Review: Essence Glamaxy Top Coat - 34 glamaxy far, far away

Essence does really interesting special effects top coats at affordable prices. I buy one every now and then. When I saw Glamaxy on the photos, I really wanted to get it. It had warm toned flakes in it which gave it such a nice warmth. Usually galaxy top coats are more cool toned. 

It has standard glass bottle. Top is silver. In it is 8 ml of product and it costs 2.19€.

Brush is straight cut and fairly thin. It applies nail polish nicely, but you do have to apply it in a few strokes. 

Shade is called 34 glamaxy far, far away. The base of it is transparent and it has multi-colored flecks in it. These flecks are irregular sizes and shapes. It looks like multi-colored transparent foils. It reflects copper, yellow and light green shades.

These type of top coats work better over dark colored nail polishes, but I tried it over light pastel lavender shade. As you can see, it looks more cool toned and very unnoticeable. But it's a look, if that's what you're going for. 

True beauty shows over a black base. Here flecks look mostly copper, but depending on where the light hits it, it can also look more yellow and light green. It dries down to a semi-matte finish. Not completely matte, but it doesn't have shine either. I applied Seche Vite over it to give it shine and make the flecks stand out more. 

It lasted well on my nails, as my usual nail polishes. The drying time is also average. 

If you're looking for something interesting to apply over dark nail polishes to make them warmer, then this one is a real beauty. It looks like you've put a lot effort into your manicure, but it just takes a few swipes of top coat. I especially like it, because it's copper toned. These kind of shades suit me well.


  1. Sicer bolj prisegam na hladne odtenke, ampak tega bi prav z veseljem nosila. :)

    1. Jaz pa ravno obratno. Zato sem bila tako vesela, da je ta topel. Je res prav zanimiv :).

  2. Nenavaden odtenek za tako ime. Pa zelo me spominja na enega, ki so ga imeli že prej v neki zimski kolekciji, samo se ne spomnim imena. Učinek izgleda kul, ampak jaz bi imela kaj hladnejšega :)

    1. A ne? Meni se je tudi zdelo. Ni niča kaj podobno vesolju :D Vem katerega misliš. Mi je ostalo v spominu, da je nekaj podobnega že bilo, pa sem ga takrat zgrešila. Saj pri Essence se večkrat kaj ponovi, kar je po eni strani tudi dobra zame za zamudnika :). Hladnejši še vedno zmaga 21 icy fairy. Ta pa je pravi galaxy, škoda, da ga več ne prodajajo.