Review: Diamond Beauty Eyeliner (01 Forever Black)

Hey Beauties!

This past month has been all about Asian makeup for me. I'll talk more about that in my February Favorites. But basically, I've been watching a lot of Asian makeup on YouTube as well as browsing Asian online makeup stores. So today, I have for you a review of eyeliner from Japanese brand Diamond Beauty. It's safe to say that I am very impressed with it.

You can always count on cute packaging with Japanese products and this one is no different. It comes in a plastic pink box with a cute design.

Eyeliner comes in a pen form with pink plastic design and black top. I love their brand logo, because it features a fairy. Super cute.

It costs around 6.40€ and in it is 0.55 ml (which seems like a small amount, but I've been using it for one month and it still works perfectly). I got it from Japan Skin store and they also have free shipping, which is amazing. 

The pen is not like most of eyeliner pens in Europe, which are actually more of a foam shaped into a felt tip. This is like a brush with fine hair that form a pen like tip shape. I adore this. You get more movement and different thickness of lines depending on how much pressure you apply.

The very tip of it is so thin that you can draw on very thin lines or even small dots. If you apply more pressure to the pen and flat it down onto the skin, you get a thicker line. As you can see on my photo, you can really create all kinds of different lines and designs with it.

Some may say that the shade is not like a full on blackest black and I would agree. It's not like a pure black, if you draw thin line. However, I tend to go over my line a few times to straighten it out and building the color up gets to a very nice black color. The proof is in the photos below. 

The formula of it is liquid, but almost a bit thicker, so it doesn't run into fine lines on your skin, like a lot of liquid liners tend to do (it's not like those marker ones). I love the fact that you can go over the line multiple times and the design does not budge. You can go over the line as many times as you want to correct it. 

It dries in about 20 seconds, so obviously there is no smudging with this eyeliner. The finish is a bit shiny and definitely not matte at all. It's shinier when applied wet, but then it dries a bit, although it still leaves behind that sheen. That doesn't bother me at all and I almost doesn't notice it on my eyes. But if you want something super matte, this is not it.

It is definitely waterproof. It doesn't transfer or loose intensity, it stays perfect all day long. I tried to translate what it says on the packaging and if I got it right, it says that you can remove it with warm water. Yes, you can, but you have to rub it a lot. As you can see on the photo bellow, it's hard to remove. I tried to remove it under cool water and I just smudged it all over my skin. If you remove it with warm water, it works, but you have to rub it. I however remove it with makeup removers, which works perfectly. 

In the pen is a little ball which jumps up and down when you shake it. This probably breaks the product inside, so that the tip is saturated at all times. This is the only problem that I have with this eyeliner. Sometimes I need to shake it really well to get it perfectly saturated. This has been happening for like a past week, but I think this might be my fault. I was applying it over cream eye shadow and the tip got a bit dirty, so I might have blocked the color to come out. Either way, it's not that big of a deal, you just shake it and it's like new again. I've been using it for one month and apart from the fact that I sometimes need to shake it well, it works just as it did when it was new. 

This time I included a longer tutorial for my winged eyeliner look, so that you can see how thin lines you can create with it. The precision with this eyeliner is out of this world. 

I've used it in almost every makeup post this month, so you can see how it looks like there. I also created my Graphic Liner And Bold Lips post with this one. 

I will say that this has become my favorite eyeliner ever. Our European eyeliners have nothing on Asian and especially Japanese eyeliner formulas. It's kind of obvious, isn't it. You get the most precise tip, user friendly pen form, good black color and it's a lot cheaper than most drugstore eyeliners. I will probably never buy eyeliner in our drugstores anymore. I'd rather order it online and have perfectly precise pen, because you know me, I love my winged eyeliner. Highly recommend it to everyone who wants something very precise and easy to work with.

*Product was sent to me for review purposes.


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  2. Čeprav ni končni izgled mat, mi je vseeno zelo všeč, še bolj pa ta konica, ki je tako ali tako najbolj pomembna. Si preizkusila še kakšne druge Asian stuff? Me zelo zanima, embalaža je pa itak ful cute. xx

    1. Točno tako. Meni je bolj pomembno, da je dovolj natančen, da laho ustvariš najbolj možne tanke črte :). Iz Born Pretty Store imam itak veliko ocen - Bynanda BB Cushion mi je všeč, pa Fairy Girl Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow. V mojem directory ctrl+f in ti najde, če te zanimajo ocene ;).

      Drugače pa imam od Diamond Beauty še en whitening loose powder, ki pa mi ni všeč, ker ga v bistvu ne znam uporabljat. Ima bleščice v pudru v prahu in ne vem kje točno bi ga morala nanesti, ker se na soncu kar precej blešči. Moram še malo raziskati in potem bom tudi napisala oceno. Sem si pa naročila Innisfree podlago, ki imam občutek da bo ekstra svetla-jo bom mešala z drugimi. Nisem še dobila, bo pa tudi ocena, ko jo dodobra stestiram :D.

  3. It does look amazing! What a pigmentation! Btw, that the cutest drawn bow ever :D

    1. It is. I adore this product :). Aw thank you ;) <3

  4. Yup, taki linerji so meni najbolj všeč, točno s tako konico. Ti je ta bolj všeč od pande? Mene Stila ne navdušuje kot sem pričakovala :( Formula mi je super, ampak konica pa smotana, ker je na koncu premehka. Mogoče ga bom še vzljubila.

    1. Po novem so to tudi moji najljubši linerji. Saj mislim, da je očitno kako sem navdušena. Pande pa še sploh nisem preizkusila, ker sem želela najprej tega dodobra stestirat. Bo pa zdaj Panda prvi pogled sta bolj kot ne ista zadeva. Bom pa z uporabo videla, če se obnašata enako :). Res? Š še drag je ta Stila. No ne vem, jaz sem zdaj prepričana, da bom raje naročala eyelinerje z azijskega trga. Se mi zdi, da sploh ni primerljivo z našimi v drogerijah. :)