Cute Matte Valentine's Day Nails

Hey Beauties!

Since Valentine's Day is approaching, my Pinterest has been filled with all kinds of hearty nails. I promised that this year, I'll do more nail art, so I have the perfect excuse to bombard you with some cuteness inspired by Valentine's Day. 

I started by painting all my fingers with a pastel purple nail polish, except thumb and middle finger. Those I painted a muted white color.

Thumb: I started drawing on red lip shape. Then I added a few of those in pastel purple shade and made them smaller. I also added black little hearts. I draw it all using a doting tool. As you can see, it's no the most precise design. Then I stupidly decided to draw lip cracks and in all honesty, it would probably look better without that step. But I always say, if you look from far away, it's fine.

Middle finger: I used a striping brush and drew on a love sign. One letter at once. The curves are hardest for me, but if you take time, it all goes fine. 

Ring finger: Over the pastel base I applied a glittery pink nail polish. It has pink, purple and blue glitter parts. Over it I also applied nail polish with very small gold shimmer.

Index finger and pinky: On those I just applied one gold heart stud. 

I applied matte top coat over all nails except ring finger. The glitter should stay shiny, so I used a regular top coat over it.

Here are the products that I used for this manicure.

Avon 5 in 1 Nail Treatment (base coat)
Maybelline Color Show The Blushed Nudes 447 Dusty Rose (pastel purple)
Berry M Gelly Hi Shine Coconut (muted white)
Maybelline Colorama 15 (red lips)
Maybelline Color Show 677 Blackout (black hearts and love sign)
Avon Magic Effects Liquid Sequin Glitterati (glitter base)
Catrice Million Styles Gold Effect! 07 Unfold The Unlimited Gold (gold glitter top coat)
Kiko 3 in 1 Mat Fortifying Fast Drying Base and Top Coat (top coat)
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (top coat)

I used dotting tool from essence and their Tip Painter, which I just use the brush as my striping brush. I also added gold heart studs from stud wheel from Born Pretty Store. 

It's a colorful mash up of all the things that to me look super pretty and I wanted to feature them in this Valentine's Day nail design. It's cute, but also a bit less classic, because of the matte finish. Pretty nails make me happy, although I don't always have the patience to do these designs. 

Today I'm also introducing to you my fellow bed lover - Fluffy :).

Do you like these sorts of cute nail design or do you prefer to go one color?


  1. Waaaw, čist sem se zaljubila v to manikiro. Super ti je uspela! Love it! xx

  2. Prekrasen izdelek in vidim, da si tudi z levo roko zelo spretna pri risanju ;) LOVE IT!

    1. Hvala :) No nisem čisto leva z levo, hehe. Vsekakor pa ni tako natančno na moji desni roki :D.

  3. Oh, čudoviti nohti. Škoda, ker jaz nimam talenta za take stvari :D Maybelline lak Dusty Rose mi je zelo všeč!

    1. Hvala :). Ma to je potrpljenje :D A ni lep? Ne vem zakaj nimamo Color Show kolekcij v Slo. Sploh limited editions imajo včasih res čudovite odtenke :)

  4. Maybelline lakec je noroooo lep:), ful lepa manikura;)

  5. Wau, to pa je res čisto ta prava Valentinova manikura! <3 Zelooooo srčkana! Imaš res talent za nailart. :D Joj, pa ta tvoj Fluffy - pravi lepotec! *.*
    Torej, se tega Maybelline Dusty Rose laka ne dobi pri nas? :( Mi je zelo všeč barva!

    1. Hvala Sandra :) <3
      Žal ne. :/ Ne vem zakaj nimamo pri nas Color Show kolekcije. Imajo velikokrat zanimive LE in tudi gostejše bolj pigmentirane formule kot Colorama.

  6. Uaaaau ♡ ♡ ♡ čisto zaljubljena v tole manikiro! :D Uspela ti je v nulo. Odlično ♡