February 2017 Favorites

In February I got a lot of new products that I was testing, so I don't have as many favorites as I usually do. There are some classics that I've been using through the months and then there are some novelties that impressed me. 

L'Oreal Elvital Tonerde Absolue Shampoo

L'Oreal came out with new hair care line based on clay as one of ingredients. Shampoo is meant for those with oily roots and dry ends, which is basically what I have. In colder months I often get dandruff, the dry kind that flakes off as you scratch your hair. That is why I wanted to try this shampoo. It's not anti-dandruff, but the clay ingredient seemed like one of those things that could help and it did. I don't have that dry dandruff anymore. It cleans the hair well, doesn't leave them too dry nor it makes them oilier any faster. It's actually really nice. The scent is very fruity, kind of like Fructis shampoos. It also leathers really well and has white thicker cream consistency.

Avon Senses Sensual Dream Dark Chocolate & Coconut Shower Gel

I included this in my January favorites and it's still here. It's basically my new favorite shower gel scent. To me it smells like chocolate pudding and chocolate chip cookies. It even has a bit thicker brown consistency, leathers well and doesn't make my skin dry. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51 Light Vanilla

I realize I still haven't written a review of this foundation that has been one of my winter staples for quite a few years. Since I'm planning on buying new formulation, I will probably do a comparison with the old one. I like it, because it feels hydrating and it never sticks to dry patches. Coverage is a bit too light for my taste, it's somewhere in the light medium category. But I use concealer to conceal anything that the foundation didn't. It has strong fruity scent and it's not the most long lasting. I would advise this to someone with dry or combination skin, but definitely not for those of you that don't want anything too shiny and kind of greasy. 

E.l.f. High Definition Powder Sheer

I've grown to love this again. It especially works nice under the eyes. I've also tried baking with it and it looked nice. I like it, because it's super fine white powder and it makes the skin feel very smooth. It feels like it fills in any bumps and it's also not heavy looking. In fact it's very sheer, so I use it when I want a more natural finish, but make the skin matter. 

Nabla Velvetline Long-Lasting Matte Eye Pencil Bombay Black

This has been a surprising find. It's very soft black pencil that is perfect for smudged looks. I also like it, when I don't have time to create full on precise winged liquid liner. That's when I just apply this along the lash line and smudge it out in a winged like shape. It's nice black color and actually stays on the eyes well. 

Essence The Cushion Eyeliner 01 Black

On the contrary to Nabla's this is a very precise and very liquid liner. I grown to love it and the formula works in favor for precise looks. You have to work quick with it though, because it dries really quick. Once it's dry, it doesn't move at all. I like liquid version, because it gives you more precision and is not as dry or thick looking as for example gel eyeliners in a pot.

Catrice Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow 020 Champagne Shower

It's my new favorite product when I want some pop of shimmer on the lid, but almost nothing else on the eyes. It's really quick and easy to apply. I usually put some on my finger and just stamp it on the center of the lid for that subtle glow sheen. I don't use it on my entire lid, because the shade is too light for me for that. It also works great as an inner highlight. Once it dries it doesn't move at all and it's very long lasting. It has sort of creamy texture to it, but dries down once it gets on the skin. I hate that the writing already came off the packaging. Now I have to look for the product online, whenever I want to describe it.

My lips have been dry again, so there weren't many lip products that would feel comfortable on them. This one was. It's so comfortable and soothing to wear. A bit stickier and pigmented lip gloss in a very natural my-lips-but-better shade. I don't mind the applicator either. It's easy throw-in-the-bag product.

Avon True Colour BB 7-in-1 Nail Enamel Caring Creme

I have been really liking more nude colored nail polishes lately. Don't know what came over me, because I usually disliked that kind of shades. I ordered this one recently and it's definitely my favorite. It's the perfect warm peach based nude shade for my skin tone. I don't like nudes that are too brown looking. It also lasted on my nails really well, which is a plus.


  1. Super izbire, sploh lak mi je že na instagramu padel v oči, ker je tako podoben Essie spin the Bottle. Od Catrice Lip Cushion sem na hitro stestirala v trgovini in mi res izgleda kot da ima zelo udobno formulo. Ti cushion eyelinerji me mikajo, pa nova verzija Healthy Mix-a :)

    1. Lak imam danes spet na nohtih. Ne vem, čisto mi je prirasel ta odtenek :).
      Lip Cushioni so res izredno udobni. Sploh, ko imam suhe ustnice, mi prav paše, da si dam gor.
      Sem brala, da je Essence enak Catricovemu, tako da je očitno razlika samo v ceni :D. Jaz sem ravno včeraj kupila novo verzijo. Danes sem jo prvič preizkusila..prvi vtis je, da je nova verzija še bolj rumena in se mi zdi, da oksidira. Formula je čudovita, ampak če bo vedno oksidiral, bom imela veliko slabega za povedat o tej njihovi novi "izboljšani" formuli.

  2. Jaz še čakam, da me ta L'Orealov šampon navduši. Saj mi očisti lase, ampak sem pričakovala malo boljše rezultate, morda kakšen dan več med pranji... Mu dajem priložnost da se dolgoročno izkaže :D :P

    1. Jaz nisem pričakovala čudežev, ker se moji lasje še po vsakem hitro zmastijo. Mi je pa drugače čisto soliden :). Hehe, mogoče pa res rabi samo malo več časa ;).