Review: Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush - Apri-Cot in the Middle

If there's one type of blushes that I absolutely adore, than those have to be peachy and orange variations. Because I have a warm tone to my skin these type of shades just look natural and blend with it.

Wet n Wild is a brand that I haven't tried before. Mostly because we can't get it in physical stores. Shame really, because judging by this product, we're missing some good affordable makeup.

Blush comes in a simplistic black plastic packaging with transparent lid. It doesn't feel super secure, but it's also not flimsy. 

In it is 5.85 grams of product and it costs 3.99€. They have 5 shades in the range.

It comes with a small brush that I never use. It's way too small and not soft enough.

If you look at the shade in the pan, it looks a bit scary. Especially if you have a fair skin tone. Fear not, it actually goes on a lot lighter. It's what I would call a dirty peach shade. The base of it looks more like a brick shade, but it's still a peach, just not a bright one. It has lots of tiny gold shimmer in it which will give you nice glow. That being said, you can easily skip highlighter when you're wearing this.

Texture is more on the dry side, although you can feel some wetness to it. It has nice pigmentation. You can apply it really sheer or build it up to a proper bold color. That is one of the reasons why I love it so much. I'm not huge on really bold blush shades, so I prefer something that I can play down if I want to. It blends easily and applies evenly

On me it lasts really well. I can still see it on my skin at the end of the day, although it obviously fades a bit.

I've compared it with some of my other blush shades. theBalm Hot Mama! has that same gold shimmer to it, but is in fact more of a pink color compared to others. Milani 05 Luminoso is one of my all time favorite blushes and I suspected that these two were going to be similar. Luminoso is actually brighter in the color and a lot more peachy. It doesn't have that muddy brick tone to it as Apri-Cot in the Middle. It's also slightly lighter shade and doesn't have nearly as strong glow. It's more subtle (you almost can't detect shimmer in it) and shimmer looks cool toned compared to Apri-Cot in the Middle. H&M Apricot is slightly more pink toned version (if you wan't something less peachy and orange based) as well as lighter. H&M Brown Sugar is the most brownish and dirty looking among these. Rimmel 010 Santa Rose has that same muddiness to it, but is more pink toned and has cool sheen to it with no visible shimmer. 

Here you can also see how it looks like on my skin. 

I adore its muddy peach shade. Gold sheen to it gives it such a nice glow that you don't even need to use highlighter. It's pigmented, lasts long and applies nicely. There is no critic from my side. For the price I would definitely explore some other shades from this range.

You can also check out how it looks like on Mateja. I have her to thank for this new love. She sure knows my makeup style.


  1. Sem res vesela, da ti je tako všeč :) Super ti paše <3 Še vedno kar ne morem verjet da je bolj glowy od tako hvaljenega Luminosa, ampak ko sem ga prvič preizkusila sem bila tudi jaz presenečena kakšen čudovit sijaj ima. Moja prva misel je bila - evo, tole je čisto za Petro :) Zdaj sem zmanjšala konkretno mojo kolekcijo in sem od peachy blushev ravno tega obdržala.

    1. Hvala :) <3 Ja, res mi je všeč. Definitivno bolj sijoč kot Luminoso. Kar je dobro, vsaj nimam dva enaka. Lahko izbiram če želim več sijaja, ali manj :). Potem si čisto dobro ugibala, res :D. Hvala ti. Jaz pa še kar nimam volje čistit moje kolekcije. Se mi vedno zdi overwhelming, ko se k čemu spravim. Grozna sem.