Review: Avon True Colour BB 7-in-1 Nail Enamel - Caring Creme

Lately I've been loving nude nails. I don't like my nude nail polishes to be too skin like with a beige undertone. I want them to have some color. Since I saw that Avon had some lovely shades in their BB 7-in-1 nail enamel range, I went for the one that looked the most perfect for me. Caring Creme has now become one of my favorite nude shades.

To have a 7-in-1 concept nail polish is a bit ambitious. I don't usually believe in these statements, because to be honest it can't really fulfill them all. I basically got it purely because of the shade. But Avon says that these nail polishes will offer you 7 benefits:

-creamy and flawless color
-built-in base coat
-increases nail strength by 72%
-UV filter to prevent yellowing
-smooth nail ridges
-color and care
-protect nails
-cover imperfections

It comes in a standard square glass bottle with black plastic top. In it is 10 ml of product and the regular price is 5.90€. They have four shades in the range. One is more brownish based, one is pinkish and one is more lavender.

The brush is straight cut and almost a bit longer than usual brushes. It makes the application easy enough and you can apply it precisely.

Caring Creme is light nude shade that has warm peach undertone to it. I like that it's lighter than my skin tone and that it has warm base to it. I don't like my nude nail polishes to be too pink or brown, so this is the perfect nude shade for my warm skin tone. It might look less peach tinted on someone with cooler skin tone. 

Formula is creamy and has fairly good coverage for a shade that is so light. One coat will still leave stripes on the nails and it won't cover it all. I always go in with the second heavier coat and it makes the color even and opaque. 

I was surprised how well this lasted on my nails. Ever since I have been using Eveline Nail Conditioner, my nails have been long and healthier looking. That's why nail polishes in general last longer on them. But this one actually lasted 6 days with no chipping. I was really impressed. It's very long lasting.

I took photos of it under the artificial light as well as under the natural light. 

I got it because of the shade and I was right. This is definitely my kind of nude. It's lighter than my skin tone and has warm peach undertone that goes well with my warm skin tone. It has creamy formula that needs two coats and it's very long lasting. I actually have nothing bad to say about it. If you're looking for pretty pastel shades, I recommend you to check out Avon's BB line. 


  1. Res lep odtenek :) Je to isti kot si ga takrat imela na Instagramu? Ker tukaj se mi zdi bolj peachy. Super, da si našla lak, ki ti tako dobro zdrži :)

    1. Ja isti je. Tam pod lučko je bolj realen odtenek. Na naravni svetlobi izgleda še celo bolj peachy, čeprav na meni je tak mareličen. Mogoče spet moj ten dela svoje :D. Nisem mogla verjet kako dobro je zdržal. Sumim, da bolj zaradi tega, ker imam končno bolj zdrave nohte :).