the skin.  

I added some grounded coffee. To add some more texture, I added some other coffee, the one that had bigger particles in it.

I put it in a glass container. 

Both scrubs can be used for at least 5 months. They will be fine for even longer period of time. Just make sure that you don't keep them in a very hot room. 

Body butter / cream

This was essentially to become body butter, but I added cream, because I think it can also be used for that. The cream is meant for anyone that have dry skin. I would not recommend it to anyone with oily skin. 

For this I used:
100 grams of mango butter
50 grams of coconut butter
1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil
1 teaspoon of avocado oil

Which butters or oils you'll use, is totally optional and up to you. I recommend reading descriptions of butters and oils and use the ones that you think suit you, or what sort of preference do you have with it. I used those particular, because I still had some of them at home and didn't want to buy any more.

I put the ingredients together in a bowl and than put this bowl into a "steam bath" so that the butters and oils broke down together and went liquid. 

Then I pour the liquid into the mixing bowl and put it in the fridge. After that you have to check on it every now and then, it depends on how cold is your fridge. When the liquid becomes solid, but is soft enough so you can stick a finger in it, it's just right. 

After that, I mixed it with my mixer, so that it became a texture of whipped cream. Put it in empty container (use some old cream containers) and that's it.

This body butter or cream is moisturizing on the skin, but not greasy. It leaves a shine on the skin. Just make sure to massage it in and it will make your skin feel very nice. The best thing -  all natural! :)

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