Review: Catrice Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow - 020 Champagne Shower

I love a good shimmery lid and finding liquid shimmery eyeshadows can be a process. Especially, because you can't really get these among drugstore brands. Catrice currently came out with their new Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadows. I had my eye on these before they came out and when I tested it in the store, I was convinced. 

These come in a lip gloss kind of packaging. The tube is plastic and you can see shade that is inside. Details are silver which corresponds with the metal theme. 

In doesn't say how much product is inside (or maybe mine rubbed off - probably around 4 ml) and it costs 4.29€

You can choose among 5 shades. I got 020 Champagne Shower, which is warm champagne. They also have a more classic champagne shade, pink, taupe and mauve. I wish they had more shades. I especially miss some warm toned bronzed brown. I'd also love to have some peachier shades in the range. I assume Catrice only came out with basic shades to see how well it sells and hopefully they'll add more. 

It has fluffy sponge applicator that is actually flat and straight. You can apply this shadow straight from the applicator which gives you really opaque color. I also love to use it as a pop of shimmer on the lid, so I usually just apply some on my finger and press it on the lid. Applicator serves as a flat brush, so you still need some kind of blending brush to blend it out. You can also use this as a cut crease product straight from the applicator. 

The shade of it is like a warm peach toned champagne. It's very light shade.

Texture of it is like a thicker liquid that you can sheer down or just apply straight from the applicator, which makes it opaque in one coat. It dries down and doesn't stay creamy.

This has amazing pigmentation. If you apply it straight from the applicator you get super shiny metallic finish. The more you blend it out, the sheerer it becomes and it looks more shimmery than metallic. 

It dries fairly quick so work in sections. Once it dries, it starts to flake off, if you disturb it too much. I advise you to apply it from the applicator and quickly blend the edges with blending brush. You can build up the color as long as you do it while it's still wet. The drier it becomes, the more you'll just get it to flake off, if you try to apply more on top of it. However, when this is dry, it won't move. This stays on the lid for the whole day and doesn't transfer. It is not waterproof.

If you have a lot of folds on the lid, I also advise you to wait a bit to dry and then look up. Otherwise this can get into those tiny lines and can look a bit crinkly. The heavier you apply it, the more textured it looks and the more bumpy it looks. 

Here I applied it on the center to give it a pop of metallic sheen. As you can see I've applied it heavier on the center of the lid and you can see that it has more texture there. But definitely gives a lot of that metallic shine. 

I also tried it in another look where I almost created a soft crease look. I applied it straight from the applicator and created a soft edge between the lid and the crease. 

You can also use this all over the lid. You just apply it on the lid and blend it out quickly for the easiest shimmery look ever. I would do this with darker shades, but since this one is light, I use it more as a pop in the center. 

These actually remind me of Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows. The difference is that Stila's have glitter in them. Catrice's look just metallic with no visible glitter. Oh I do hope that Catrice seems the opportunity here and makes their version of Stila's glittery eyeshadows. I would definitely be the one buying all the shades, since glitter shadows are so hard to find, especially good ones that stick to the lid.

I love these shadows, because they are pigmented, give a metallic shiny look to the lids and don't move the whole day. It is a bit harder to work with them, because you have to be quick and building up the color can result in some flakiness. They look really pretty as a metallic sheen or as a more shimmery shade, if you blend it out more. The applicator also works great. The only thing that I would wish, is for the Catrice to come out with more shades. I also wish they made versions with actual glitter in these formulas. Who else would love that?


  1. You're gorgeous. These products seem really great. I think I'll check them out.

    1. Aw thank you <3 I think these are one of the best from drugstore. Just wish they had more shades :).

  2. lip gloss on your mouth on lower pictures - what's that ;) ?

    1. It's a berry toned lip linner on the bottom ( I can't remember which one exactly) and over it is Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss in 27 Pearly Lavender.