Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Cannes

It's not a secret that I love NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. For me personally, those are the best liquid matte lipsticks. I like them, because they are not drying and I have dry lips in general. I got my fourth shade Cannes, which I'll be reviewing today.

It has plastic tube packaging in the color of the shade inside. Top is plastic matte black. I got it for 5.50£ on Boots. In it is 8 ml of product.

Doe foot applicator is pretty classic and soft, kind of fluffy. It applies product evenly and there's enough on it for whole lips.

Shade Cannes is medium warm mauve. It might lean towards brown on certain skin tones and depending on your skin tone it can look warmer or cooler. On me it looks like a warm mauve. Definitely more pink toned than it looks like on Mateja.

I like the shade, because it has that warm brown and kind of peachy undertone. It definitely still goes into my kind of neutrals range. I don't like too pink shades and this one is just mauve enough.

I also compared it to some other shades, but found no dupes which is great for me. It means I didn't waste my money. 

Avon 3D Plumping Lipstick in Divine Wine is even more purple mauve toned shade and kind of deeper. Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hours in shade 33 is a more peachier alternative. It's definitely brighter, warm and a bit lighter in shade.

Texture of these lip cream is like a whipped mousse. It goes on really smooth and applies evenly. You can sheer it out or build it up for a more opaque look. Cannes has good pigmentation.

I like vanilla scent that these have. It makes for an enjoyable application.

They are not drying on the lips, although you will still feel them, if you have very dry lips. They apply shiny and need about 10 to 15 minutes to dry to matte finish. It depends on how thick your layer is.

Because the formula is so wearable and non-drying these are not the most long lasting matte lipsticks. In all honesty, these stay on my lips for a really long time, if I don't eat or drink too much, otherwise you will need to reapply them. Especially on the inner corners.

On first photo is how it looks like right after application (has quite a lot of shine to it) and on the second photo it is dried down to a matte finish.

Shades usually look lighter on photos than they do on me in real life. So keep in mind that Cannes looks a bit darker in real life. 

I decided to swatch my collection of four shades for you to get a better idea as to how these compare. As you can see Stockholm is the closest to Cannes, but is in fact lighter and a lot more brown based or rather peachy. On me these both still look pink toned, but Cannes is a much more mauve shade and slightly darker. 

You can read reviews of other shades:

I absolutely adore NYX Matte Lip Creams, because they don't feel drying on my dry lips, they apply lovely and have a huge selection of nude shades. These are not the most long lasting and crazy pigmented matte lipstick, but are total winners in the category of matte comfortable wear.


  1. Jaz bi pa zelo rada, da bi na meni izgledal tako kot na tebi :) Mi je zelo všeč :) Zanimivo mi je da se na roki swatcha isto kot pri tebi, ampak potem je pa na mojih ustnicah zelo peachy, na tebi pa ravno obratno.

    1. Jaz pa obratno :D. Ja to je meni tudi hecno, da na roki izgleda veliko bolj topel. Imam občutek, da je za to kriva moja rumena polt in podlage. Kot da naredi kontrast tem odtenkom in potem izgleda šminka bolj vijolično-roza na meni :).

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it's really wearable. I can see many liking it :).