Disappointing Products (1)

I almost never post reviews of products that I didn't like. It's not that I wouldn't want to offend anyone, but I just don't see the point in it. There's so much negative energy around us that it kind of seems depressing to read about the products that didn't work. That being said, I think doing a one post a year with all the products that didn't work for me, might be actually useful to my readers. I have been enjoying reading these kind of posts, so here's my thoughts on some of the products that I tried.

Obviously I love a lot of products by these brands, but those that are in this post, just didn't work for me. Either color was off, product didn't do what I expected it to or they just didn't live up to my expectations. As this is my first disappointing products post, I just gathered all the products that I didn't throw away yet, but I don't necessary enjoy using them or don't use them at all. Most of the products that I don't like, I just throw away or give to someone. 

Avon Nutra Effects Micellar Cleansing Water*

It's marketed as a soap free, free of parabens and dyes and it's supposedly good for sensitive skin. I disagree. This stings my skin and it makes it red and irritated. It's even worse around the eye area. If this gets into my eyes, it stings like crazy. It also doesn't do a particularly good job at removing stubborn makeup, because I feel like I need to rub it quite a lot. It's transparent liquid and has weird artificial scent. 

Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk*

I've heard so many raves about this brands, but I disliked this soothing milk from the start. First of all, it's so little (I can't remember how much was in it) and you use it up quite quickly. It has very prominent alcohol scent to it and it's liquid white milk. I always had to use a lot of it and it felt like it just put a greasy layer over the skin and didn't do much as far as cleaning off the skin goes. It was just so weird and I had a hard time using it up. 

Balea Soft & Clear Anti-Pickel Patches

These are anti pimple patches with salicylic acid that are supposed to suck out all the bacteria from your pimple and reduce the size of it. I already own patches like these by COSRX and those are great. They actually do what they're supposed to. However, these from Balea do absolutely nothing. It's like putting tape over the skin. In the packaging are three sheets of 12 patches. They are all the same size. Whenever I applied it though the night, I found it in the morning the same as it was before. There was no gunk on it and it didn't do nothing. Sometimes these even fell off during the night. Waste of money.

Derma E Itch Relief Lotion

I bought this from iHerb, because I have neurodermatitis since I was four and even though I don't have many problems with my skin now, I still get very itchy red spots in the hot summer months. I hoped that this lotion would relief my itch and prevent me from scratching it. It's white light milk that has a very strong tea tree scent, which I am not a fan off. It actually feels like a cooling lotion on the skin. My problem is that this effect lasts about 3 minutes and then it wear off and my itch is back, bigger than ever. It basically doesn't prevent me from scratching and I feel like it just cools the skin a bit. If you have crazy itches I recommend putting some ice on the spot as it always works better for me.

Aroma Herbal Organic Massage & Culinary Oil*

I admired Aroma Herbal products on one of blogger events, since their stand smelled so inviting and every product there smelled heavenly. So I was surprised to get the worst smelling product in my bag. This oil smells really strong and really bad in my opinion. I hate the scent and therefore I rarely use the oil. Oil itself is great and it makes the skin softer, but I just can't stand the scent of it. 

Dvorec Trebnik Shea Butter Cream*

Yet another product that I hate the smell off. It has such a funky scent that I can't recognize. Maybe it's the shea butter, but I don't like it at all. The cream itself is more milky and not thick enough for my liking. I just  don't like using it, so I'm giving it away. It didn't impress me neither with texture nor the scent. 

Kerastase Reflection Chroma Riche Luminous Softening Essence

This is for highlighted or sensitized hair. I do color my hair, so I though that this would be a great serum for my dry ends. I don't like it, because it's very liquid, feels silicon like and it makes my hair look greasy. I am all for oils and rich serums, but this one just makes my hair look greasy and it weights them down. Yes, it also gives them a lovely shine, but I would rather use other oils that make my hair still look great and not like a spaghetti straps. It does have a lovely fruity scent though. I even raved about this here as a great styling product, but ever since I just don't find the use for it. It's not bad, it's just not after my own taste.

Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Quick Touch Leave In Conditioner*

I also have shampoo from the same line and I love it for winter, because it feel nourishing enough for dry hair and it gives them lovely shine. In general, I hate leave in treatments with a reason. They make my hair feel crunchy and sticky. This one is a very liquid milky texture and it makes my hair look just as I described it before. It's just not my go to conditioner for silky soft hair and it doesn't work nearly as nice as regular wash out conditioners.

Avon Advance Technique Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum*

I know some that swear by this product, but I didn't like it on my hair. It's thicker than Kerastase essence, although it's still very much like a serum. It feels exactly like so many other silicon serums that make my hair look greasy and give them shine. I don't feel like this makes my dry ends look any better than if I don't use it. It's not nourishing enough for my liking, instead it just sits on the hair. I much prefer their Moroccan Argan Oil version which actually feels nourishing on the hair.

Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Mask

Because I like this oil so much, I also ordered mask. Turns out it didn't impress me. It's a thicker balmy white texture and it feels nice on the hair while you're washing them, but it just doesn't provide enough moisture or nourishment for my liking. It's just average. I would describe it more as a conditioner rather than a mask. Masks should be more nourishing. It has that typical fruity Avon scent. 

Dessert Essence Coconut Conditioner 

This smells amazing. Like a rich coconut cream. I love the scent of it. It has thicker balmy yellow texture that is unfortunately not nourishing enough when you wash it off. It feels a bit too clean on the hair, like it doesn't have enough of moisture to it and it doesn't make the hair silky and manageable. It just didn't deliver the way I expected it. 

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N1 Ivory

I have more of a hate relationship with L'Oreal foundations. I hate their colors, because I always feel like every L'Oreal foundation oxidizes on me to an ugly orange tint. I bought L'Oreal True Match foundation, because so many people like it and I decided to go for a, what was supposed to be, neutral shade N1 Ivory. As soon as I got it, I realized that it finally is light enough for me - which is very rare (don't worry they don't sell this shade in our country, because obviously there's no one that light in Slovenia, right?!). What I don't like is that this has a very prominent peach undertone (yep, pretty much a lighter version of orange undertone I was talking about before). I always though foundations were either neutral, pink toned or yellow toned (and some rare ones are more olive toned). I don't like this peach undertone at all. As far as the foundation goes, It's lightweight and has a light coverage, but can be build up to a medium. I don't like how this looks like on the skin. It's basically the worst looking foundation in my stash. It emphasizes dry patches, catches into pores and makes them look more visible and in general looks too powdery on the skin. It just emphasizes every mistake on the skin. It also gets greasy on oily parts and it oxidizes a bit on my skin to their weird orange-peachy undertone and defeats the purpose of getting lighter shade. I've noticed that they revamped this line a year ago, so maybe now the formula is better?! I still hate L'Oreal undertones and probably won't buy their foundations soon. 

I also compared it to my other foundations. As you can see it's definitely the lightest (later it oxidizes darker) and has that peach undertone that I was talking about. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (older version) has the most yellow toned shade and it's a bit darker. Revlon Colorstay for Combination/Oily skin in 150 Buff is also warm toned, but almost seems slightly olive toned compared to others. L'Oreal Infallible 24h-Matte in 11 Vanilla is the darkest of my foundations and it has the most pink tone to it. 

Essence ...All I Need Concealer Palette 10 Cover It All*

It's one of those correcting palettes. Each color should cancel out the color on opposite side of a color wheel. For example, if you have redness, you would apply complimentary color, which is green, over it. Correctors are usually used before foundation. They correct the tone of skin. I had high hopes for this, but the texture failed me. It's very creamy, almost a bit greasy. Pigmentation is good and it covers well, but because it's so creamy it moves a lot. It also gets into fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes. That is why I don't like this at all. It would also need to be a bit more pigmented for my liking. Maybe if it would come in a liquid form, it would work better,

Stargazer White Foundation

As a fair skin toned person, it is impossible to find light enough foundations in our drugstores, because apparently every Slovenian woman has at least NC25 skin tone. I swear I don't know who researches our market, but they do a very bad job. The only way to solve this problem is to get a white foundation. Unfortunately the texture isn't what I expected. It's very thick, to the point of looking like a cement. That means it has great pigmentation and it actually lightens foundation really well - see the photo below. But my problem is that it makes every foundation very matte and it applies a bit chalky on the skin. Such a shame, because I love how well this lightens foundations. 

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in Rose Awakening*

This is here purely because of the color selection. Pigmentation is actually not bad at all and it blend swell. But I don't like these colors. They are too light for my liking and too pink. The only darker shade is a matte pink. I've still created a look with it, but I don't like it. It's way too shimmery and too light for my dark eye colour. All light colors look very similar and blend together too well. I think this palette needs some more variety and darker shades. 

Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick in Sahara Bronze*

This is a lovely taupe brown shimmery shade that actually looks very similar to Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 06 Golden Brown. Kiko is a bit more pigmented and darker. It's also slightly more taupe, while Oriflame has more of a bronze undertone to it. I don't like Oriflame version, because it's too greasy and therefore it doesn't set as well as Kiko. It moves through the day and goes into the crease. The formula should have been more pigmented and less creamy. 

Primark Ps...Live Love Sparkle Glitter Eye Cream Palette

I was so excited to get this in December and I've already planned my glittery makeup looks, but it didn't live up to my expectations. It's essentially like a transparent creamy base filled with different colored glitters. It actually remind me a bit of those girly barbie eyeshadow palettes that I got when I was little. This is so creamy that it will slide all over the lid. If you want to get a lot of glitter on the lid, you have to apply tons of it and therefore it will be like a glittery grease ball on your eyelids. I am really disappointed, because I had high hopes for it. It definitely wasn't worth 6€. I can apply it really lightly on areas that don't move, like under the eyes or the inner corners, but it just doesn't work on the lid where I wanted it to work the most. Do you have any suggestions for really glittery eyeshadows?

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres Barrier Repairing Balm

It has such a strong alcohol scent to it and it's very thick milky balm. It feels like it just sits on the lips and does nothing. It is more like a barrier on the lips, but it should also be repairing the skin and it doesn't. I hoped more from La Roche-Posay, but it's just whatever. 

Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse in Pink Velour*

I'm thinking they had NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in mind when they were creating these. Unfortunately it didn't came out right. This has a lip gloss applicator and a thick mousse texture. It applies sheer and can't really be build up. It also feels like it doesn't dry to a matte finish and it also feels heavy on the lips. If you apply thicker coat, it starts to crack and flake off the lips which I absolutely hate. It's a bright pink shade which I like, but the texture is just horrible. 

Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayon in Notice Me Nude*

Balmy lovely warm peach brown shade that applies with ease and has good pigmentation. My problem is that it has a lot of glitter in the formula. Glitter looks like it's pink and gold. I hate it, because once the color comes off, the glitter stays on the lips. It's just weird to put so much glitter into something that is quite thick and balm like. 

Kiko Temptress Lip Pencil in 04 Passionately Red

I've mentioned this set here, but I don't have an actual review of it on my blog. I love the formula of lipstick. But lip pencil is way too hard. It's so hard that I broke it off as soon as I wanted to use it on the lips. This also means that it's heavy and drying on my lips, so I don't like it at all. It has a classic cool toned red shade. 

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat

I bought this as an alternative to Seche Vite and I had really high hopes for it. Many said that this is just as good as Seche Vite and it's a bit easier to get (bought it in DM Austria). It's a lot thinner in consistency than Seche Vite and it goes on the nails thinner. I like that Seche Vite feels like a heavy super shiny gel layer on top of color. This one is too thin for my liking which also means that it chips away quicker and it doesn't last nearly as long on my nails which is what I need from a top coat - to last well. It also doesn't have as intense shine as Seche Vite and it smudges designs. It just isn't worth it. I would rather buy Seche Vite again. If you have any other recommendations that could come close to Seche Vite, I'm all ears. 

Golden Rose 60 Sec Express Dry Nail Lacquer in 14 (yellow) and 15 (green)

I was so happy to find pastel nail polish shades in Golden Rose range. Shades are exactly what I was looking for, it's the formula that doesn't work. These apply so patchy and it seems like they lack pigmentation. I've even tried shaking the bottles and nothing. When you apply two thicker or three thinner coats, it doesn't look that bad, but you can still see some stripes through it. It just didn't work for me. 

Avon Be Romantic, Be Fun and Be Daring Perfumes*

I love Avon perfumes and they mostly smell as good as high end brands and some even better. But this collection was just all wrong. It looks like it's meant for a teenage girl and the design of it it's actually fun. But they fail completely when it comes to the scent. These smell like cheap toilette fresheners. I wasn't expecting such a bad quality from Avon. Romantic has more of a fake rose scent, Fun is more citrusy and fruity and Daring is more of a deeper scent. But they all smell very cheap and not at all like most Avon perfumes. 

*Products were either sent to me or gifted to me at a beauty blogger event.


  1. Ne morem verjet, Stargazer je vmes? Ajde, finiš res ni tako lep ampak mi je še vedno daleč najbolj všeč od Alverde ali celo Catrice. Ker je res le malo potrebno da posvetli, sem preizkušala še pa hujše chalky bele podlage. Mogoče zato :P
    Potem pa moraš preizkusiti The body shop, njihovi dropsi ne vplivajo toliko na formulo.

    1. Niti nisem drugih še dovolj stestirala. Meni res ni všeč kako vsako podlago naredi mat. Pač čisto spremeni njeno osnovno teksutor. Posvetli super, samo bi potem raje kupila The Body Shop :). If I ever get to The Body Shop :D.
      Sama na srečo nisem še preizkušala hujše :D.

  2. Oh, ja Oriflame tekoča mat šminka je pure horror :/ Kerastase serum pa je meni všeč. Še vedno uporabljam tisti sample, ki si mi ga dala :) Pa nisem opazila, da bi mi zmastil lase. No, jaz sicer nimam barvanih, ampak meni je kar kul, ker se lasje res lepo svetijo potem :)
    Tista Primark Glitter paleta senčil je pa res joke, joj. :D

    1. Agreed. Meni se je vse nekaj svaljkalo, pa lepilo...groza. Saj ni tako slab, samo jaz sem pričakovala veliko več od njega. Imam verjetno tudi pretanke lase za takšo teksturo. Niti ko si ga nanesem pred sušenjem, se mi ne "posuši". Še vedno ostane precej masten na mojih laseh. Shine pa for sure. Res da lep sijaj.
      Saj..kaj pa sem pričakovala od palete?! Preveč očitno :D

  3. Me veseli, da vidim toliko disappointing products objav :) Saj ne, da imam občutek da berem povsod same hvale, ampak tako slišiš od izdelkih o katerih ni kaj dosti govora.

    Evo COSRX obliži so naročeni, te Balea sem pa imela še v prastari temno modro-beli škatlici, tako da so lahko drugačni, so mi pa bili všeč :)

    Dvorec Trebnik vonj kreme veš da je meni všeč, je pa isti kot od TBS, da zdaj vsaj veš kateri vonj ne vzet tam :) Kerastase Chrome Riche me pa vseeno prepriča tvoja objava, ker če tebi obteži lase, meni jih zagotovo ne bo. Za Dessert Essence me je že dolgo zanimalo če je kul in itak vsi hvalijo, samo kaj ko je večini zelo lahek balzam dovolj. Zdaj vsaj vem od nekoga, ki dejansko ima suhe lase.

    Za True Match sem vedno slišala tudi same pohvale, samo jaz ga ne morem imet, ker so odtenki obupni. Tekstura se tudi ne sliši kul.

    Bel puder za mešat je pa tudi pri meni no go. Preveč čudne jih naredi. Zato že od vedno mešam s svetlejšimi pudri.

    Oriflame sem pa odpisala isto sekundo ko sem slišala da niso mat.

    Super objava :)

    1. Saj je res prav osvežujoče prebrat tudi kaj ne kupit :D.

      Upam, da ti bodo obliži všeč. Meni čez noč res lepo ven povlečejo vso umazanijo mozolja. Sicer potem rabim še vsaj enega čez dan, naslednji dan, sploh če je velik mozolj. Niti nisem vedela, da jih je Balea že prej imela.

      Vem :D. Se bom na veliko ognila temo vonju. Kerastase bi bil tebi zagotovo všeč. Pa še zelo lep sijaj bi dal lasem. Jaz sicer imam itak dovolj sijoče že od barve, jih pa verjetno preveč obteži, ker imam precej tanke lase. Dessert Essence bi ti bil prelahek. Vsaj koliko te poznam in veš, da imam sama tudi rada uber nourishing balzame. Je res tak bolj lahek. Diši pa božansko, ni da ni.

      Jaz sem odpisala L'Oreal podlage. Saj me vedno kakšna zamika, ampak odtenki so katastrofalni. Ne morem ti povedati kako grdo sedi ta puder na moji koži. Prav vse kar je lahko narobe na koži poudari. Jaz res ne vem..upam da so spremenili teksturo.

      Posvetli jih super, samo so potem vsi pudri mat in še chalky, taki heavy. Res škoda. Bi si morala nabaviti te od The Body Shop, ki mi jih je Sara predlagala, ampak itak ne bom nikoli prišla do trgovine.

      Tekstura Pink Velourja je res grozna. Še vse drogerijske so verjetno boljše. Mogoče je spet samo moj odtenek, ne vem. Ker druge so druge odtenke hvalile.

      Hvala ;). Jo je bilo prav zanimivo pisat. :D

  4. Odlična objava! Vedno rada preberem tudi kaj o teh izdelkih, ki so nas razočarali. Tudi jaz jih imam kar nekaj. Decembra sem opazila, da si kupila tole glitter paletko in sem se fuuuuul veselima novih make up lookov ter ocene - škoda, da ti ne odgovarja. Me pa sam finish na koži prav tako kot tebe spominja na stare otroške barbie paletke haha.

    Od Avona imam to maroško arganovo olje in mi je super, mask pa še nisem preizkusila, čeprav sem imela namen... ampak mogoče boljše tak. Bom ostala kar pri uporabi olja.

    Tudi tale lip crayon mi ni bil všeč, saj res pusti ogromno bleščičk in izgleda čudno.


    1. Je vsaj lepo vedet čemu se izgodnit :). Jaz sem se tudi veselila, da bom lahko ustvarila glittery videze, ampak žal no go. Res škoda no. Izgledala je obetavno. Ampak kaj, ko ne moreš sprobat v trgovini.

      Olje je super tudi meni. Najboljše kar sem jih do zdaj preizkusila za moje lase. Maska pa me ni navdušila. Mogoče bi jo lahko uporabljala za balzam. Jaz imam rada maske, ki res nahranijo lase, jih navlažijo in naredijo mehke.

      Imaš prav. Se mi zdi, da je tekstura preveč kremna za toliko bleščic. Potem pa ostanejo na koncu samo bleščice.


  5. I was about to buy the Primark paletta but after your review i won't.... thanks for the post, helpful as always. <3

    1. It's not the best execution unfortunately. Looked promising, but the texture is off. Thank you :) <3

  6. Za Dr. Hauschka znamko sem slišala veliko pohval. Ampak to čistilno mleko je mene tudi razočaralo. Imam ga že nekaj časa v predalu, ampak mi je bil vonj tako močen, da nisem hotla sploh na obraz tega dat. Sem pa včeraj končno sprobala pa mi ni ravno všeč.

    Oriflame stick pa je meni bil super :) Nisem še sicer sprobala Kikotovih, ampak ta se je pri meni hitro posušil in se skorajda ne premakne na vekah, čeprav imam mastne.

    Avon Lip Crayon sem ravno sprobala preden si objavla objavo in sem direkt šla gledat v ogledalo in sem bila vsa bleščičasta okoli ust haha Poleti ko sem pa jo dobila pa sploh nisem opazila tega. :D

    1. Vonj je res premočan. In samo po alkoholu ima, kar me je takoj odvrnilo.

      Meni je Kikotov bolj obstojen, ta od Oriflama se mi pa prej nabere v gubico. Očitno imam potem jaz še bolj mastne :).

      Hehe :D Malo so nadležne te bleščice. Vsja v tej formuli, res ne delujejo privlačno.

  7. Meni pa je bilo čistilno mleko od Dr. Hauschka všeč. Vonj je mene recimo nekak ful spominjal na kvas, niti ne tako na alkohol. Prav tako mi je bla miceralna vodica od Avona fajn, sicer vodoodpornih ličil itak ni spravila dol, na sploh pa mi je bila ok. Je pa nekje na sredini uporabe dobila ful čuden vonj, nimam pojma zakaj, ker je nisem imela tako dolgo pa tudi ni bila recimo kje ful na toplem/mrzlem. Sem jo kar nehala uporabljat ker mi glede na vonj deluje pokvarjeno. Zanimivo je, da je bil na začetku vonj čisto ok.

    1. Mogoče sem jaz kakšnega čudnega dobila. Moj imel samo ful po čistem alkoholu. :/ Jaz imam ful občutljivo kožo okrog oči. Verjetno bi večini bila prav dobra. Uf če spremeni vonj, potem je pa malo čudno ja. Čudno.. Jaz zdaj samo še za kakšne swatche na rokah uporabljam. Za tam bo v redu :).