Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original vs. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is one of the most lovable eyeshadow primers. I've been wanting to try it to see how good it really is, so in Sephora I bought a mini version. After getting into Korean skin care, I also noticed that a lot of their makeup products are marked as a good cheaper dupes of other high end brands. So I also got Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer that should be a good alternative to the Urban Decay. Today I merged reviews of both for you to decide which one you should get. 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original

It comes in a plastic tube packaging. They have more shade options which have different colored packaging. Original is the first primer that they came out and it comes in a violet packaging. Top looks like gem stone and it gives a nice intricate detail. 

I have a mini version in which is 5 ml and it costs 12€. Full size has 10 ml of product and it costs 20€. Obviously larger packaging is more cost affordable, but it's still expensive. 

It has sponge applicator which is quite long and flat. It makes application easy, because you just dab it straight on the lid. I don't know how this packaging works when you use most of the product. It looks like you won't be able to scrape every last bit of it out. 

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a long top. It actually reminds me of liquid liners packaging. The top is plastic and blue. It's a lot more simplistic looking packaging. 

In it is 10 grams of product and it costs 6.49$ on Jolse. 

It has sponge applicator that is fairly small. Application is easy and with one swipe you get enough product for the whole lid.

Here is a comparison of both sponge applicators. Urban Decay sponge is longer, but has the same width. It's a bit more flat looking. Etude House sponge is shorter and normal width. It's also cut at an angle. 

Urban Decay has a very light beige color to it, but it looks transparent on the lid. Etude House has more of a pinkish base, but it also looks transparent on the skin. 

None of these will give you an opaque base that would cover veins or discoloration. 

As far as texture goes, they both look like sheer creams. Urban Decay is just slightly more pigmented and it also dries faster to a complete matte finish. Etude House has slightly sheerer texture and it need more time to dry to a matte finish. This one you'll probably have to set before applying powder eyeshadows on top, if you want to work quickly. But I do that with all eyeshadow primers anyway. 

They both make it easy to blend eyeshadows on top of it and make the most of the eyeshadow color. They also last on the lids for the whole day and keep eyeshadows at place. I have worn one on one eye and the other on other eye a couple of times and noticed that Etude House is maybe just a slight bit less long lasting. With Etude House I notice that eyeshadows start to slightly gather in the line, but it's not even that noticeable. With Urban Decay that also happens, but just a bit less than with Etude House. In all honesty, the difference is minimal

If I would need to choose, I'd probably go for Etude House. One reason being that it costs one third of Urban Decay price. The other being that it works just as good. The only difference is that Urban Decay primer is slightly more pigmented (but you can't really see a difference on the lid) and is better at preventing eyeshadows from moving - but just slightly. Etude House also needs longer to dry down completely. This is definitely a good dupe as far as texture and finished result goes. Do you own any of them?


  1. Mislim, da so dnevi extremnega hypa UD PP-ja že dolgo za nami. 10-15 let nazaj je bilo to nekaj novega in smo ga vsi kupovali, ampak vmes so jih dohitele že praktično vse firme. Jaz sem ga imela še v stari embalaži iz katere se ni dalo dobit zadnje tretjine izdelka in smo jo vsi rezali :) Trenutno imam theBalmov Put a Lid on it, ki je skoraj enak UD-jevemu, morda malo lažji in pa od Wet n' Wild, ki je bolj hardcore, gostejši in se nanj res vse prime, edino moraš hitreje blendad.

    1. Imaš prav, zdaj ima že vsaka znamka svoj primer. Ampak se mi zdi, da UD še vedno veliko vidim :).
      Ne vem kako bom iz tega spravila vse. Bo verjetno tudi potrebno razrezat. Jaz bi zdaj rada nekaj spet bolj prekrivnega. Avonov mi je dober, ampak se mi je posušil. Ta od Wet n Wild se sliši zanimivo. Veliko večino vidim tudi, da uporabljam MAC Soft Ocher Paint Pot, ampak se mi zdi precej heavy pigmentiran.