Freshy Glowy Spring Makeup

Hey Beauties!

Year 2016 is supposedly going to be all about fresh glowy skin. Experts say contouring is "out" and highlighting or rather strobing (a new fancy word) is "in". I was never a fan of heavy contoured faces, but I still like to contour. My face is fairy wide, so I like making it seem a bit thinner with a light use of bronzer or contouring shades. But you also know that I am a huge fan of highlighters. I almost buy every highlighter that I see in person. It's an obsession really. That's why I am so happy that highlighter is absolutely popular and wanted product for this year. That just means I can shine all day every day - yeah! 

When it comes to foundations I've always liked higher coverage and matte finish, but lately, I've come to like lighter coverage and a bit of that dew. Probably also because of the dull winter days. Let's just say, I'm trying to embrace my oilier T-zone this year and not hide it.

Today's makeup is a very fresh glowy spring inspired makeup with hazy purple eyes and freshly pink lips. Did I say I love Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette?! My god, is this good or what. It's incredible and the shades are right up my alley. Today's whole look is made with this palette.

For the eyes, I applied matte nude white all over my lid to set the primer and make it easier to blend all the other shades. Then I used warm light matte brown in the crease and diffused it out and up. I used pinkish shade with gold sheen and applied it in the inner half of the lid, bringing it towards the outer corner. I also took this shade in my inner corner.

For my outer corner I used shimmery taupe-ish purple shade and blend it into the gold. I applied my black liquid eye liner and I tried to go from a very thin line to a thicker. At the end I winged it out and a bit up. I tried to keep the wing short.

On my lower lash line I also used warm light matte brown and over it I used that taupe-ish shimmer purple. 

Since I wanted the eyes to look almost a bit hazy romantic, I did used false lashes. They were pretty natural, but gave me some more length and definition. I have to apologize for my false eye lashes sticking out in the inner corner. For some reason my glue just doesn't work sometimes. 

On my face I used a medium coverage foundation with a more dewy finish. I also concealed any imperfections and highlighted under my eyes. I applied powder only to my T-zone, where I get oily sooner. I used a very light dust of bronzer around my outer edges of the face. This just gave me a bit of color and a very slight definition. I applied shimmery champagne gold highlighter all over my cheeks from  the tops of cheeks back to the cheek bone. I also applied it on the nose, Cupid's bow, a tiny bit on the chin and a bit on top of my brow arch. On my cheeks I used a shimmery, but very lightly colored pink blush. It all married together, the highlighter and blush and it created a very glowy look. 

On the lips I used a brighter, but creamy pink lipstick. I tried to blot it in, to make it look more like a stain and not so much like a full on lipstick.

It's definitely a lot lighter coverage for me and a more dewy finish. It looks natural and the glow makes it look very fresh. I also used some of the typical spring colors, at least to me. It's a natural, but still playful look, which by the way, you can definitely wear on Valentine's Day. 

Products used
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Hig Coverage Concealer 005 Light Natural
Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder
Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit Ultra Fair C01 - bronzer
Essence LE Metal Glam Highlighter Powder
By Nanda Three Color Blush S01

Avon Ideal Flawless Eye Primer
Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette - Bitter Start
Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette - Substitute for Love
Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette - Sweeter End
Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette - Delicate Acidity
Diamond Beauty Eyeliner - Black
Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara - Black
Born Pretty Store False Eyelashes

Avon 3D Plumping Lipstick Pucker Up


  1. Čudovite fotke!! Nimam pojma kako ti uspe tako dobro fotografirat oči in trepalnice, jaz sem se danes mučila 2 uri.
    Imam predlog ... kaj, če organiziramo delavnico fotografije s tabo in Tayo? Obe delata res fenomenalne fotke. :)
    Drugače pa res lušen makeup, tak romantičen se mi zdi, kot si napisala res popoln za Valentinovo. ;)

    1. Mimogrede te lahko vprašam kaj točno uporabljaš za obrvi?
      Hvala :)

    2. Veš to je samo praksa. Moraš si najti svoje kote, potem pa že gre ;). ni problema..jaz vam bom že pokazala mojo tehniko Tatjana pa tudi :D.
      Hvala :) <3
      Za obrvi trenutno uporabljam Catrice Eye Brow Stylist v odtenku 020 Date With Ash-tone :)

  2. Vau, čudovito izgleda. Tale trend mi je po eni strani ful všeč, na splošno obožujem podlage z dewy finišem, ampak nikakor se ne morem pripraviti do tega, da na koncu podlage ne bi matirala.
    Joj, pa te trepalnice od BPS so krasne, nekaj takega bi rabila za svoje looke. Bom kmalu spet morala nekaj naročiti, sedaj, ko je počutje boljše, sem pripravljena na uresničitev vseh makeup idej, ki jih imam. Tako da kmalu morava spet narediti kako sodelovanje. :)

    1. Hehe jaz tudi vedno švinglam. Vsaj T-cono moram popudrat :D. Na začetku je še ta dew všečen, ko pa se čez nekaj ur pogledam pa si mislim, huh :).
      BPS ima itak vedno večji nabor teh trepalnic. Mislim, da so te tudi nekaj novih dodatkov na njihovi strani. Pa še poceni so, sploh za kakšne makeup looke. O ja itak, jaz sem takoj za ;D.