Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm

Hey Beauties!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have been on my wish list for ages. I remember seeing these all over the internet and the hype was huge. Of course, NYX is not available in our country, like most other amazing affordable foreign brands. When I saw these on Feelunique it was an instant opportunity to finally order my first shade. I chose Stockholm.

The packaging is very simple plastic lip gloss tube. I like that it's small, so you can even stick it in your pocket. The shade of plastic should in a way represent the shade inside. Top is matte black

I bough it on Feelunique for 7.26€. In the tube is 8 ml of product. 

The applicator is very soft and kind of fluffy. It's a regular size and it spreads the product nicely

I chose the shade Stockholm and I am so happy with it. It's a nice light peachy mauve brown, just my kind of shade. It actually looks lighter on photos than in real life. It's definitely a warm nude light to medium shade, but it's still a lot darker than my natural lip color. 

It's very lightweight, pigmented, but thinner cream product. It leaves you a lot of time to work with, before it dries up completely. There is a lot of product on the applicator and I like to take it off a bit on the sides and slowly work up the opacity. It's very easy to spread over the lips and you don't need any kind of lip liner. You can really smudge and make straight lines around the edges of the lips. 

Drying time depends on how thick layer you put on. I like to go in with a thin layer to outline the lips and then go over it for a fuller look. In about 10 minutes this looks like it's dry on the lips, although it still transfers on glass or food. It will never be like those super dry and long wearing matte cream lipsticks.

As with any matte lip products, it could accentuate dry patches, so you do need to exfoliate, if you have any. I find that it wears nicely. I don't check out my lipstick through the day, but it stays on the lips even if I drink. Obviously it won't survive eating. It wears off mostly in the center, like most of the lipsticks. 

I absolutely love how lightweight this is on the lips. It doesn't tighten or makes my lips dry at all. I am astonished by the formula and really want to get some more shades.

It smells sooo good. I can't figure it out what of. To me it's like a vanilla hot chocolate or vanilla ice cream

Here you can see how it looks like on my skin tone. Bare in mind that it looks darker in real life. It would look pretty natural on someone with medium skin tone. 

I think that this is not for you, if you want something sickly matte and very long lasting. It transfers and it never looks super super matte. All the things that some may not love are the reasons why I love it so much. It doesn't dry out my lips and keeps them quite nice all through the day. It feels very lightweight on the lips and I adore the shade. It's totally my kind of brown twist on a peachy nude. I would say this is dry lips persons dreamy matte lip product.


  1. Prekrasna barva in tebi itak full paše :)

  2. Je tudi na moji wishlisti, poleg ostalih njihovih odtenkov, čeprav mislim, da si bom kar Avon šminke privoščila, namesto Maca. Ful ti pašejo taki nude odtenki xx

    1. Jaz bi zdaj še zagotovo kakšnega :D. Ja Avon itak. Pa še velik nabor odtenkov imaš za izbirat. :) Čeprav imam občutek, da je NYX malo manj izsušujoča za moje ustnice.
      Hvala :)

  3. A lahko direkten link kjer si naročila prosim :)


  4. Če je tebi kul, pa ne maraš ravno mat šmink, potem so zihr super za vse, ki imajo suhe ustnice. Meni so všeč, taki enostavni, imajo lep mat videz ko se posušijo, je pa res da ne zdržijo kot ostali. Trenutno najljubše mat šminke so mi od TheBalm, ki so primerljive s temi, ampak bolj pigmentirane in kremne. Se mi zdi, da bi bile še tebi všeč, npr. Sleek in Milani pa ne. Stockholm je bil narejen zate, res ti super paše :)

    1. Jaz tudi tako mislim :D Ker meni veliko mat šmink izsušuje ustnice. Sploh tiste res super obstojne, liquid. od theBalm? Zanimivo. Se že veselim ocene. Če so res podobne NYX in ne izsušijo preveč, bi mi bile ziher všeč :). Hvala :)