DIY Studded Jewelry

I bought some studs to make me some fashionable studded shirts and other clothes. Since I has some leftovers, I decided to make some jewelry out of it.

I created a ring, studded earrings and some sparkly earrings.

What you'll need: some glue (it may be super glue or universal glue for different materials), studs, earring posts + roll backs, ring blanks, nail polishes (preferably the ones with the mat finish, because it dries faster) and glitter and some hard tool to bend studs down (butter knife, scissors and such).

All of this you can buy at any local craft store. Studs you can also find online (lič

Studded Earrings

This is very simple. Choose desirable pair of studs and bend everything that's sticking out of it down. It will help, if you bend them horizontal to the edge of the stud. That way you get a nice surface on which you can put glue and stick on earring post. Unfortunately, I learned that on my second attempt and don't have photo of it :). Glue on the roll backs and you're finished!

You can also paint earrings with nail polish.

Advice: Don't do too many layers of nail polish, because it won't dry any you'll have a foil over that stud, which will eventually start to change the surface and the nail polish may even fall down. Instead use any nail polish with mat finish or textured finish and just do one or two thin coats of it.

Glitter Earrings

To do these earrings do the same steps under the section - Earrings. Then get your glitter and put it in a pot. That will make it easier to put on the stud and cause less messiness around your room. I recommend using a universal glue (the one that says it is used for metal, wood, paper...). Put the glue on the stud in a thin coat. I also recommend doing this with a foam to make thinner and more even application. Then put the stud into the glitter and leave it for a while. Make sure to clean off any excess.

After a while you can put over another coat of glue. Of course the glue has to dry clear. This will prevent the glitter to fall off. Although some may still fall off.

Studded Ring

Make sure that your studs are the right dimensions to go around the ring blanks. That way you can twist their sticking-out-parts around ring blanks. This way you'll create a studded ring. Then choose any nail polish to color those studs. You can color it any way you like. Play around with glitter, colors, maybe even some rhinestones or anything like that. I just used some peach and lime green nail polishes, because they gave latex finish.

To make this double studded ring, you'll need different sizes of studs. I put the bigger one on and then layered over that one a smaller one. 

Those are just some of my ideas, but you can totally make them better and play around with different designs, colors and materials.

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  1. Dobra ideja :) Glede na to kok sem zadnje čase nora na nete, bom prav poskusila narediti kaj takega. Super post :)