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I got a few birthday gifts that I wanted to share with you. Plus Catrice and Essence also released some new product that I was eager to try. Here are my first impressions of some of these products.

Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil 030 Addicted to Cafe Au Lait

I am always on a search for a perfect nude lip liner and when I saw these I knew these were meant to be your lips but better shades. I chose shade 030 because it seemed most neutral and fairly light. I don't like pink toned nude, because my lips are really pale and don't have that obvious pink undertone. This is a warmer light nude that has lovely creamy texture, it stays on the lips well and has a semi matte finish. It's not drying and it allows you to really define the lips. You can even cheat a bit and draw them on on the outer edges. I adore it and need to check out some other shades.

Catrice Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow 020 Champagne Shower

You can buy me with a shimmery eyeshadow any day. The range has a fairly small selection of shades, but I knew I wanted this light yellow gold as a pop of color on top of other shades. This on its own is a bit too light for my liking and too shimmery. You can use it on top of other shades or as a pop of color on the center on the lid, even in the inner corners. It dries fast, so you don't have a lot of playtime and I find that it doesn't build up well. It starts to flake off when you start putting on more. But just apply one thicker coat and it won't move at all.

Catrice Prime And Fine Make Up Transformer Drops Lightning

I can safely say that every fair toned beauty lover was ecstatic to see this in new Catrice range. It's so hard to find light enough foundations in drugstores and this product is supposed to mix with those that are too dark and lighten them up. Unfortunately, it's just a light nude shade instead of white, which would work better. Some may even find the shade perfect on its own. It's sort of greasy and looks pigmented, but for some reason it sheers down foundation and makes it more translucent. I also find that it makes it drier looking on the skin, almost a bit chalky. It's definitely not what I was expecting in terms of texture and shade. So far I don't like it.

Ultra slim brow pencil in drugstore range? Yes, please. I am so happy that Catrice came out with this. I've already wrote a review here, so I won't go into details. These are basically pigmented, creamy and last really well.

Catrice Lip Cushion 020 Better Make A Mauve

It's a lip gloss in a cushion applicator. I love it, because it reminds me a lot of their Beautifying Lip Smoothers. These have a lovely very comfortable and soothing creamy formula that is quite thick. It has good pigmentation for a lip gloss. Shade is warm mauve kind of your-lips-but-better. I just absolutely adore the comfortable formula and it wears so lovely for an effortless lip product.

Essence Glamaxy Top Coat

I saw photo of this one on black polish and it looked so warm and flaky that I had to try it. It has irregular flakes with warm copper sheen to them, but they look kind of multi-colored and transparent. These kind of top coats look best over dark nail polishes, but I intentionally tried it over pastel lavender to give it just a bit of slight sheen. I will definitely try it over black.

Essence The Cushion Eyeliner 

I know Catrice has the same concept, but I usually find that Essence does pretty much the same thing for a cheaper price and I assume it's the same in the case of a cushion liner. Inside  the pot is a soaked cushion with liner which is very liquid. I really like that, because it means you get precision and a nice even application. It all depends on what brush you use with it. One thing that bothers me is that it dries fast and therefore your brush becomes stiff quickly. I tried it on my lids today and I like how liquid this is. It really gives you a lot of precision, but it dries quicky and doesn't move through the day. It's also a nice black matte color.

I've already reviewed these here. They are the best lipsticks for those that often have dry lips and want very comfortable formula with good pigmentation. Some shades are creamier and some even have metallic finish. 

Avon True Supreme Length Nourishing Mascara*

This is marketed as a lengthening mascara and it even has some nourishing oils in it (argan and coconut oil). I find that you can't layer this mascara. The more you layer it, the clumpier it looks. It's more a one coat mascara and then it does define the lashes, but doesn't make them any longer than normal mascaras. I have to test it a bit more, to see if the formula will change. 

Mateja surprised me with the most pretty packaged birthday gift ever. It all came in a transparent bag with polka dots paper and lots of cute bows. She definitely knows me well and knows what kind of products I like. All the sweetest were gone in about a day and how cute is this improvised birthday cake?! Adorable. Thank you so much Mateja.

Wet'n'wild Color Icon Blush Apri-cot In The Middle

This has quickly become one of my new favorite blushes. It's a dirty peach shade that looks intimidatingly dark in the pot, but goes on sheerer and lighter. It has the most lovely golden shimmer to it which gives your cheeks such a pretty shine. I absolutely adore it. Mateja already has a review here.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour 600 Devotion

I've been wanting to try these ever since Mateja wrote her review. I am always up for non drying lip products that wear comfortable on the lips and this one is just that. It has really pigmented creamy texture like a liquid lipstick and it feels so comfortable on the lips. This need a pretty long time to dry down to a matte finish. However, the finish is non drying and probably the most comfortable matte finish I ever tried. Devotion is mauve pink shade. On me it's a bit more pink that I thought it would be, but it's darker, which I like. I'm not huge on barbie pinks, but this one almost looks a bit mauve on my lips and it's always lovely to have wearable pink options in my collection. 

Beauty & Chic Contour Brush

I didn't think I will like this, but it's actually really useful and quick brush to apply your contour with. To be honest, I still don't know how exactly should I hold it, but I just lay it against my contour and swipe it down. It is one of the easiest brushes to do contour with, because it literally does the work for you. I like how precise the line is, but you can always swipe it a bit up, if you don't want it to be too precise. Ever since I got it, I've been contouring my cheeks more than usual. Mateja mentions it here and she likes it for applying blush.

Bomb Cosmetics Diva Fever Bath Blaster

This is sooo cute. I don't even want to use it and I haven't yet, because it just looks so pretty. Supposedly it's filled with glitter and it has ylang ylang and sandalwood scent. My whole package smelled lovely because of this bath blaster in it. It's a very subtle and comforting scent. You know I love leopard print, so this is right up my alley. Mateja also mentioned two of their bath blasters - Chilly Wily and Night Out.

Orofluido Beauty Elixir

I know Mateja loves this oil and I heard quite a few others talking about it too. It's a thicker oil, so I have to use it lightly, because I have very fine hair. I've only tried it once, but quite liked it. It makes my hair a bit silkier and shinier. I always feel like oils add a good amount of nourishment and make dry ends look better. This one also has a mix of sweet like vanilla scent and something more oriental - which I'm assuming it's argan oil. 

L'Occitane Almond Shower Gel

I've already used it up. It seems like a small amount, but because it's an oil shower gel, I had it for a few uses. Texture is nice, but I was a bit confused that it didn't foam, which was to be expected. I guess I'm not used to such shower gel. I loved that this made my skin nourished and almost left a bit of that oil finish on my skin, but it's in no way greasy. It just feels a bit more nourishing than normal shower gels. I also loved the scent. It's very comforting and kind of nutty. 

L'Oreal Pure Clay Exfo Mask

I have their Glow Mask and actually really like it as a classic clay mask. This one feels a bit drier to the touch, but it doesn't dry as tight as the Glow one. It has small exfoliating particles in it, which also exfoliate when you're washing it off. I liked it. It cleaned my skin well and the exfoliating part is kind of fun, like a 2 in one product. Something like Garnier often had a mask and exfoliator in one. This one has a bit more sweet, but quite strong scent, while the Glow one seems more herbal to me - or it might be floral. Mateja speaks more about each clay mask from L'Oreal here.

Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-powder

I only tried it once as a dry shampoo and because my roots get really oily, this didn't do much. I felt like it doesn't soak off the greasiness. I would pick Batiste over this one for a dry shampoo any day. I read in Mateja's post that this can also be used like a texturizing product and that you have to use it lightly, so I'm planning on using it after I will wash my hair to give it some texture. It's a very finely milled white powder and has white strong floral scent, which almost turns a bit citrusy on me. 

Kerastase Forme Fatale Voluptuous Blow-Dry Gel

Kerastase is another one of those impressive hair brands, however some of their products left me cold. I was excited to try this since it gets activated by heat and should give you volume. It definitely gives me a bit of volume and holds the texture better, but of course it vanishes in an hour, like most such product do on my hair. On the hair it's lightweight, but could feel a bit drying on the ends, if you have dry ends. I usually always apply some sort of serums on the ends anyway. It's a gel like texture with small golden shimmer that I can't really notice once it's on my hair. Mateja describes it much better here.

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray

This is a very strong fragrance for a body spray. I would describe it as a sophisticated strong floral scent. It's not my kind of scent, because I find it to be too classy for my liking - like most of high end fragrances smell. Mateja loves the vintage feel of it.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Fragrance

If you love sweet fragrances, you will absolutely adore this as much as I do. It's one of those Britney Spears Fantasy fragrances. It's very strong with certain fruity punches in the beginning. I really like it, because it smells like a vanilla dessert. For a more detailed review go check out Mateja's post.

Kvina also sent me such a lovely birthday package. She also nailed it with the products.  Thank you so much Kvina.

Colloseum Accessories Choker

I was so happy to get choker that's not black. I love chokers and usually they come in black, but this one is lovely nude brown shade with gold detail in the front. I adore it and have been wearing it a lot ever since and will probably wear it even more once it gets warmer outside. 

Douglas Heaven Lightweight Unifying Foundation

This is the cutest mini cushion foundation that I have ever seen. It's perfect for travel or touching up. Shade 2 Natural Beige is a bit too dark for me now, but I'll probably make it work in the summer, because I do get quite tanned then. 

Nabla Velvetline Long-Wear Matte Eye Pencil Bombay Black

This is really creamy matte black eyeliner. I love the formula of it. It glides on like dream and is so easy to draw perfect line. This could be perfect for a smudged smoky eye look. The color is matte and nice black. It does transfer a bit, at least it did when I wore it, but I have to test it out a bit more. It's also really pigmented. I absolutely love the formula and just hope that it won't transfer much.

Aldo Vandini Pure Hydro Body Shower Gel and Body Fluid (Cotton and White Magnolia)

I already have their spray perfume from this Pure range and love it. It's one of those very light sweet floral fragrances with a bit of woody base. I haven't tried any of the shower gel or body fluid, but I'm sure I'll love it. I also had mini sized hand cream and I absolutely adored this scent. 

Fluffy Bunny Key Chain

This super cute white fluffy thing next to it, is actually key chain from Aliexpress that I also got as a gift. I've never seen these fluffy balls with colorful bunny ears, but it's just sooo cute. I'm kind of afraid to use it, because it's white, but it's adorable on its own.

My lovely friend Sabina also stocked me up with one of my favorite products that I had on my wishlist. She sure knows how to surprise me. Thank you so much Sabina. 

Primark Plastic Transparent Drawers

I've always wanted one of these drawers, but it's impossible to find descent sized ones in out stores. These are actually just big enough for my liking. You can store in makeup or any other bits and bobs. I use it for makeup that I have to test or doesn't go into my table drawer. It's nice that you can see through it, so it's perfect for storing lipsticks and such. It pulls out with ease and is actually well made for something that is plastic. Definitely worth checking out, if you're looking for something like that. 

Marie Colette Bath Cupcakes Strawberry

How cute are these bath bomb shaped like cupcakes? If you don't know that about me, I was at one point obsessed with baking cupcakes. They just look so cute, even though the filling is usually too sweet even for my sweet tooth. These are one of those bath bombs that slowly degrade once you throw them into a bath tube. The first thing that got me is the smell. They smell like a proper dessert. I can't put my finger on what dessert these remind me of, but it's like a buttery vanilla cream. They also have oils in them and I've already tried one out. It left oily layer on the water and once you come out of the bath, you're skin is covered in oil that feels so lovely on the skin. It's probably not the best for summer, but in winter it's great. You can easily skip body moisturizer afterwards. 

Nabla Eyeshadow Pegasus

This was on my wish list and it's because of the shade. I'm always on a hunt for different and unique eyeshadow shades. I didn't even think that this would look as fun on the lids as it does. It's pastel lavender shade with duochrome golden-champagne sheen. It's mind boggling how it looks like on the lid. It looks like it's lavender, but it reflects off golden sheen and depending on where the light hits it, there it looks golden. Such a fun shade to use on the lid and it gives you so much dimension. I am just not as impressed with Nabla's pigmentation. Compared to my Zoeva and Too Faces shades, these are not as pigmented, although the pigmentation is still good - just not amazing.

Berry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint in Flamingo

I actually own only one Barry M nail polish and I got that one from Sabina too. It's an off white shade and the formula is lovely. I wanted one from this Coconut Infusion range, because I love coconut and it contains coconut water and coconut oil which should also nourishing your nails. Flamingo is lovely medium peach shade that will look just amazing with a sun tan. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure the formula is lovely.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette - Golden Sugar

Sabina passed this on me, since she didn't really used it and she knows I'm a makeup obsessive. I actually really like this color selection. It's that kind of palette that could be used on almost all skin tones. All the shades are shimmery or have a more subtle shine, except the one matte bronzer. There's a very light white based highlighter, some pinkish and even some very dark golden ones. These pink shades also work great as a highlighting blushes. I wore it today on my whole face and on my eyes as well, because it's the perfect palette for an all around glowy and bronzed look. Pigmentation is good with some and insane with others. They blend nicely and all in all I am definitely impressed.

Balea Vital Touchmaske (Sheet Mask)

I already talked about their Aqua Mask and I loved that one, because it felt hydrating on my skin. Vital is supposedly more for mature skin as it should target deep lines. I always find it funny when someone says, but this mask is for older persons. I don't believe a mask or a cream for more mature skin would do me any harm, since most of these product are just higher in hydration benefits and if you're skin is dry, it will work the same. I love this mask, because it has more of a milky serum texture and it feels really soothing and hydrating. I like that it contains a lot of serum which you can use on the second day as well. This made my skin really soft and nourished. 

Garnier Moisture Aqua Bomb Tissue Mask Super Hydrating & Repulping

I've grown to really like sheet masks and want to try more from other brands. Garnier recently also came out with three different types. I actually also bought the one for sensitive skin, but haven't tried it yet. This one is also supposed to be moisturizing. It has plastic layer on one side that makes it easier to unfold the mask. Sheet is thin. It has fairly small eye holes for my liking. The scent is really weird to me and a turn off. It's kind of plastic and sweet fruity. It has transparent serum that does hydrate the skin well, but I felt like this sheet mask became dry quicker than most of other sheets that I tried in the past. It was hydrating and it did make my skin plumper. It has huge amount of serum that is left in the bag. I was using it for the next week at night. If you apply too much of it, it will start to peel off. That's also one of the things that bothered me besides the artificial scent. 

Avon Imari Elixir Eau de Toilette

This appealed to me from the moment I saw promo photos. It has notes of blackberry, rose absolute, jasmin and vanilla. It's supposed to be oriental floral fragrance and I agree. It's not like most Avon fragrances, because it's really strong and powerful, even though it is Eau de Toilette. Fruity notes fade the quickest and then it becomes very floral and kind of classy. Later vanilla and something oriental kick in and it becomes lovely mix of oriental and floral. It's definitely very strong and oriental, but has a touch of elegance added because of the floral note. It's one of those scents that I had to get used to, because it's not typically sweet or typically oriental. I like it best once it fades and it's more oriental. 

Avon Anew Hydra Recovery Overnight Mask

This is a transparent gel consistency mask that has small white pearls in it. The pearls kinds of disappear as you massage the cream in. It feels very lightweight on the skin and I haven't tried it that much, so I can't write a proper review. For my liking it seems to a be a bit too lightweight. It says that you can use it also as a cream and I would do it so. It seems to be not enough nourishing for a night time routine, at least for me personally. I like to use heavier creams at the evenings.

Avon Nailwear Pro+ Birthstone Nail Enamel Peridot

Light and warm yellow toned green shade that I always wish I had in the spring. This one has small gold and white shimmer in it. I haven't tried it on the nails yet, but I already love this shade.

Avon Nailwear Pro+ Birthstone Nail Enamel Emerald

Dark emerald green with blue sheen mixed in it. This one doesn't have any visible shimmer in it. I already wore this and absolutely adore the shade. It's so rich and deep. I usually dislike these kind of shades with a shiny top coat, so I wore it with matte top coat. Because it has a very pearly base, it looks amazing with a matte finish. It also lasted on my nails really well. 

Avon Senses Sensual Dream Dark Chocolate & Coconut Shower Gel

Hands down one of the best smelling shower gels that I've ever tried. I ordered it not knowing what the scent will be like, but because I saw two words chocolate and coconut. To me it smells like cooked chocolate pudding and chocolate chip cookies. It's one of the most indulgent dessert scents ever and it would be too much in hot summer days, but for the winter it's absolutely perfect. It even looks like pudding, because it has thicker gel consistency, leathers well and doesn't leave my skin too dry or stripped down. If you're on a diet, I would advise against buying it, because you'll get the biggest sweet tooth after using it - oh and don't eat it, no matter how appealing it smells.


  1. You're welcome <3 Res sem vesela, da ti je blush tako všeč :) Pa si videla da ima Revlon nove odtenke teh tekočih šmink? Me mika še kakšen odtenek, ker tega veliko nosim.
    Pret-a-powder je v bistvu bolj volumising powder, zato ne popije vsega in ga imam jaz bolj za takrat ko kakšne kite delam, da se lažje plete oz. bolj stoji potem ko delaš dodatni volumen. Za Forme Fatale sem pa upala, da ti uspel obdržat volumen, pa očitno ne zmore. Za TS parfum sem pa sumila, da ti bo všeč, čeprav na meni ne zdrži dolgo :).

    Tile Catrice Lip Foundation svinčniki me zdaj strašno mikajo :) Za Transforming Drops se pa itak strinjam s tabo - niso dovolj dobre. Sicer v kombinaciji z L'Orelovim pudrom so mi všeč, čeprav vidim veliko razliko v obstojnosti, mi pa z ostalimi pudri ne pašejo.

    Cushion eyelinerja me mikata, ni mi ravno važno ali je od Catrice ali Essence. Samo se mi tako ne da čopičev prat vsakič. Mogoče bi lahko uporabila kakšen star eyeliner v svinčniku za aplikator.

    Marie Colette Bath Cupcakes sem pa že gledala v Müllerju in so mi tako lušni :) Baleine maske mi pa še zdaj ni uspelo uporabit :D

    Ta Avonova maska mi je pa very cool :) I like it :)

    1. Si res zadela z vsem :D. O tega pa nisem vedela. Joj kako sem vesela, da imajo več odtenkov. :D Zdaj si pa res želim še kakšnega. Najbolj me je itak pritegnil Forever - čokoladno rjava. Čeprav sta mi všeč tudi Embrace in Kisses, ampak za take odtenke nikoli ne vem kako bodo izgledali na meni. Kateri pa tebe mikajo? :)

      Moram ga definitivno probat kdaj ko si bom kodrala, ali kaj podobnega. Sem prebrala kakšno tehniko ustvarjanja volumna imaš in jaz sem žal way too lazy, zato mi pa na koncu vse razpade. Saj če bi več truda vložila, bi mogoče meni tudi kaj ostalo. Jaz pa hočem izdelk, ki naredi čudež, brez truda :D. Ah parfum je prava sladica v steklenici. Res čisto na Fantasy me spomni, samo še bolj sladek.

      Jaz sem morala kupit že novega Medium, ker damn it, se res hitro porabijo. Ampak ti itak ne rabiš veliko zapolnit, tako da ti bo gotovo dlje zdržal. ;) Kapljice moram sprobat z L'Orealovim, čeprav je moj ekstra temen, tako da se bojim, da ne bodo dovolj posvetlile. Mi pa res niso všeč. Škoda, da niso naredili belih.

      To pa ni slaba ideja s starim eyelinerjem... Drugače se res kot beton posuši na čopičih in tudi meni ni za vsakič čistit. Mi je pa všeč ta tekoča tekstura, si lahko dokaj natančen z njim. Z gel eyelinerji je včasih tako da so preveč "trdi" in ne moreš potegnit res enakomerne linije.

      Joj kako dišijo ti cupcakesi. Noro. Glede na to, da imaš rada oljne gele za tuširanje, bi te mogoče ta efekt navdušil. Vidim, da ti ne grejo te sheet maske :D Jaz pa jih moram šparat. Če bi imela viška, bi vsak dan imela eno gor :).

      Res? Jaz imam občutek, da ni dovolj vlažilna. Ampak jaz imam na sploh rada izredno mastne kreme in olja za zvečer, tako da, sem pristranska pri tej gelasti teksturi. :)

    2. Kisses me še najbolj mika :)

      Se spomnim da so punce včasih zelo hvalite Root Boost od Tigija za volumen. Ne vem če še obstaja, ampak edino kar je bilo treba je da posušiš lase s sušilcem navzdol.

      Si moram vzet čas za te sheet maske, nujno. Prepozno se spomnim zvečer dat mejkap dol, v bistvu preden grem spat in nimam tiste pol ure za masko. Zdaj itak uporabljam vse možne testerje, ki jih imam, da vidim če se kaj splačat kupit (tista Rizzette krema ki si mi jo dala mi je všeč), potem bom začela pa z maskami. Sem jih še nekaj naročila na zalogo, da mi ne bo škoda porabljat :)

    3. Kisses se mi je zdel, da bo tebi všeč. Zase bi ga morala videt na moji polti, da bi se odločila :).

      To bi bilo potem nekaj zame :D. Bom definitivno prečekirala. Hvala.

      Kaj pa zjutraj? Meni takrat tudi paše, sploh če tisti dan ne nosim makeupa. Sicer je učinek vedno boljši čez noč, pa vseeno :). Jaz tudi skoz te testerje preizkušam. Mi je všeč, da lahko dejansko preizkusiš preden kupiš. Ta krema je pa že na moji skincare wishlisti. Mi je tako lepo posvetlila rumene predele na obrazu :).

  2. Ooh, lots of new Catrice goodies! I have that Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar and it is AMAZING. Such gorgeous colors! <3

    1. Oh yes. Lots and there will be more new goodies coming from Essence. I already went out and bought some :).
      It's so nice. I couldn't believe how many different shades are in this. Some will come so handy in summer for when I get tanned. I also tried it on the eyes and shades are just gorgeous <3